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Most Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto



Most Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto

Best Gardens in Kyoto

There are many gardens in Japan that offer mesmerizing view and tranquility. This article explores some of the gardens in Kyoto that are so unique you cannot even find similar ones in Japan. Kyoto contains Japan’s most unique and peaceful gardens. There are many gardens here like Zen gardens built for a peace mind as well as other beautiful gardens designed for the temples and admiration.

Most of these gardens are located in Buddhist and Shinto temples and are scared places built in the past for the monks to calm their mind and make them immerse with nature. Because of their religious importance, these gardens have been kept extremely clean and the same attitude is expected from whoever enters them regardless of their nationality. Here are most beautiful gardens in Kyoto you can enjoy visiting in the famous Kyoto city which is beloved by many foreign tourists.



Ginkaku-ji Temple

Tokyo's Most Beautiful Gardens - Ginkaku-ji Temple is Known As The Silver Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji Temple garden means “Silver Pavilion” in English. This garden is one of the best traditional gardens in Kyoto as well as in Japan. The artist behind its creation is the famous Soami and this pretty garden comes with different styles like a dry sand garden as well as a moss garden. The dry sand garden also called the ‘Sea of Silver Sand’, is really famous and features a cone of sand resembling the well known Mount Fuji. The moss garden has small ponds with islands and bridges. This garden is best enjoyed if you walk inside its circular path.


Heian Jingu Shrine

Gardens in Japan - Heian Jingu Shrine Represents The Heian Period in Japan

Heian Jingu Shrine contains some of the most gorgeous gardens in Japan. These garden are located at the back of the main shrine structure. The main garden represents the Heian Period really well and has a massive pond with a Chinese style bridge. The red color design of the shrine is brilliant in all the seasons, especially with the cherry blossoms trees in spring time.


Tenryu-ji Temple in Susukinobaba-chō

Tenryu-ji Temple has a View Similar to Paintings Located Near Mountains of Arashiyama - Best Gardens in Kyoto

You can find Tenryu-ji Temple in Arashiyama are on the western part of the city. This beautiful garden is one of most famous places for Zen in Kyoto. The amazing garden here is coupled with mountains of Arashiyama that appear to be part of this garden and make the view like a painting. This garden has a circular pavement around Sogen Pond and it is famous for being the Special Place of Scenic Beauty’ in Japan.


Ryoan-ji Temple located Northwest of The City

Most Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto - Ryoan-ji Temple is Suitable For Zen Buddhism With Pure White Sand

Ryoan-ji Temple is the world’s most well known Japanese Zen gardens in Japan. You can find this place near Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. This dry landscape garden is unlike any place you have been before where there are rocks that look like floating a sea of pure white sand. The simple and small garden is really beautiful and the best time to visit here is in the morning.


Saiho-ji Temple Known as Moss Temple

Travel Guide Japan - Saiho-ji Temple is Famous As The Moss Temple And Has 3 Tea Houses

Saiho-ji Temple is also famous as the ‘Moss Temple’ because of its moss covered garden. The gardens here like Sogen Pond are famous for being ‘Special Place of Scenic Beauty’ in the country. These complex of gardens in Kyoto have 3 tea houses where you can enjoy the environment here while drinking some tea. The entry as well as visiting the tea houses require you to book in advance.

If you are traveling to this beautiful country, it is worth taking a look at best of Japan attractions as well. These attraction are scattered all over the country. Therefore, you need to travel with bus or train to some of them. However, it is a worth the trip because of their eye catching views.

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