Incredible Facts About Taj Mahal

Incredible Facts About Taj Mahal

Interesting Facts About Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most important tourist attractions in India, and one can certainly say that there are many facts about the Taj Mahal. Here, you can become more familiar with the Taj Mahal before traveling to India so that you can make the most of your trip to India. Be sure to read this post. You will become more and more attracted to the Taj Mahal and travel to India with more excitement and interest.

If you are in India, then you need to check out other beautiful states in India other than Agra for more mesmerizing monuments and natural scenes. Each state has its own culture, attractions, and even food. Therefore, it is worth checking those states as well if you have the resources to do so.


Construction Ordered by Shah Jahan

Incredible Facts About Taj Mahal -Construction Began As A Dedication For Wife of Shah Jahan

The wife of Shah Jahan, whose Taj Mahal was made for her, died in 1631, giving birth to Jahan’s 14th child. It is interesting to know that Mumtaz was the favorite wife of Shah Jahan, and it was because of his sadness that the king ordered the construction of this monument in India. This is also why the world recognizes the Taj Mahal as a symbol of love.

It took about 22 years to build the Taj Mahal, and it cost about Rs 32 million to build it. That’s about $1 billion in today’s conversion rates. After all, it is interesting to know that the magnificent building employed 20,000 workers and 1000 elephants for its construction. Another interesting thing about the Taj Mahal is that it uses 28 precious and semi-precious gemstones to decorate it.

One of the conflicting facts about Taj Mahal is that some historians believe that the Taj Mahal was built 300 years before the Shah Jahan period. If this is true, there would have been no love story behind the Taj Mahal. These historians believe that the building was the site of a Hindu temple and that a Hindu king built it for Shiva (the Hindu god). These historians believe that when the king’s wife died, the building was turned into a temple, and later added, a dome of the Hindu temple and turned into a tomb.


Features Depending on the Time of The Day

Incredible Facts About Taj Mahal - Features Are That Color of Taj Mahal Changes Throughout The Day

The Taj Mahal is 171 meters high, which means it is taller than the Qutub Minar in Delhi and known as the tallest brick building in the world.

One of the most interesting facts about Taj Mahal is that the color of the Taj Mahal changes at different times of the day, and this is because of the light it reflects. It can be seen in the sun and moonlight in two different ways, which is why we recommend visiting the Taj Mahal at least twice at two different times or booking your place of residence in a hotel near the Taj so you can see the view of the building in a different daylight.

A black crown is said to have been built in India to be the tomb of the Shah himself. But eventually, the building was not built, and the Shah was buried alongside his wife in the Taj Mahal building. The tombs that are described as the tombstone of Shah Jahan and shown to the tourists are actually empty. In fact, their main tomb is two floors below where tourists visit, and no one is allowed to approach them.


Closed on Fridays for The Friday Prayers

Incredible Facts About Taj Mahal - Popularity Here is High And Millions of People Visit Every Year

Another peculiar facts about Taj Mahal is that this shrine is closed on Fridays Because of the fact that the Taj mosque holds Friday prayers inside. The strange thing is that the Supreme Court of India has announced that the worshipers who are not from Agra are banned from going inside for Friday prayers. It may sound excessive, but on Fridays, the ID cards of the worshipers are checked to make sure that all the worshipers are from Agra. The reason for this is that they do not want the Taj Mahal to become too crowded and damage this valuable monument.

Another unique facts about Taj Mahal is that millions of people visit the Taj Mahal every year. It may sound strange to you, but more than 50,000 people visit the Taj Mahal daily. These simple figures show how popular the Taj Mahal is and how popular it is. Now if all these tourists want to take photos alongside the Taj Mahal, you will realize how crowded it will get here.

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