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A Guide to Aquariums in Georgia, USA

A Guide to Aquariums in Georgia, USA

Best Aquariums in Georgia

Due to the past history of the maritime commerce of Georgia and its geographical location on the Black Sea coast, many aquariums in Georgia keep indigenous sea creatures there. One of the most famous places to learn about sea life is the Georgia Aquarium. However, there are smaller educational institutions in this state that offer great experiences to both adults and children. Visiting these aquariums and museums can provide a good and memorable time for all family members.


ECO Center near Ridge Ferry Park

ECO Center is Located in Rome and Floyd County - A Guide to Aquariums in Georgia, USA

The E.C.O. Center has one of the best educational aquariums in Georgia. It is located in Rome and Floyd County. This center operates every year from March to October. All the aquariums and reptilian sections available here have information on them, and you can still get to ask the friendly staff to help you further. This makes ECO a fantastic location for inspiring children to know more about native wildlife and Georgia’s ecology.

Also, this center provides education regarding the water usage that this county extracts from its rivers. This educational center introduces participants and visitors to a wide range of wildlife that is solely native to the Northwest Georgia area. It is good to know that E.C.O. Center is more suitable for young children; however, adults can participate in some of the programs here, like Speaker Series. Since there is no substantial public transport here, you need to either walk or drive to Ridge Ferry Park and, from there, walk towards this center.


Georgia Aquarium in Pemberton Place

A Guide to Aquariums in Georgia, USA - Georgia Aquarium is Open All Year Round

Georgia Aquarium is the major one of the Aquariums in Georgia, which is open all year round. This aquarium is just massive, and they offer a lot of educational programs to both adults and children. Some of the animals you can see here include Whale sharks, Beluga Whales, Bottlenose dolphins, California Sea Lions, Manta rays, African Penguins, and American alligators. Moreover, the ticket price for each person is just under $40 here. For those who decide to travel using public transport, the nearest bus stop to Georgia Aquarium is the “Centennial Olympic Park Dr & Andrew Young Intl Blv” near Pemberton Place.


Georgia Sea Turtle Center Located in Jekyll Island

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is Accessible by Car And The Sea - A Guide to Aquariums in Georgia, USA

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is the only place among Aquariums in Georgia where you are able to see sea turtles and their rehabilitation programs. In this place, you get to learn about the life of sea turtles from when they are born until they procreate and age. The ticket price here is relatively cheap and is about $10 for adults and $8 for children. Located at 214 Stable Road, this sea turtle sanctuary is accessible by car as well as from the sea, where boats can dock at Jekyll Harbor Marina and use some fuel and leisure amenities.


UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium in Skidaway Island

What To Do in USA - UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium Has 16 Exhibit Tanks

UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium is one of the first saltwater aquariums in Georgia that you can find on Skidaway Island. There are 16 exhibit tanks available here where you can observe the marine life gathered across this whole state. One of the best aspects of this place is the Jay Wolf Nature Trail. This lace is just magnificent for outdoor picnics. In fact, the sanctuary has provided tables where you can sit there and enjoy its oak and palm-shaded area near Skidaway River. The ticket prices here start from $5 to $7. Therefore, it makes it one of the most affordable places if you want to bring your family over for some amazing times and marine education.


Flint RiverQuarium in Albany

Flint RiverQuarium is Located in Albany with Unique Wildlife and Sea Creatures

Flint RiverQuarium, in Albany, has one of the best ecosystems amongst aquariums in Georgia. This adventure place has over 120 unique wildlife and sea creatures in its territory. The best exhibitions here include Blue Hole Spring, Flint River Gallery, World of Water, and Spring Run Creek. Blue Hole Spring here has a 175,000-gallon 22-foot deep place that houses all kinds of wild lives, including alligators. Other than aquariums, there is a theater here where some interesting shows take place here. The ticket prices for adults here are $9.00 and $6.50 for the little ones. To get to Flint RiverQuarium, you need to have a car or take a walk since no public transport is available here.


Tybee Island Marine Science Center on Tybee Island

What To Do in USA - Tybee Island Marine Science Center is Located on Tybee Island

Tybee Island Marine Science Center is a museum on Tybee Island next to North Beach. This Museum is open all year round, and the ticket prices are $15 per adult and $5 for children. Similar to other aquariums in Georgia mentioned here, you can see a lot of marine life here. Most of the wildlife here is indigenous to the Georgia coast. Other than indoor tours, this science center provides outdoor beach walks to educate individuals about identifying the wildlife that lives in and around the ocean. Also, you get to learn a lot about sand dune formation, tides and waves, and the impact of marine debris here.

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