Best of Geelong Cafes

A List of Top Geelong Cafes

With the arrival of more people from Victoria to this coastal city, the scene for Geelong cafes has changed in order to accommodate the needs of the newcomers. In a good way, more and more diverse café food and coffee flavors have been coming up on the menu in these cafes, like more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free desserts as well as more locally brewed coffee and imported teas. This change has been quite vivid across restaurants in Geelong which used to serve mostly local seafood, especially the ones near the Waterfront area, and now they have more options that you can try in a year’s time.



Panache Cafe and Creperie in Edge Geelong Waterfront

Panache Cafe and Creperie in Edge Waterfront - Geelong Cafes Near Waterfront

Like other small Geelong cafes, Panache Cafe and Creperie started as a family business in 1995 and have been going strong ever since, attracting more and more customers who come to visit the Edge Geelong Waterfront area. After many years of success, they have managed to open more branches across this city with the same levels of hospitality and care for the customers in Waurn Ponds, on Pakington Street, and near Market Square Shopping Centre.


Cafe Go. on CBD Bellerine Street

Cafe Go. is Located on CBD Bellerine Street With Reasonable Prices and a Beautiful Outback Courtyard

Like many Geelong cafes in the CBD area, Cafe Go. provides a simple menu of quality coffee and desserts to many CBD workers, students, and hospital staff from the early hours of the morning until early evening. The lunch menu comes with Paninis, sandwiches, and slow roasts, and the drink menu is very affordable for coffee and tea drinkers as well. Make sure to try the out backfire place, which comes with nicely decorated greenery and generally good vibes.


Box Office Cafe at Geelong West

Box Office Cafe is Located at Geelong West and a Good Spot for Wines, Cakes and Waffles

When in the Western part of the city, near the Western Beach area, you can head to Box Office Cafe to have a nice brunch in a very lovely decorated coffee/wine house. What makes this café amazing is their kindness towards pets, especially dogs, and the very welcoming atmosphere inside. Moreover, the Box Office Cafe menu has delicious items like waffles, cakes, toast, burgers, and a lot of gluten-free options. As for the drinks, you are invited to have their properly made coffee and tea and choose from a large selection of wine and spirits there.


Untitled Cafe located near GMHBA Stadium

Untitled Cafe is located near GMHBA Stadium and One of Geelong Cafes in CBD

Untitled Cafe is another one of the up-and-coming, family-run Geelong cafes popping up in the CBD area, located on the junction of Yarra and Kilgour Streets and also very close to GMHBA Stadium. This cafe suits those who are on the move and want to have their drinks taken away. They still have indoor table service that comes with a smile, but morning commuters love to have their coffee and sandwiches on the go from Untitled Cafe. The Untitled Cafe menu includes bagels, cookies, wraps, brownies, and toasties, as well as lattes and dark coffee, and teas. Also open early morning, around 6:30 am.


Winter’s Cafe. on Pakington Street in Newtown

Winter's Cafe. is Lcoated on Pakington Street in Newtown and Fanmous for Beautiful Food Plating and Quality

Located in the center of Newtown on the famous Pakington Street, Winter’s Cafe has introduced a new way of approaching cafe food by using quality ingredients made from local produce. The
winters cafe menu is very extensive and includes foods like egg benedicts, burgers, falafel, pancake, and bowls. The prices here are slightly high, but both the coffee and the food taste fantastic, and the food is made with love and care. Also, the menu caters to many dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and vegan nutrients and meals.


Neko Geelong on Ryrie Street

Neko Geelong is Found on Ryrie Street CBD with a Quirky Japanese Style Cat Decoration

Another good addition to the exciting and quirky Geelong cafes is the Neko Cafe. The Neko meaning is the word “cat” in Japanese. Surprisingly, the interior of this café also full of very cute cats and Japanese art decorations. The Neko menu includes breakfast (toasts, rolls, and sandwiches), lunch (Japanese fried chicken, tofu bowls, noodles, and Miso Soup), and drinks (coffee, matcha tea, and smoothies). As for the food, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are also available.
The Neko Cafe is along Ryrie Street at number 237, close to both Geelong CBD and Waterfront areas. The operation hours are daily from 7 am to 3 pm except Saturdays and Sundays when they are closed.

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