Dubai is one of the most modern and popular tourist cities in the world. Every year, many tourists from all over the world travel to this beautiful city. Dubai is a city where tradition and modernity are beautifully intertwined and this adds to its charm. In this post we are going to introduce you to how to tour Dubai and a little bit about this city itself.

You can visit other best attractions in Dubai if you are interested in finding out what this city has to offer.


Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, located in southern Iran. Dubai reaches Sharjah from the north, Abu Dhabi from the south, and Oman from the southeast. The city has an area of ​​about 4114 square kilometers, with a population of 3 million people in 2018. Dubai was introduced to the world in the year 1833 by a person named Maktoum bin Butti and this place has become an important port since the 20th century because of its geographical location.

Useful tips
1. Weather

Dubai has two types of hot and hotter weather! Dubai’s climate is mostly hot and dry. In summer the heat and humidity are very high and the temperature reaches 41°C during the day and 30°C at night. In winter, the lowest daytime temperatures reach 23 degrees Celsius and 14 degrees at night. In general, most of the days are sunny in Dubai.

2. Timing

December to March is the best time to travel to Dubai because of the city’s best climate, and most tourists travel to this beautiful and modern city this time of the year.

3. Safety in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is the world’s number 66th in terms of safety. You can safely plan a trip for your vacation in here.

4. Travel and accommodation expenses

This trip is relatively expensive. Low-cost but good quality hotels are also available and you can choose them to save money. Food expenses in Dubai are reasonably priced. It has a wide variety of foods ranging from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine to international fast food, therefore there are plenty of choices to choose from.

5. Shopping in Dubai

The Old Dubai market is open daily from 7-12am and 5-7pm. To get most out of your shopping, it’s best to go shopping in the morning and afternoon.

6. Places to visit
  • Khalifa Tower
  • Aquarium Dubai
  • Dubai Indoor ski resort
  • fountain of the Khalifa Tower
  • Atlantis Water Park
  • Jumeirah Beach

Also, there are more attractions to visit in Dubai to really enjoy your trip in this great city.