Top Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne

Top Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne

Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that is proud of its cultural and artistic diversity, and you can find the top vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne if your diet requires it. The city’s residents put great importance on eating organic and vegan, and vegetarian food. If you are a vegetarian and plan to travel to Melbourne, you do not need to worry about finding vegetarian restaurants in this city.

To this end, many restaurants have opened in Melbourne that pay attention to ethical principles in preparing and serving food, as well as the environment and healthy food. Also, there are other restaurants in Melbourne that satisfy every diet, and really worth trying out their food if your diet allows it. These entirely vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne are offering one of a kind experience to be had in this city.


Serotonin Eatery close to Burnley Station

Top Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne - Serotonin Eatery

In the inner suburbs of Burnley, Serotonin Eatery is a great choice for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. The serotonin approach is divided into three sections: eating, exercising, and teaching. The secret to living a healthy life has become a reality with the opening of a vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of plant-based foods with the nutrients your body needs and gives you more energy to keep going. The restaurant also has private sports coaches and training programs to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Smith & Daughters

Smith & Daughters - Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne

Smith & Daughters restaurant is one of the vegan restaurants in Melbourne that is suitable for vegans and all vegetarians. The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of vegan dishes for your liking. In this small restaurant with its social tables and chairs located in the Fitzroy neighborhood, you can try a variety of South American vegetarian dishes.


The Vegie Bar on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy

The Vegie Bar - Top Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne

The Vegie Bar is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. It is located in the modern neighborhood of Fitzroy, just north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The area is famous for its street art, culture, cafes, bars, and beautiful restaurants. Vegie Bar is a restaurant bar and is suitable for any occasion. Sometimes this bar gets too crowded, and you may have to wait for the tables to be empty.


Lentil As Anything in Abbotsford Convent

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne - Lentil As Anything

Lentil As Anything restaurant is another one of the vegan restaurants in Melbourne. The restaurant is run by a number of volunteers who plan to serve vegan and vegetarian dishes. If you are satisfied with the restaurant’s food, you can help this restaurant financially as much as you like. The restaurant is a non-profit organization based on a financial and philosophical model focusing on respect, trust, health, and good taste in plant-based foods. Also, different branches of this restaurant can be found in St. Kilda, Abbotsford, Footscray, Thornbury as well as Preston.

Update: This eatery seems to be closed, but there is another restaurant nearby serving vegetarian food.


Veg Out Time on Chapel Street in South Yarra

Veg Out Time

In the St. Kilda neighborhood, there is a restaurant known as Veg Out Time, which serves a variety of vegetarian dishes. This small restaurant is another one of the vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. You can find it on Fitzroy Street serves Asian cuisine with excellent service and is fast and affordable too. In this restaurant, you can experience the good taste of Southeast Asian cuisine without using meat. In fact, it can be said that the taste of these dishes has improved without using meat and with the help of a variety of vegetables. The interior design of this restaurant is also very simple and relaxing.


Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne

The vegan menu is nowadays easily found in many of the vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne, but if you want the top to be entirely sure that the menu is all vegan, there are specific vegan restaurants in Melbourne CBD area which specifically cater to such a diet but at a slightly higher cost.


Sister of Soul located near The Luna Park

Sister of Soul

Also, another restaurant, a short distance from St. Kilda Beach, is the Sister of Soul. It serves various vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as other specialties for people with a particular diet. Also, you can order healthy and vegetarian dishes from this restaurant all day, from breakfast to dinner. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will enjoy the varied and delicious dishes on the menu here that are served in a modern and beautiful environment in the center of St. Kilda.

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