What to Do in Dar Es Salaam

What to Do in Dar Es Salaam

What to Do in Dar Es Salaam for Travelers

What to Do in Dar Es Salaam for Travelers and Newcomers? There is quite a bit to do here! Dar es Salaam, the former capital of Tanzania, is today a busy city with many natural and cultural attractions. Usually, those who love the beach and the sea will enjoy the natural beauty of this city. One of the busiest ports in East Africa is Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania and its commercial center. The main fame of this city is because of its beautiful beaches and amazing churches, and you can experience a selection of African, Arabic, and Indian cultures in it.



National Museum and House of Culture

National Museum and House of Culture located on Shaaban Robert Street

Built in 1940 as a memorial to King George V, this charming tourist destination invites visitors to the country’s colorful past. What to Do at Dar Es Salaam National Museum? In this museum, you can see some important fossils of early humans. In the House of Culture, tribal ethnic heritage and the impact of the slave trade during the colonial era are on display. Some of the other highlights of the museum are the ethnographic exhibits, ancient artifacts, costumes, decorative items, and musical instruments.



Village Museum or Makumbusho

Village Museum or Makumbusho Located on Makaburini Street at Kijitonyama in Kinondoni Area

This museum is in the north of the city center and displays the ancient inhabitants of Tanzania, consisting of 120 ethnic groups. Visitors can explore Makumbusho Museum by strolling through replicas of tribal huts spread over a large area or observe indigenous artists demonstrate their ancient indigenous painting, weaving, and carving skills. In addition, tribal dances and other cultural activities are also held in the museum occasionally. Also, you might think about what to do in Dar Es Salaam if you want to experience safari in Africa? The answer for that is visiting the Mikumi national park, which is a 6-hour drive away from this port city but definitely worth a visit.



Askari Memorial near Maktaba Street

What to do in Dar es Saalam for Historical Landmarks? Visit The Askari Memorial Statue in Kivukoni Ward in Ilala District

This bronze monument shows a soldier in World War I uniform with the tip of his gun pointing towards the port. This monument was built to honor the African army in the First World War. The Askari Memorial in Kivukoni Ward in Ilala District near the famous Maktaba Street.



St.Joseph Cathedral Known as Kanisa Kuu la Mt. Yosefu

St. Joseph Cathedral is Known as Kanisa Kuu la Mt. Yosefu made by German Missionaries

This church was built by German missionaries between 1897 and 1902 in Gothic style. Saint Joseph’s Church is Roman Catholic and occupies a part of the beach of Dar es Salaam port. When it comes to asking what to do in Dar Es Salaam in terms of exploring the religious architecture of this country, this church is definitely the place you need to visit. One of the important features of this building is the vaulted ceiling and windows with colored glass. Many German manuscripts and works of art are kept here, including the relief above the altar. The Archbishop of Dar es Salaam is based in this church.



Azania-Front-Cathedral Lutheran Church

Azania-Front-Cathedral is a Lutheran Church Located in The City Center

German missionaries built the Lutheran Church on Azania Beach in 1898. Its red bell tower is taller than the rest of the roofs, and its spectacular white building is still considered one of the prominent buildings of Dar es Salaam. From the top, you will see the ocean due to its location and easy to access because it is in the city center. It is good to know that, in the past, Azania was the center of activities of German missionaries.


Bongoyo Island in Msasani Peninsula

What to Do in Dar Es Salaam when it comes down top visit Beaches? Try heading to Bongoyo Island

Many travelers would ask what to do in Dar Es Salaam in terms of beach hopping and island visiting. The answer is the beautiful Bongoyo Island which is in the Msasani Peninsula. In the northwestern part of the island, day travelers can relax under the canopies or swim in the clear waters. While swimming, you may come across some of the most diverse species of marine life, and behind the beach, you will find nature trails winding through the baobab trees. Local vendors selling seafood and cool drinks are also waiting for visitors on this island.

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