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Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade



Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Belgrade, the beautiful capital of Serbia, in addition to numerous tourist attractions, tourists can find top coffee shops in Belgrade. These are recommended places to spend hours in an interesting atmosphere and spend a variety of food and drinks.

People who love coffee will definitely enjoy a trip to coffee shops in Belgrade. Belgrade is said to be the first city in the world where a café was established. Of course, this may not be true, but the variety and quality of coffee in this city makes coffee lovers love Belgrade and its cafes.



Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Kafeterija A Good Place For Having Chocolate Croissant Bread

When it comes to brewing coffee, Kafeterija is one of the cafes in Belgrade that has a lot to say. This café offers a variety of coffees for customers. Of course, it is said that the chocolate croissant bread of this café is a good delicacy here. This café has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and is suitable for friendly and family gatherings.



Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Blaznavac is Located in The Dorćol Neighborhood

The neon lights that adorn the exterior of the Blaznavac Bar Café may give you enough reasons to visit this charming café. Located in the Dorćol neighborhood, this café will be a great attraction for visitors. The excellent drinks of this café satisfy customers with all kinds of tastes. This café has an artistic atmosphere, but due to the crowds and noise, it is not suitable for people who are looking for a quiet place.



Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Centrala A Good Place For Young & Intellectual Population

There are many cafes in Belgrade that claim to be iconic, but perhaps none are as worthy of the title as Centrala. This café is located in Simina, in the Dorćol neighborhood. Also, this is the place the young and intellectual population of the capital gather. Café Centrala gets very crowded at night, so expect to find yourself in the middle of a heated discussion when you go to the café.


Uzitak Coffee Selection & Delights

Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Uzitak Coffee Selection & Delights A Very Creative Cafe

The street where Uzitak Coffee Selection & Delights is located is right in the center of Belgrade, but there is no hustle and bustle in the city. There are many things in this small café that if it were not well managed, it could have affected the order and beauty of the café. In addition, young and creative people can be inspired by the atmosphere of this café and its tranquility of their works of art.


Aviator Coffee Explorer

Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Aviator Coffee Explorer Offers Excellent Coffee And Friendly Atmosphere

As one of the coffee chain stores, Aviator can provide you with a memorable coffee drinking experience. There are six branches of Aviator in the whole city and this is a sign of the great popularity of this café. Excellent coffee, calm and friendly atmosphere and good service make this café an ideal place.



Top Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Meduza Has One of The Best Customer Service

In the Dorćol district, one of Belgrade’s most attractive neighborhoods, full of beautiful cafes, Café Meduza may be the best café around. Although the interior of the café is a bit small, it is a kind of art gallery giving a warm welcome to Belgrade tourists. In addition, this café has one of the best customer service in the city. Meduza Cafe has an artistic and relaxing atmosphere too.


Café Amelie

Travel Guide Serbia - Café Amelie Offers Good Coffee in A French Atmosphere

When you hear the name Café Amelie, you may remember the cozy and small cafes with a French atmosphere and a vintage look. This café is more than you expect. A simple and beautiful café in the center of the Serbian capital. The coffee served in this café is excellent, but do not forget the other drinks and juices as well.


Leila Records

Travel Guide Serbia - Leila Records is Suitable For Night Entertainment

Leila Records is more like a music store than a café. This café has a beautiful and modern style and its artistic and of course crowded atmosphere is suitable for night entertainment.


Skupstina Coffee Shop & Wine Bar

Travel Guide Serbia - Skupstina Coffee Shop & Wine Bar Offers Variety of Cakes And Sweets

First, make sure that you do not confuse Skupština with the National Assembly building. Certainly the coffee served in a political building is not comparable to the standard of coffee brewed in Vlajkovićeva. Skupstina Coffee Shop & Wine Bar is an ideal place to spend time and enjoy the beautiful environment. The interior of the café is largely industrial. In this café, you can order a variety of cakes and sweets, along with a delicious coffee.

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