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Top Restaurants in St Albert Canada

Top Restaurants in St Albert Canada

Best Restaurants in St Albert

As one of Alberta‘s finest cities with beautiful scenery, restaurants in St Albert offer a lot of good food to local Canadians as well as tourists. The city of St. Albert is very safe and has a lovely and strong community. Because of the availability of strong agricultural culture here, you get to enjoy very fresh produce and ingredients served in this city’s restaurants.

Since this city is just a 20-minute drive away from Edmonton, try visiting any of the restaurants in Edmonton because of their nice food and good hospitality.


Ohana-Ya in Gateway Village Shopping Centre

Ohana-Ya Opened in 2009 and is A Family-Owned Business - Top Restaurants in St Albert

Ohana-Ya opened in 2009 and is a family-owned business with a laid-back environment. This restaurant offers authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine making it one of the best Asian restaurants in St Albert. Also, Ohana-Ya delivers high-quality, fresh, simple, and yet pleasingly presented sushi dishes. The menu here includes sushi, Teriyaki options, sashimi, and many more. Also, you can order imported Japanese wines, sakes, and even Japanese beers. Moreover, Ohana-Ya is found in Gateway Village Shopping Centre, and you can reach here by taking A31 & A32 buses and getting off at the “Herbert Rd & Sunset Blvd” bus stop.


Socrates Restaurant for Fresh Food

Top Restaurants in St Albert - Socrates Restaurant Opened in 2004 And Has Friendly Environment

In Socrates Restaurant, they serve food with the freshest ingredients, which are sourced from local markets. Socrates Restaurant opened in 2004 and has a friendly environment with amazing customer service. If you want classic diner food, traditional American breakfast, and beautiful interior design with a touch of modernity, then Socrates is for you. It is truly one of the best healthy restaurants in St Albert. Make sure to try their vegetarian offerings, too definitely. To get here, take bus number 201, 203, or 204 and then get off at ” St Albert Trail & Green Grove Dr” bus station.


Nello’s located on St Albert Trail

Nello’s Offers A delightful Fine Dining Italian Cuisine - What To Do in Canada

Nello’s offers a delightful fine dining experience for their Italian cuisine made by Italian-Canadian chef Tony Saporito. The food here is amazing, and you get delicious pasta, entrees, appetizers, and desserts, as well as some other fine Italian wines. Also, every day of the week, they have deals on both food and alcoholic beverages there. The Nello’s restaurant is on St. Albert Trail, you can take bus number A14, and depending on the direction of the road, you should stop at either “Inglewood Dr” or “Lenonox Dr” stations.


Sushi Park at St Anne Street

What To Do in Canada - Sushi Park is A Modern Japanese Eatery With Fair Prices

Sushi Park is a modern Japanese eatery with fusion-style noodles, hot plates, tempura, donburi, and lots of sushi. Their prices are very fair, and the staff is super attentive and polite. Here it is also good for formal events and friends gatherings. If you are traveling here using a public bus, then you can take any bus number 202, A21, A31, and A32. Afterward, move out of the bus when you reach the ” St Anne St & Peron St” bus stop.


The Hot Grill near St Albert Vision Centre

The Hot Grill is Offering Phenomenal Food Like Lasagna - Top Restaurants in St Albert

The Hot Grill is another one of the top restaurants in St Albert, offering phenomenal food like lasagna, ribs, pasta & bowl, as well as wraps & sandwiches. Also, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, there are numerous items on the menu you can try here. Their ingredients are always fresh, and they prioritize suitability over their overall profit. This eatery is very modern and clean, and the service is always on point. Head to St Albert Vision Centre on Market Street to find a Hot Grill restaurant. The closest bus stops near this restaurant are “Gervais Rd & Galarneau Pl” and “Gervais Rd & Grange Dr.” Bus numbers 202, A21-23, and A31 pass by these stations.


Riverbank Bistro near Red Willow Park

Riverbank Bistro is Located in An Iconic Building With A Victorian Design - Top Restaurants in St Albert

Riverbank Bistro is located in an iconic building with a Victorian design. In fact, Riverbank Bistro is one of the family-run restaurants in St Albert serving innovative classic dishes using fresh regional ingredients. The food prices here are reasonable, though a bit higher than the rest regarding the main menu. Overall, the environment is cozy, and they pay attention to details when making food. You can get here by taking bus numbers 201-204, A21, A31, and A32 and getting off at the “St Albert Trail & Madison Ave” bus stop.


Nitza’s Pizza on McKenney Avenue

Nitza's Pizza Serves Pizza, Greek Dishes, Pastas & Donairs - Canada Travel Tips

Nitza’s Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants in St Albert. Besides pizzas, you can enjoy simple Greek dishes, pasta, and even donairs. On the prices, the menu items are on the average side, but the quality is always good. This pizzeria is very close to Langley Park, and you can use bus number A6 and get off at the “Mckenny Ave & Dawson Rd” bus stop. The Asian Connection eatery is in Inglewood Towne Centre shopping mall. Both bus numbers A7 & A8 pass by here and the nearest station is the “Bellerose Dr & St Albert Trail” bus stop.


Asian Connection in Inglewood Towne Centre

Top Restaurants in St Albert Sells Budget Chinese Food - Asian Connection

If you like budget Chinese food like Wanton soup, beef with broccoli, and many delicious seafood meals, then you will enjoy eating inside Asian Connection restaurant. Also, you should really try their pork dishes, chop suey, egg foo young, chow mein, and fried rice offerings. If you visit them with your family and friends, then you can order their combo plates. This way, you can save money while trying a few different dishes.


Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters in Liberton square Business Center

Top Restaurants in St Albert - Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters is Located in Liberton Square Business Center

The First Stores of Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters opened in 1969 in Labrador and St. John cities in Newfoundland. Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters is one of the best restaurants in St Albert to get fried chicken. It is because they source their potatoes and chicken from local Canadian farmers. Surprisingly, even with their chicken’s good quality, their prices have remained low, and you can fill your stomach with a few dollars. This branch of Mary Brown is in the Liberton Square business center. It is accessible via bus number A14, which you should then stop when reaching the “St Albert Trail & Inglewood Dr” bus stop.

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