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Top 10 Mexican Food to Try in Mexico

Top 10 Mexican Food to Try in Mexico

Famous Mexican Food for Foodies

Mexico is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. As a tourist, we recommend trying the best Mexican food to get acquainted with the flavors and taste of this great country. There are a lot of activities to be done and new experiences to have in this country. One of these activities is to taste unique and delicious Mexican food in Mexico. In fact, Mexico is a great destination for nature lovers and travelers looking for delicious and varied food. With its rich culture, every city in this country has a different style of producing the same dish, making this country an interesting place to travel to.

Also, Mexico City, one of the major tourist hubs, has different touches to all these foods. Therefore, you can try some of the best food in Mexico City that might look the same as part of Mexico but with different characteristics, such as fried bananas or tamales in a bun.


1. Pozole a Peeled Corn and Beef Soup

Pozole Has Different Types Like Chicken, Meat or Vegetarian - Best Food in Mexico

You can order different types of Pozole soup, such as chicken, meat, or vegetarian, in the Mexico’s restaurants. This food is made from peeled corn, various spices, and vegetables and is allowed to cook slowly for several hours or overnight. When it is ready to serve, add lettuce, radish, onion, and lemon and sprinkle it with hot pepper.


2. Chilaquiles meal for a Traditional Breakfast

Chilaquiles is One of the Famous Traditional Mexican Dishes That is Eaten For Breakfast- Best Food in Mexico

Chilaquiles is one of the famous traditional Mexican dishes that is eaten for breakfast. Cornmeal tortilla bread is first fried and divided into smaller pieces, and red or green salsa sauce is poured over it to make this dish. It is then covered with fried egg, pieces of cooked chicken, cheese, and cream. Also, Chilaquiles are usually served with “refried beans,” which combine to create a nutritious breakfast.


3. Tacos al pastor Introduced by Lebanese Immigrants

Best Food in Mexico Has Been Around Since 1920 From Lebanese and Syrians Immigrants- Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor is one of the most popular and best Mexican food. Also, this dish has been around since 1920, when Lebanese and Syrians emigrated. The name of this dish means “shepherd style,” and to cook it, they cut the meat into thin slices and placed it on the tortilla bread. Al pastor tacos are served with onions, pineapple, and coriander leaves.


4. Chiles en nogada Representing Mexico’s Flag

Best Food in Mexico - Chiles en nogada Has Three Colors of The Country's Flag in its Ingredients

Chiles en nogada is one of the best Mexican food, and you can see three colors of the country’s flag in its ingredients. The inside of the green pepper is filled with “Poblano” with “Picadillo,” which is a mixture of minced meat, fruit, and spices. The walnut-flavored sauce, white, and pomegranate seeds also display the red color of the flag.


5. Tostadas Made of Roasted Meat Wrapped in a Bread

North America Travel Guide - Tostadas Means Roasted And is A Simple And Delicious Dish

Tostadas means “roasted,” a simple and delicious dish that is fried in tortilla bread to make it crispy and golden. After frying, you can taste it the same way or fill it with ingredients such as cooked meat, cheese, seafood, or boiled as well as beans.


6. Elote Grilled Corn Found on the Streets of Mexico

Elote Means Corn Available At Every Street Corner - North America Travel Guide

The dish known as Elote, which means corn, is sold on almost every corner of Mexico’s streets. The traditional method of preparing this food is to first cook the corn well and then pass a stick through it to eat it like ice cream. However, another type is the famous Mexican corn with a lot of cheese sauce, salt, cream, lemon, butter, and chili powder on top of it.


7. Mole Traditional Sauce

Best Food in Mexico - Mole is A Type of Sauce That Has Countless Varieties

“Mole” is one of the best Mexican food and sauces and has countless varieties that combine more than 20 ingredients to make them all. In cooking this sauce, one or more different types of pepper are used, and it must be stirred continuously for a long time to avoid getting spoiled. The most famous type is Mole Poblano, which is red in color and is served with turkey meat or chicken.


8. Tamales a Dish Carried by Mayans and Aztecs

Tamales Were Originated From Mayan And Aztec Civilizations - Best Food in Mexico

In the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, men ate Tamales before going to war to have enough strength to fight. To make this dish, cornflakes are filled with a variety of ingredients, from meat and cheese to peppers, fruits, vegetables, and molasses. Then they wrap a banana leaf or hard corn skin around them and let it steam. Be sure to remove the skin before eating the tamale.


9. Enchiladas a Spicy Breakfast Meal

Enchiladas Dates Back to The Maya Civilization And Eaten For Breakfast - Best Food in Mexico

Enchiladas dates back to the Maya civilization when people wrapped tortilla bread around small fish and ate it. Today, tortilla bread is still used, stuffed with meat, legumes, cheese, seafood, and other vegetables, and then topped with spicy sauces and eaten for breakfast.


10. Guacamole best for Health Conscious People

North America Travel Guide - Guacamole Sauce Belongs to The Aztecs Period

Undoubtedly, Guacamole is one of the best Mexican food available for health-conscious people. But few people know that this sauce belongs to the “Aztecs” period. This sauce is made from mashed avocados, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and hot peppers. Moreover, sometimes, one or two cloves of garlic are added and served with other foods. Guacamole is sometimes eaten separately with tortilla chips.

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