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Most Unique Mexico Souvenirs



Most Unique Mexico Souvenirs

Famous Mexico Souvenirs to Buy in Mexico City

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations, with many people worldwide. Mexico souvenirs are incredible and represent the local Aztec and Mayan cultures still present today. Travelers can get these items from the local markets in Mexico City and many specially designed stores and gift shops.



Mexican Wooden Mayan Masks

Traditional Mexico Souvenirs - Mexican Wooden Mayan Masks made to Represent Old Gods

The purpose of Mayan masks was to represent the old Mayan gods. The wearer tried to connect with old spiritual practices and be in touch with the spirit of the ancient gods. These Mayan masks used to be built with different materials like stones and gold in the past, but wooden ones have become more prevalent because of their costs, lesser weight and ability to paint them on. These Mexico souvenirs are easily found in significant gift shops, local markets and near famous tourist attractions. Galería Eugenio is an excellent spot to buy these Mayan masks from, located on Ignacio Allende 84 near Plaza Garibaldi.


Achiote Spice and Paste Jars

Achiote Spice and Paste Jars to Be Used in Mexican Dishes and Coloring Food- Souvenirs From Mexico City

The Achiote spice is a red/bright orange seed sourced from the achiote tree, which is common in Central America. This spice is not really spicy and has an earthy, sweet and nutty flavor. The main purpose of this spice is for natural coloring, but locals use the paste version of it often in making tamales, stews, mole sauce and bean-based dishes. The Achiote paste jars are readily available in supermarkets nationwide and are excellent souvenirs from Mexico for their flavors.


Mexican Colorful Talavera Pottery

Mexican Colorful Talavera Pottery All Made by Hand - Unique Mexico Souvenirs

The Mexican Talavera pottery is rooted in the Spanish tradition brought to Mexico by the Spaniards. These beautiful Mexico souvenirs are handmade plates that are colorful and come from the Guanajuato and Puebla regions. These plates are works of art and as a result, they can be pricy. If you are in Mexico City, you can head to the FONART shop on Reforma Avenue near the Monument to Cuauhtémoc to buy these Talavera pottery.


Indigenous Women Huipil Clothing

Indigenous Women Huipil Clothing Carried Over Since the Aztec Days

Huipil clothing is made with quality fabric and beautiful woven designs for indigenous women of Mexico and Central America. These clothing were worn since the Aztec days and have transformed in recent decades to be more socially acceptable and more accessible to make. There are still indigenous women wearing Huipil regularly, but mostly local Mexicans wear them during special occasions and ceremonies. If you want to buy these clothing souvenirs from Mexico, then you should try the Mercado de Artesanías La Ciudadela, opposite the Ciudadela Park.


Mole Sauce and Mole Paste

Mole Sauce and Mole Paste Part of Local Food Culture Available in Local Grocery Stores

Mole is a typical Mexican sauce based on chocolate and other spices that is used to accompany turkey, chicken, meat, or even put inside many famous Mexican foods and are considered a very representative dish of the state of Puebla. The origin of Mole Sauce could be more apparent, and it is full of legends from the pre-Hispanic era in which the Aztecs prepared this sauce for the great lords. What is certain is that its preparation takes time and has a meticulous preparation that is almost a ritual.


Traditional Mexican Chocolate

Traditional Souvenirs from Mexico Such as Traditional Mexican Chocolate

The word “cacao” has its roots in the “Olmec” culture, and all of the prehistoric Mexican tribes revered cacao as the “food of God” and used it in their everyday lives and spiritual rites. In today’s Mexico, chocolate can be found in the shape of intricate chocolate pieces, cinnamon bars, hot and creamy chocolate drinks, or dark chocolate with chile, which you can bring back as a memento of your preferred variety. The Mexican Chocolate is one of Mexico souvenirs available in chocolate shops, supermarkets, and pastry stores surrounding the Museo Nacional de Antropología area.

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