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The Most Magnificent Hotels in The World



The most magnificent hotels in the world

The Most Magnificent Hotels in The World

This article introduces a few of the most magnificent hotels in the world. One of the most important concerns of a pleasant trip is finding a comfortable and well-equipped hotel, because where you are staying will greatly impact your travel experience and enjoyment. Everyone chooses a hotel based on their budget and finances, but there are those whose most important thing is to stay at the best hotels in the world, out of which we will present you here.

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Luxury Collection Hotel

The Most Magnificent Hotels in The World - Luxury Collection Hotel is Part of Starwood's Global Hotels

On September 9th 2014, Luxury Collection, as part of Starwood’s Global Hotels and Resorts Group, announced the opening of the Castle Hotel in Dalian, China. This hotel, which belongs to the Yifang Group, will be operated by Starwood. Castle Hotel is the first hotel in China with this brand that gives its guests a royal residence, along with an introduction to the country’s civilization and culture.

This spectacular Bavarian-style hotel is set in the heart of Dalian, an important seaport in northeast China, like a fairy tale castle. Overlooking the Wanxia Mountains, this spectacular hotel dominates the Xinghai Bay and the Yellow Sea. With its towers and barracks similar to Disney’s animation palaces, it offers a wide view of the surrounding landscape. Also, it is equipped with small stone turrets, lush gardens and an impressive marble hall.


Atlantis Hotel

The Most Magnificent Hotels in The World - Atlantis Hotel is Located in Dubai

5 Star Atlantis Hotel in Dubai is undoubtedly one of the largest and most prestigious five star hotels in the city, the Middle East and even the world. The superb location of the Atlantis Hotel on the upper lawn of Palm Jumeirah’s artificial island in Palm Dubai and the unique design and amenities has made here a wonderful hotel. The hotel is a replica of Atlantis’s Paradise Island, built in the Bahamas. It’s location is only 20 minutes to Dubai’s main shopping malls and near the metro station, making the Atlantis Hotel closer to Dubai’s shopping and shopping centers. This building has twenty-three floors with a wide range of amenities. The Atlantis Hotel is 40 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport.


Mardan Palace Hotel

The Most Magnificent Hotels in The World - Mardan Palace Hotel was Built in 2009 in The Lara Region

Mardan Palace Hotel is one of the most beautiful and modern hotels in the world. It was built in 2009 in the Lara region of Antalya. To build this hotel that which is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the European region and the Mediterranean it costed more than $1.5 billion, where its pool is Europe’s largest and its aquarium with more than 2400 fishes in is the biggest in the European continent.

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