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Top Restaurants in Zurich



Top Restaurants in Zurich

Top Restaurants in Zurich

The food in Zurich which you will find in the restaurants in Zurich has improved by taking advantage of the perfection of Swiss cuisine and a combination of modern influences. The city of Zürich is located on top of a lake of the same name in Switzerland and is a suitable destination for four seasons. Zürich is a great destination if you are looking for traditional fondue or fresh seafood by the lake. This city is not only the birthplace of the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, but also has a wide range of such restaurants, where you can experience everything from Indian influences to traditional Swiss cuisine.



Kronenhalle Offers Best Quality Swiss Food - Top Restaurants in Zurich

The Kronenhalle is an old food institute in Zurich that focuses on regional cuisine. In the Crown Hall you can see the original Picasso paintings on the walls. You can enjoy a refreshing drink before arriving at the restaurant. This place has become very famous as one of the culinary sights of the city and has long been known as a destination for the best quality Swiss food.



Hiltl Was Founded in 1898 Offering Delicious Dishes - Top Restaurants in Zurich

Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Zurich, founded in 1898. The restaurant’s usual menu includes countless healthy and delicious dishes, but the extensive brunch here with more than 100 hot and cold vegetarian and vegan dishes is another attraction.



Top Restaurants in Zurich - Volkshaus is Famous For its Swiss Cuisine

This restaurant is popular among people who are looking for a unique dining experience. The Volkshaus is famous for its Swiss cuisine as well as hosting food exhibitions. The service here is done in an old and very professional style in a classy and private atmosphere.



A Guide to Food in Zurich - Samses is Located in The Famous Langstrass Districte

Samses is located in the famous Langstrasse and is a simple and clean restaurant. The red and gray tones create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for this place, and visitors can fill their plates with more than 35 different buffet dishes. At Samses, like other Zurich buffets, the price of food here is calculated based on its weight, but you can still be sure to get some of the lowest price of vegetarian food in Zurich.


Fischer’s Fritz

Fischer's Fritz is Located Right Next to the Stunning Lake - Switzerland Travel Tips

Fischer’s Fritz is one one of best restaurants in Zurich. This restaurant is located right next to the stunning Lake Zurich. Some of the fish used in food are sourced directly from here. You can expect fresh and delicious seafood in this restaurant. You can come here for a drink in the hot summer evenings or to enjoy the unique view of the lake.


Tibits Zurich

A Guide to Food in Zurich - Tibits Zurich is Located in Bellevue is Paradise for Vegetarians

Tibits is located in Bellevue and is a perfect paradise for vegetarians. Many vegetarians food lovers have eaten and had good experiences during the last decade. With its simple and clean atmosphere, this restaurant provides a calm and pleasant atmosphere to offer quality vegetarian food. Tibet’s motto is high speed like fast food chains and high quality like real restaurants.



Switzerland Travel Tips - Raclette-Stube Offers Best Fondues And Raclettes in Town

This restaurant, as its name suggests, cooks some of the best fondues and Raclettes in town. The Raclette Stube restaurant is open all year round and some believe it offers the best cheeses in town. For someone who is visiting Switzerland for the first time, it is a must to try melted cheeses with crispy bread. It is one of main food in Zurich suitable for cheese lovers. Moreover, the restaurant food is simple but incredibly delicious.



Gärtnerei Focus on Organic and Fresh Ingredients - Switzerland Travel Tips

Gärtnerei dishes come in a wide variety of flavors, including vegetable, vegan and even meat options. They focus on organic and fresh ingredients and eliminating any unnatural additives and preservatives. Also, the restaurant environment is very stylish and its white walls and light wooden tables are in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the staff and the focus on natural products. Delicious salads, excellent soups and sandwiches are just some of the delicacies you can order here.

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