Best Beaches in Mallorca

Best Beaches in Mallorca

Nicest Beaches in Mallorca

Alcudia beaches are among some of the most beautiful places in the world. To visit some of the best beaches in Mallorca, you should be willing to travel around this country by using public transport. This country is a suitable place to spend your summer holidays with its beautiful beaches and natural beauties.


Famous Alcudia Beaches

The city of Alcudia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Mallorca, which is very suitable for families. However, this city is also an important destination for those interested in beach activities and old villages. Some of the houses in this village date back to the 13th century, and the walls around the city were added to it in the 14th century.


Playa de Sant Joan

A Guide to Alcudia Beaches - Playa de Sant Joan Borders The Platja de San Pere
Playa de Sant Joan is one of the rocky Alcudia beaches. You can find it in the northern part of Mallorca. The beautiful, small sandy beach borders the Platja de San Pere. You can also park nearby and, from there, take a staircase or a footpath to the bottom of the bay instead. Upon arrival, you will find a true oasis of tranquility on this narrow sandy beach. Moreover, Playa de Sant Joan is surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful rocky banks, which create a great view.


Playa de Alcudia

A Guide to Alcudia Beaches - Playa de Alcudia is A Long White Sandy Beach
Alcudia Beach is a long white sandy beach in the northern part of Mallorca, located a few kilometers from the port of Alcúdia near the medieval town of Alcúdia. Playa de Alcudia is one of the main Alcudia beaches, and it is also very family-friendly. There are good facilities with showers, toilets, and changing stations, a children’s play area with fitness equipment, and of course, several water sports such as kayaking.


Platja des Coll Baix at Northeast of Mallorca

A Guide to Alcudia Beaches - Platja des Coll Baix is A Beautiful Unspoilt Beach
Coll Baix Beach is a beautiful unspoiled beach located on the Alcudia peninsula in the northeast of Mallorca. Platja des Coll Baix is famous for being one of the most remote Alcudia beaches and natural beaches in Mallorca, sheltered by a mountainous landscape and with turquoise blue waters that will leave you indifferent. Much of its natural beauty is due to its difficult access that prevents beachgoers from coming in, so reaching Es Coll Baix is ​​reserved for only a few lucky ones.


Aucanada Beach with Shallow Waters

A Guide to Alcudia Beaches - Aucanada Beach Comes with Shallow Water And Poseidon Grass
Clear and clear water and easy access to the sea through the shallow sandy floor, with a gentle slope. Seagrass or Poseidon Grass is a common feature of northern Mallorca and although it slightly reduces the visual and comfort aspects of the beach. It is actually one of the main elements of the ecosystem and is essential to prevent seabed erosion. And the beach. Unfortunately, Aucanada Beach lacks sand and only has rocky sides. However, this beach makes up for it with clear waters and a shallow water inlet.


Playa el Mal Pas Known as Platja de Sant Pere

Europe Travel Tips - Playa el Mal Pas Has Perfectly Clear Water and Soft Sands

Platja de Sant Pere, or Playa el Mal Pas, is an amazing little beach that is less than 100 meters long and is truly one of the top beaches in Mallorca. The sand is good, and the water is perfectly clear. The view from the beach, especially to the Peninsula, is excellent. There are low cliffs on both sides of the water. There are small toilet facilities on the beach as well. Free parking is possible on the streets near the beach. The beach is well maintained but rarely crowded among other Alcudia beaches because this place is not as famous as others.


introducing Best of Palma Beaches

Palma beaches are amongst some of the best beaches in Mallorca. These beaches are generally located near residential areas as well as hotels. Therefore, they offer better facilities to tourists and travelers.


Cala Major Beach Means The Better Bay

Best Beaches in Mallorca - Cala Major Beach Have Clear Waters And Soft Sands
Cala Major Beach is a popular destination for European and British tourists, located in the northeast of Mallorca. In fact, Cala Major means “better bay,” as the beaches of this region have clear waters and soft sands and are suitable for sunbathing. That is why this name has been chosen for it.


Es Portitxol located Western Part of Palma

Europe Travel Tips - Es Portitxol is One of The Most Popular Suburbs of The Capital
Slightly more than a quiet fishing village on the western edge of Palma, Portixol has undergone significant changes in recent years, making it one of the most popular suburbs of the capital today. And while the rest of the El Molinar neighborhood retains that laid-back character of former fishermen, the city is increasingly becoming one of the island’s most sought-after settlements in Mallorca. Es Portitxol is really one of the lesser-known places and best beaches in Mallorca for people seeking calm of mind here.


Can Pere Antoni located East of Palma

Best Beaches in Mallorca - Can Pere Antoni Comes With the Palm Trees of Paseo Marítimo

Can Pere Antoni Beach is located two kilometers east of Palma, with the palm trees of Paseo Marítimo. This urban beach is bounded on both ends by a breakwater. Also, this beach is an ideal place to anchor a boat in the sand and have a rest there. The nearest port center is the Club Nàutic Portixol.


List of Famous Magaluf Beaches

Magaluf Beaches generally consist of rocky beaches; however, the greenery here is one of the beaches in Mallorca. Make sure to give these beaches a visit if you are nearby.


Magaluf Beach Popular in July and August

Best Beaches in Mallorca - Magaluf Beach is Located in The Southwest of The Island
Magaluf is another one of the popular beaches in Mallorca, located in the southwest of the island. July and August are the most popular months to visit this beach. There are several hotels near the beach that are very crowded during the hot seasons. People who are interested in swimming can go to an island in the center of Magaluf Bay and swim there.


Palmanova Beach located in The Municipality of Calvia

Europe Travel Tips - Palmanova Beach is Located in The Municipality of Calvia
Playa Palmanova Beach is one of Magaluf beaches located in the municipality of Calvia in the southwestern part of the island of Mallorca. Palma Nova Beach is the central beach of Palmanova. It is located in the heart of Palmanova Bay, where you can anchor small yachts and boats, between Cape de Marroig, beyond the beach of Playa Es Carregador and Cape Nadal. Nadala) Separator Palmanova Beach Another beach, Palma Nova Son Maties Beach (Playa Son Maties).


Punta des Carregador with a Rocky Beach

Palma Beaches - Punta des Carregador is Also Famous as Playa es Carregador
Es Carregador Beach, also famous as Playa es Carregador is one of the best beaches in Mallorca, especially in Palmanova town. Moreover, you can find Punta des Carregador in the municipality of Calvia in the southwestern part of the island of Mallorca, 14 km from the center.


Son Matias Beach Belongs to a Hotel With Same Name

Palma Beaches - Son Matias Beach Belongs to A 4-star Hotel With The Same Name
Son Matias Beach belongs to a 4-star hotel with the same name. In fact, Son Matias Beach is an adults-only place in Palma Nova. From here, you can watch yachts coming by, and the sand here is finer compared to other places nearby.


Cala Cap Falcó a Hidden Treasure

Europe Travel Tips - Cala Cap Falcó is Located South of The Holiday Resorts of Magaluf

Cala Falcó is located south of the holiday resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova on the southwest coast of Mallorca. Also, Cala Falcó is an almost hidden treasure and is located in a small, narrow bay. The beach is only about 50 meters long, but it is very wide. On both sides of the beach, there are low rocks and parts which are beautifully covered with trees. The trees provide some shade, especially in the late afternoon. The water is very clear and has beautiful blue, green, and turquoise tones. The water is also very shallow. From the beach, it is possible to see the small island of Illot del Sec, where an ancient Greek shipwreck can be found.


Best of El Arenal Beaches

El Arenal Beaches are not very crowded and numerous in numbers, but they are still are in the list of beaches in Mallorca. In this area, there is only one beach that is available for tourists to take sub-baths here.


Playa del Arenal with Beautiful Palm Trees

Best Beaches in Mallorca - Playa del Arenal is Nearby Ca’n Pastilla And Playa de Palma

El Arenal is one of the busiest, most famous, and best beaches in Mallorca. Also, El Arenal, Playa de Palma, and nearby Ca’n Pastilla merge almost effortlessly. A beautiful boulevard with shops and restaurants starts at the port of El Arenal and continues all the way to the port of Ca’n Pastilla. A train runs along this boulevard, which is about 7 kilometers long. It is a very nice beach if you are on holiday with children here.

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