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Best Things to Do in Split Croatia



Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Things to Do in Split Croatia for Young Travelers

In general, there are many things to do in Split, a lively city that can be visited year-round. Suppose you want to see Split attractions in its prime season. In that case, it is better to choose summer, when the city hosts many festivals and the nightlife is fascinating. Rock climbing, sunbathing, visiting historical buildings, and doing water sports are just many activities in this city as the weather is pleasant most of the year here.



Doing Beach Activities on Split Beaches

Doing Beach Activities on Split Beaches are PArt of Split Attractions for Young Couples

One of the primary attractions of Croatia is Split beaches and the beautiful sea sides. Surrounded by clear and beautiful blue beaches, this city is one of the top water tourist destinations. You can see the turquoise shores of this city as far as the eye can see. You can enjoy doing many things to do in Split beaches like swimming, sunbathing, Kayaking, diving and surfing, all kinds of water sports, or just sitting in the countless beach restaurants of this city.


Climbing the Marjan Hill

Climbing the Marjan Hill and Reaching Telegrin Peak is one of Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Residents of Split are proud of the forest park and Marian Hill, and they have a good reason for this. This beautiful park includes a peninsula overlooking the city, which is very spectacular. Along with numerous rest areas and benches, the park is also known for its tall pine trees that shade the walkways. The Marjan staircase provides access to Telegrin Peak, offering stunning views of the surrounding islands and Kaštela Bay. Rock climbing on the 400-meter-long journey to the top of Marjan Hill is one of the adventurous things to do in Split.



Split Attractions

The city of Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb, located in the southern half of Croatia and on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. Also, this city is the largest and most important port in Croatia. The city is an intra-regional transport hub that offers various popular Split attractions for all ages and seasons.



Archaeological Museum in Split

Archaeological Museum in Split has Many Artifacts Excavated from Nearby Area

The archaeological museum is one of the essential historical Split attractions. This museum is one of the oldest archaeological institutes in Croatia, which was founded in 1820 and has been in its current location since 1922. Its outstanding works include 150,000 items from the country’s most extensive collection of precious stones, stone carvings, ceramics, Roman glass, 1,600 clay lamps, and many bones and metal objects.


Mestrovic Gallery for Seeing Works of Art

Mestrovic Gallery is Part of Cultural Split Attractions with Many Local Works of Art

Although many excellent examples of Ivan Mestrović’s work can be seen throughout the city, the best place to learn more about the artist is at the Ivan Mestrović Gallery. Ivan Mestrovich is considered one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. The collection includes 86 marble, stone, bronze, wooden and plaster sculptures. In addition, there are many drawings and a few large bronze sculptures in the gallery gardens.


Split Riva Neighborhood

Walking Along the Split Riva Neighborhood - Things to Do in Split Croatia for Young Couples

Riva is a beautiful area in the center of Split City, located by the beach and on a coastal strip. This place, which is located in front of Diocletian’s Palace, with its tall palm trees reaching up to the sky, the blue sea view, and countless cafes and restaurants, has become one of the most lively and popular spots in the city, which is always full of local people and It is tourists. Walking along this vibrant and energetic coastline and sitting in beach cafes are must-do things to do in Split.



People’s Square or Pjaca

People's Square or Pjaca is one of Split Attractions Suitable for Dining and Having Coffee

The history of this square goes back to the 15th century and it displays attractive features such as Renaissance and Gothic structures built over the years such as Čambi Palace. Also, one of the best things to do in Split is to visit the Renaissance-style municipal building, which is the location of the Ethnological Museum of Split. The statue of Gregory of Nin, which can be seen nearby, is one of the works of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrović.


Take a Visit to Diocletian’s Palace

Take a Visit to Diocletian's Palace to Observe the Might of The Roman Empire's Past

Diocletian’s Palace is among the most well-known of the Split attractions. This Palace was designed with thick walls with a height of 28 meters and towers responsible for protecting the Palace in every corner added to the security of this building. This Palace had three entrances: golden, silver and iron gates, each of which had a specific function. Although there are more than 50 rooms in this Palace, only some have been excavated.

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