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Top Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City

The Most Famous Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City, OK

Located in the center of the US, OKC is a growing city with a passion for coffee. As a result, many coffee shops in Oklahoma City have been set up to offer quality coffee, snacks, food, and drinks to locals and out-of-state travelers. Most of the coffee in Oklahoma City is sourced from Latin America, but some use African beans.

Many people visit Oklahoma City attractions and need a place to rest and have a drink. Here are some of the most loved and easily accessible coffee shops in Oklahoma City.



Main Street Coffee & Cafe in Elk City

Main Street Coffee & Cafe in Elk City which is in the Outskirt of OKC and a Great Place to have Coffee and Sandwiches

Located on the outskirts of OKC, Main Street Coffee & Cafe is one of the most affordable coffee shops in Oklahoma City’s neighboring city, Elk City, where you can get large lattes and filter coffee for cheap or have large sandwiches and chicken salads with their fresh juices. The interior is quite lovely and quirky, and the customers are always treated with smiles and respect. The aesthetic interior is set to give customers a cozy and warm feeling, showcasing the old diner cafes. This cafe is definitely worth a visit on your way to other states.


Coffee Slingers Roasters on North Broadway Avenue

Specialty Coffee in OKC - Coffee Slingers Roasters is Located on North Broadway Avenue on the Main Street

Opened in 2008, Coffee Slingers Roasters has become one of the best coffee places in Oklahoma City for working, studying, doing business and meeting with colleagues and friends. With its prime location in the downtown district, in Automobile Alley, on North Broadway Avenue, this hip cafe provides some of the nicest coffee in Oklahoma City because its roasted coffee is superior, and its customer service is top-notch. Their prices are just slightly higher, but their quality is worth paying a few extra bucks.


Clarity Coffee in the Arts District Parking Garage

Clarity Coffee Found in the Arts District Parking Garage - Cafes in OKC for Studying and Relaxation

There are currently two branches of Clarity coffee shops in Oklahoma City, but the one in the Arts District is the one that garners the most attention. This cafe has a very clean, stylish, and minimalist design with a great ambiance and lovely baristas who are pleased to serve customers from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. The stars of the menu are Ethiopian espresso pumpkin spice and cherry lavender lattes that come with very reasonable prices. Also, if you have a vehicle and want a more secluded place to park and enjoy your coffee, their other branch on Wheeler Street, accessible via South Western Avenue, is a better choice for you.


The Underground Coffee in the Midwest City

The Underground Coffee in the Midwest City is a Homey Place with Great Baristas, Cakes and Delicious Scones

One of the coffee shops in Oklahoma City’s Midwest neighborhood, which came about with a humble idea of a few friends, is The Underground Coffee. This coffee has a pleasant meet-up environment, with affordable coffee drinks, scones, and lattes flavored with mocha and syrup. Interestingly, they have a dedicated playroom with different board games set up for customers to pass the time and socialize with friends and other newcomers. The Underground Coffee Shop is located on the historic South Douglas Boulevard near the intersection of Southeast 15th Street.


Prelude Coffee Roasters in the 8th Street Market

Best Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City for Working with Stable WIFI - Prelude Coffee Roasters Located in the 8th Street Market

Searching for some of the best coffee in Oklahoma City will lead enthusiasts to roasteries across the city. One such place is the Prelude Coffee Roasters, which is unsurprisingly one of the most loved coffee shops in Oklahoma City Downtown for working and reading as the two-story building with ample spacing inside provides a perfect spot for those coffee lovers who want to spend a longer time in a comfortable area and conduct their business. The customers also can bring home their specialty coffee roasted with different strengths. There is also a subscription service in which you can participate, and they will send you different coffee batches every month.


Black Rifle Coffee Company in Moore City

Famous Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City - Black Rifle Coffee Company is in Moore City District of OKC

There is no need to introduce Black Rifle Coffee Company, as they have been branching and franchising across the country. Their branch in Oklahoma is one of the best coffee shops in Moore, where veterans or even civilians can meet up, enjoy quality, strong coffee, and take advantage of often generous discounts. This cafe is open for business as early as 5:30 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.


Don’t Stress Meowt Cat Cafe in the Metro Park Area

Don't Stress Meowt Cat Cafe Found in the Metro Park Area - Cat Cafes in Oklahoma City

One of the most prominent cat cafes in Oklahoma City is Don’t Stress Meowt Cat Cafe, located along Linwood Boulevard in the Metro Park Area. This is a place to get engaged with cats that are mostly in need of shelter while enjoying a variety of coffee, cold beverages, wine, beer, and some eats like cookies and sandwiches. Visitors are typically asked to pay as little as a Dollar for petting the cats in the lounge room, and if they want to stay longer, they are required to pay around $15 per person for an hour of spending time with these furry creatures. The place is always kept clean and regularly sanitized to ensure maximum cleanliness.


Summer Moon Coffee in the Mayfair Heights Neighborhood, OK

Summer Moon Coffee is in the Mayfair Heights Neighborhood, OK and a Good Spot for Coffee Lovers on a Budget

The Summer Moon Coffee is from the hospitable state of Texas, and they brought the same Southern love to OKC, offering some of the best wooden roasted coffee in Oklahoma City as well as their famous signature sweet foam called the “Summer Moon.” Summer Moon Coffee has branches of coffee shops in Oklahoma City, and what makes Summer Moon Coffee different is its oak-roasted coffee beans, which claim the instinct wooden smoke flavor while roasting provides a unique flavor for its coffee.

The Summer Moon Coffee menu includes merchandise, coffee of many types, sweets, desserts, and coffee-making equipment. They also operate from Edmond City, which is also that branch is one of the cutest coffee shops in OKC with its lively design and very friendly baristas. Make sure to visit them if you are living in the vicinity of Edmond City.

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