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Top 5 Falafel Shops in Jerusalem



Top 5 Falafel shops in Jerusalem

Top 5 Falafel shops in Jerusalem

Food in Jerusalem is the essential part of the culture here and falafel is the easiest to get. Here, we explore the top 5 falafel shops in Jerusalem offering fast and delicious Jerusalem street food to tourists. Almost everyone know about Falafel as well as hummus. This food is a traditional Mediterranean dish made of fried hummus balls, served hot and crispy. This food is both delicious and budget friendly. That is why many tourists like get this food while in the middle east.


1. Falafel Brothers Levy

Food in Jerusalem - Falafel Brothers Levy is Located in Shuk Machane Yehuda Area

You can find Falafel Brothers Levy in Shuk Machane Yehuda area. This humble place offers one of the best Falafel in the city. Falafel in here is really tasty and if you want them spicy you can also ask them for that. The only issue is that they don’t have any seats there. Therefore, you can just grab your food and eat it nearby. The price range is between $4 to $8.


2. Doron Falafel

Food in Jerusalem - Doron Falafel Sells Authentic And Fresh Jerusalem Street Food

Doron Falafel sells authentic Jerusalem street food like falafel, fries and samosa. They are very clean and operate at a reasonably good speed. Also, all the ingredients they use are fresh and you are sure to enjoy your food here. Their prices are cheap and are below $8.


3. Tala Hummus and Falafel

Top 10 Falafel shops in Jerusalem - Tala Hummus and Falafel is Located in The Christian Quarter

If you want to experience more Mediterranean and Arabic food in Jerusalem then this shop is for you. Tala Hummus and Falafel is in Christian Quarter. This shop looks like a family-run business, however, it is perfect in price, taste and vibe. In addition, the price range for the menu is from $4 to $15.


4. Ben-Sira Hummus

Israel Food Guide - Ben-Sira Hummus Sells The Best falafel Food in Jerusalem

This shop most probably serves the best hummus and falafel food in Jerusalem. The prices are very affordable and the food taste is exceptional as well. Also, you can get the cauliflower hummus and falafel that is so good you will surely come back for more.


5. Hummus Pinati

Israel Food Guide - Hummus Pinati Cooks the Best Jerusalem Street Food in Town

They offer the best kube soup and minced hummus in the city. Also, they have all you can eat pita option. Make sure to try their lemon juice that tastes just like your childhood ones. In addition, they cook the best Jerusalem street food and you don’t need to wait long in line. All the food you get is fresh and very flavorful.


Also, you can check out Top budget eateries in Jerusalem if you want to eat other local dishes. These locations offer good quality middle eastern dishes for a relatively cheap price.

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