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Top Places to Eat in Miami

Top Places to Eat in Miami

Top Places to Eat in Miami

Top Places to Eat in Miami – The coming together of many cultures as well as dishes makes Miami a good destination for food lovers. Here is the list of the Miami’s most interesting restaurants.



Salumeria 104

Top Places to Eat in Miami

The staff at this restaurant try to really feel like you’re eating at home. The atmosphere here is friendly and simple, which food shares such qualities. Miami isn’t really famous for its Italian food, however Salumeria 104 is trying to change that.


St Roch Market

Top Places to Eat in Miami

Miami has many multi chef eating halls. St Roch Market offer really good chefs at not so expensive restaurant. You can try falafel served with hummus, tahini, salad as well as pickles here.


Los Fuegos

Top Places to Eat in Miami

Los Fuegos makes you feel you are now in Buenos Aires. This nicely designed but friendly spot is famous because of its fantastic Argentinian empanadas, which are prepared in a wood oven to give them more flavors. Also, you can chose either cheese & caramelized onions or prime beef filet with spicy salsa here.


Coyo Taco

Top Places to Eat in Miami

For a quick bite, Coyo Taco is unbeatable. This restaurant serves food with very fresh ingredients; most of them are even home made. You can order the nopales taco that comes grilled cactus which is good for vegetarians as well.


Taqueria el Mexicano

Top Places to Eat in Miami

Even with a change in design, this restaurant still feels like a very old style taqueria. The owner is different now, however the cuisine is still classic, simple Mexican food. The menu now has more extensive cocktail choices. The best dish here is the enchiladas with spicy sauce.


Bolivar Restaurant Bar

Top Places to Eat in Miami

If you really love Latin dishes in Miami then you need to visit this Colombian restaurant. The star of the menu is ceviche, which is really good. Also,the party vibe here makes it a perfect place to come with friends.


GK Bistronomie

Top Places to Eat in Miami

This restaurant proves there is real modern food in Miami. Chef Rafael Perez Cambana makes high-end cuisine with a Peruvian touch. The food to order here is the lomo saltado which is organic beef tenderloin with jasmine rice.

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