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Top Restaurants in Davenport IA

Top Restaurants in Davenport IA

Best Restaurants in Davenport

As a beautiful part of Iowa food culture, there are a large number of fantastic restaurants in Davenport that offer diverse menus, from Mexican to African dishes. Most of the restaurants in this list cater to those who like Mexican dishes. However, there are other delicious eateries providing sandwiches and seafood here as well.



Los Portales near Davenport Memorial Park

Los Portales is A Family-Friendly Mexican Restaurant - Top Restaurants in Davenport IA

Los Portales is one of the finest and family-friendly restaurants in Davenport, IA, for having Mexican food. With over 2 decades of experience serving the community, they have truly perfected the art of cooking authentically. The food portions are satisfactory enough for an individual, and prices are relatively good with the quality you receive. The main feature of Los Portales, besides the great cuisine, is the availability of margaritas. You just need to tell them how strong you want your drinks to be to avoid any confusion. Currently, Los Portales is on 1012 East Kimberly Road and is just a few minutes walk from Davenport Memorial Park.


McAlister’s Deli opposite Spring Village Shopping Center

McAlister's Deli Offers Great Sandwiches - Top Restaurants in Davenport IA

There are few places that have paid so much care and attention, like McAlister’s Deli, to making proper sandwiches. In fact, sandwiches are the backbone and success story of this eatery. To be honest, for having simple yet delicious comfort food where every member of the family has something to eat without paying so much, then McAlister’s Deli might be the best option. You do not want to have the sandwiches; salads here are legendary, made from all fresh ingredients. There are even soups and desserts in this deli that will make you want to come back again. Like Los Portales, McAlister’s Deli is on East Kimberly Road but at No. 2198.


Nally’s Kitchen a Mexican Restaurant

Top Restaurants in Davenport IA - Nally's Kitchen Cooks Mexican Meals With Love And Care

Having homemade Mexican food prepared with love and passion is a blessing to be experienced. At Nally’s, you get to appreciate meals cooked in that way and with much love. Since all the food is made in-house daily, the flavors might differ slightly from time to time. However, the food is good, and if there are any shortcomings, it is something that does not happen often.

There are many choices of food, like tacos, quesadillas, Huarache, burritos, taco bowl salad, empanadas, and nachos. Each of them comes with different fillings like beef, chicken, pork, or even veggies. The prices are very affordable, and the interior is always clean, making it one of the best restaurants in Davenport. Just make sure you are not in a hurry while visiting here as you might need to wait some time during busy hours. Moreover, you can currently find them on Rockingham Road at number 1622.


Yummy Crab at E Kimberly Road

Yummy Crab Has Large Portions Like Clams, Mussels, And Shrimp - Top Restaurants in Davenport IA

Sometimes you just want to eat lots of seasoned seafood on a plate, and Yummy Crab is where you should go to satisfy your seafood cravings. They are one of the best seafood restaurants in Davenport, IA. Their specialty is boiled Cajun-flavored crawfish and crab legs. Also, you will see clams, mussels, and shrimp on the menu too.

All the boiled seafood meals here come with sides of boiled corn and potatoes, all inside plastic bags. You need to eat with your hand here, and things will get messy.
As a result, you will be provided with an apron to avoid any unwanted splashes on your clothes. The minimum amount of seafood you can order here is about half a pound. It is not all about seafood here, as you can still get some fried rice and fried chicken meals as well. Their current location is at 1235 East Kimberly Road, just a few minutes walk away from Los Portales restaurant.


Cafe Express Deli Found on East Locust Street

Cafe Express Deli is Good For Late Night Sandwiches & Soups - USA Travel Tips

When it comes to late-night sandwiches & soups, perhaps there are no better restaurants in Davenport than Cafe Express Deli. With amazing prices, high-quality bread, and speedy service, you are guaranteed to enjoy your night grub at this roadside eatery. Their BLTs, as well as their soups, are very popular among the residents. You can visit them at 1507 East Locust Street, which is a perfect place for students too.


Taste of Ethiopia in Downtown Area

USA Travel Tips - Taste of Ethiopia Provides Spicy Authentic African Dishes

It is very rare to get authentic African dishes in this city, but Taste of Ethiopia offers such delicacies. It is one of the best restaurants in Davenport, IA, for trying ethnic food from the African continent. Whatever you order here is both priced well and has very balanced flavors. Just know that the food is spicy and the portions are large. Also, do not miss the opportunity to try the world-famous Ethiopian coffee and tea after your meal. Taste of Ethiopia is just next to Le Claire Pak & Band Shell and near the Mississippi River.


Sancho’s of Davenport on E George Washington Blvd

Top Restaurants in Davenport IA - Sancho's of Davenport is A MExican Eatery With A Magnificent View of Duck River

For over four decades, Sancho’s Mexican eatery has offered good food in a nice and relaxing environment with a magnificent view of Duck River. The food is more geared towards the local American populous, but the meals are still very flavorful. Moreover, the interior could be more fancy, just like a simple diner. However, you always feel great hospitality here. The current location of Sancho’s is at 307 East George Washington Boulevard.


Big JJ Fish & Chicken located on North Division Street

Top Restaurants in Davenport IA - Big JJ Fish & Chicken Offers Great Fried & Grilled Dishes

Sometimes eating some unhealthy food does not hurt, and the appetite for fried food is present among all ages. Big JJ Fish & Chicken provides great food to satisfy your fried food cravings. It is the best of restaurants in Davenport, IA, for everything fried and grilled. Almost everything on the menu is either fried or grilled in-house.

Also, all the menu items are made from fresh ingredients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Some local favorites include fried wings, fish, chicken, and shrimp. Every day, you will see new specials with great prices and generous portions. Also, there are numerous sides that you can order to add some excitement to your meal, and the best of them are the fries. If you want to try their amazingly fried dishes, head to 1904 North Division Street, where bus number 9 has a stop right in front of it.

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