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Top Restaurants in Paarl



Top Restaurants in Paarl

Best Restaurants in Paarl

This article introduces the top restaurants in Paarl, one of the best towns in the country. The name of this ton has been derived from the Dutch word meaning pearl in English. This city is located in Western Cape province and populated mostly by European settlers in South Africa and it is one of third oldest city of such population.

There  is another town ear by, Muizenberg, which also has great food options. Some of the restaurants in Muizenberg are really famous for the seafood offerings since Muizenberg is next to the False Bay coast. The seafood there is fresh and the view of these restaurant is on par with some of the best seaport towns in the world.


Bossa Nova Good Times Bar & Restaurant in Omnipark Building

Top Restaurants in Paarl - Bossa Nova Good Times Bar & Restaurant is Located on The Main Road Near The Zion Street and Templier Intersection

Bossa Nova is amongst the top restaurants in Paarl for those who want proper steak and burgers. This eatery is located on the Main Road near the Zion Street and Templier intersection. There are a lot of space for  you to seat and enjoy your meal. In fact, Bossa Nova feels very welcoming and it faces the street as well so you can watch the people as well. The menu  is truly diverse here and other than steaks and burgers you can choose from their seafood, salads, combos, snacks and pizzas & wraps menus. A sfor the drinks, they offer white& red wines, cocktails and spirits and liquors. Overall, Bossa Nova should be your first top for great food and socializing.


Cucina Di Giovanni at Laborie Italian Restaurant

Cucina Di Giovanni at Laborie is Located on Laborie Estate & Taillefert Road - South Africa Travel Tips

Cucina Di Giovanni at Laborie is a Italian restaurant in the heart of the city. The back garden of this restaurant has a beautiful view of the nearby mountains and vineyards. They are famous for their Panzerotti bolognaise and seafood pasts. Even though they offer pizzas, it is better to order pastas a here. Also, their prices are reasonable and you can order wine too to accompany your meal. Head to Laborie Estate & Taillefert road after taking a turn from the Main Road to find Cucina Di Giovanni restaurant.


Kapstadt Brauhaus Paarl for Authentic German Food

Kapstadt Brauhaus Paarl is Located on The Main Road Between Bosman and Brug Streets- Top Restaurants in Paarl

Kapstadt Brauhaus Paarl is perhaps the restaurants in Paarl selling quality, traditional and authentic German to locals and travelers. Some of the top food options here are German sausages, alpine pizza, schnitzels, eisbein and pretzels. Also, no German restaurant is authentic unless they sell German beer in large pints and here is no exception. It is good to know that they have an extended menu for alcoholic beverages and if you do not have the sire to eat much you can still drink fantastic beverages here. The location of Kapstadt Brauhaus is on the Main Road between Bosman and Brug Streets.


Luigi’s Mediterranean in Van der Lingen square

Top Restaurants in Paarl - Luigi's Mediterranean is Located Near the Van der Lingen square on The Main Road

Luigi’s Mediterranean uses the best quality of ingredients to make their Mediterranean inspired meals. Other than Greek food, you can order pizza, seafood, burgers and many types of pizzas and grills. Their pricing is very reasonable and they really prepare food with great care. The Luigi’s Mediterranean is a great choice for vegetarians and more health conscious customers. You can find Luigi’s near the Van der Lingen square on the Main Road.


Blacksmith’s Kitchen With a Beautiful View

Blacksmith's Kitchen is Located in Old Blacksmith’s Cottages on Pearl Mountain - South Africa Travel Tips

Located in old blacksmith’s cottages on Pearl Mountain, Blacksmith’s Kitchen has one of the best views amongst restaurants in Paarl. The menu here is Mediterranean-inspired and most of the wines and ingredients are sourced from the nearby earl Mountain. As for thee food, they offer a good range of options including wood-oven pizzas, burgers, steaks, tapas and salads. The prices here are very reasonable and are suitable for those who want to experience great view and do not pay very much for the food.

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