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Finding The Best Chocolate in Vienna



Finding the Best Chocolate in Vienna

Best Shops for Chocolate in Vienna

Similar to Belgium, the people of Austria have endless love for chocolate desserts, and for that, they find some of the best chocolate in Vienna. The art of chocolate making is seriously popular in Vienna, and you can find many delicious handmade chocolates around the city or even make your own. These chocolate shops mentioned below are just some of the more famous ones, but chocolate is everywhere in this city, especially in the pastry and bread stores.



Xocolat Manufaktur in Rossau District

Xocolat Manufaktur is located in The Fashionable Rossau District Selling High-Quality Chocolates

Behind the glass window of Xocolat Manufaktur in the affluent Viennese district of Hietzing, trays full of fresh and tempting chocolates wink at you. In this store, you can see many types of high-quality chocolate in Vienna as well as famous brands of Austrian and Belgium chocolate manufacturers. Chocolate-making workshops are also held in English, where you can learn about this technique and gain experience with the help of experts in this field.


SCHOKOCOMPANY very Close to Naschmarkt

SCHOKOCOMPANY is Located very Close to Naschmarkt - Best Shops for Chocolate in Vienna

SCHOKOCOMPANY is a unique chocolate maker known as the Willy Vanka of Austria (the character of the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Fairtrade and his unique actions in creating one of the most delicious chocolates in the world have made him a national treasure of Austria. The appearance and packaging of Zotter-Schokolade chocolates are as attractive as their contents, and the owner has also put very strange combinations to the test for curious people to try. These infusions include chocolate with cheese, coconut, and salmon, etc. Also, you can find this brand of chocolates in many supermarkets in Vienna.


Confiserie Heindl Local Pastry and Chocolate Shop

Famous Spots for Chocolate in Vienna - Confiserie Heindl Local Pastry and Chocolate Shop

Unlike Zotter-Schokolade, which has unique and out-of-ordinary chocolate flavors, Confiserie Heindl offers more common chocolate in Vienna. This company was established in 1953 in the fifth district of Vienna. Heindl is the right choice if you want to try a typical Austrian chocolate. You can see the history of chocolate production in its museum in the city’s southern suburbs and learn about its preparation from ancient times three thousand years ago to modern methods.


Lindt Chocolate Boutique at Corner of Schönbrunn Palace Park

Lindt Chocolate Boutique is located at Corner of Schönbrunn Palace Park

The popular Swiss Lindt chocolate can easily be found in a small shop at the Schönbrunn Park and Tiergarten entrance, the world’s oldest zoo. In addition to the attractive chocolates of Easter and Christmas designs, many chocolates with various flavors make it impossible to pass by the store without buying a chocolate bar. Mozart’s chocolate figures are one of the most famous Austrian souvenirs, whose core is filled with marzipan. Depending on the season, you can also enjoy chocolate drinks here, which are sold hot in winter with whipped cream and cool shakes in summer.


Schokov in The City near Salztorbrücke Station

Schokov in The City Pastry Store is Found near Salztorbrücke Station and Good for Hand Make Chocolate

The slogan of this store is “Extraordinary chocolates for extraordinary people.” At Schokov in The City, you can try more than two hundred types of organic chocolate with tempting flavors such as lavender and olive oil. The evenings are more crowded here because people can get to know the art of chocolate making briefly, and there is a pleasant atmosphere.


Chocolaterie Fruth next to Laurenzgasse Stop

Chocolaterie Fruth is Located next to Laurenzgasse Stop and Best KNown for Chocolate Tarts and Lemon Cakes

As tart heaven and fruity cakes, Chocolaterie Fruth is definitely the place to go to grab a slice of heavily infused chocolate tarts with fresh toppings and quality ingredients. Located in the Margareten district, this is a small café that has been operated by a lovely gentleman for many years. Even though they are most well known for having some of the best dessert chocolate in Vienna, their coffee is also spectacular. The closest public transport station is the Laurenzgasse, just a few minutes walk from this pasty shop.

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