Kuala Lumpur is the unofficial capital city of Malaysia. Also, tourists come here to visit many available Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions. Today, this city is famous as the center of ancient and modern cultures and many world languages. From spectacular city skyscrapers and twin towers of Petronas to large shopping malls like Bukit Bintang, this city has a good variety of attractions for every taste. For those traveling from other countries, there are some great attractions to see here.


Genting Highlands Specially Famous for its Casinos

Best Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions - Genting Highlands is Located on Top of The Tropical Hills

Genting Highlands is one Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions that you need to travel a bit to reach it. It is a beautiful amusement park that you can get there by cable cars or buses. This beautiful park is available on top of the tropical hills. Tourists can see a large selection of hotels and eye-catching accommodations here.

One of the five hotels in the area is a world class hotel which is also one of the largest hotel in the world. The venue here hosts a variety of oriental shows, concerts as well as nightlife.


Putrajaya the Federal Capital City

Best Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions - Putrajaya is Most Famous City of Malaysia

Recently, almost all Malaysian government and official work is being done in this city. It is the governmental capital of the country, while Kuala Lumpur is known as the most famous city of Malaysia. Visitors can observe the office buildings and see governmental personnel moving about here.

From the magnificence of the Putra Mosque to the spectacular Putrajaya garden, the city offers a rich cultural experience for thousands of government employees as well as travelers exploring this area.


Fraser’s Hill in Pahang

Best Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions - Fraser's Hill Located on Titiwangsa Range in Malaysia

Fraser’s Hill is a hillside resort located on Titiwangsa Range in Malaysia. The area is one of more European looking Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions. Also, it contains seven peaks and a forest that is also one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southeast Asia.

This garden is famous for its variety of bird species and its nice vibes. Also, Golfers can find excellent courses in the area. This area is a popular destination for both locals as well as travelers. These people like to walk in the area and enjoy the beauties.


Port Dickson with a Nice Beach

Best Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions - Port Dickson Was Used As A Coal And Tin Export Port

Port Dickson is about an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Since colonial times this area has been used as a coal and tin export port. The beaches in this port have clean white sands and are nice to walk on. The beachfront rooms are still new and visitors can rent these places at a good discount price.


Kuala Selangor Nature Park Reserve

Best Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions - Kuala Selangor Nature Park is Properly Preserved in Asia

Taking a one day trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor Natural Park can be a great experience. This area is a good natural location that is properly preserved over in Asia. This park is home to endangered Milky storks. Moreover, you can also see Herons and monkeys can in the area too. There are fireflies along Selangor River that will surprise you as well. Nothing like a boat trip can showcase the beauty of this area.


Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre

Travel Guide Malaysia - Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre

Toursists can visit Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre within the Krau Wildlife Reserve. This place is there to save the lives of elephants used by people for agriculture. The center also serves as a training area where visitors can learn more about feeding and bathing elephants. It is only two hours away from Kuala Lumpur.


Batu Caves an Indian Temple in the Rocks

Travel Guide Malaysia - Batu Caves Hosts Eye-catching Caves And Statues

Batu Caves is one of most famous Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions for religious enthusiasts. It is just 5 km from Kuala Lumpur and hosts eye-catching caves. In the nineteenth century a small Hindu temple was built in a large cave and later became known as the Temple Cave. There is a huge golden statue of Lord Murugan in front of this cave.

At the top of the stairs, visitors can find three large limestone caves along with a small cave filled with Hindu statues. Tourists and visitors can bring bananas and peanuts to the monkeys in this area.


Malacca a Former Colony

Travel Guide Malaysia - Malacca Was Formerly Colonized by Portuguese, Dutch and English

Malacca, though not exactly one of Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions, but tourists should definitely travel there. This is an old city that was originally the capital of a powerful Malay kingdom. The city was formerly colonized by Portuguese, Dutch and English. Most of the buildings in this city are a beautiful blend of colonial architecture as well as Asian colors.


If you love to eat some halal food with Chinese flavors during your trip to Malaysia, then you should check best Chinese Malay food that this country has to offer. Most of the food are Nyonya, however, there are some that bring their flavors from Muslim part of China.