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Best Places to Drink in Fethiye



Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

Fethiye is a city where every hour of the day or night you can enjoy some part of it. The bars and pubs here operate till early in the morning and this small place doesn’t seem to stop. Here are a few places in Fethiye for you to enjoy drinking with friends and make new friends.



Joseph’s Bar

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

This bar offer a great atmosphere to watch live sport and it is an excellent place to go with friends and family to grab a beer and watch some ports.


Tonic Bar

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

This bar should be on your list of spots for drinking. They serve many different drinks including signature gins, cocktails as well as local craft beer. Also, they have live music at night which is amazing.


4 Corner Cocktail Bar

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

Most tourists visiting the Fethiye harbour would pass th entrance of this gem of a bar easily. This bar is really complete with great atmosphere, very friendly staff, easy to access location, an open roof as well as a lot of tasty cocktails to choose from their extensive menu.


Cafe Park Teras

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

This unique bar offers visitors great views of Fethiye bay be it during the day or night. Also, drink prices are very reasonable. What makes this place a must go is its great service, great cocktails and more importantly its great view.


Kum Saati

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

This is another bar that is located in a place that is bustling during the night. Here you can get great selection of drinks, fantastic service and a friendly atmosphere. You will find this bar down a lively side street in Fethiye surrounded by many more bars and shops. Moreover, for shisha lovers, you can get shisha in this bar as well.


Uptown Calis

Best Places to Drink in Fethiye

This bar is truly great to relaxation, drinking and listening to soothing music. This bar is a must since the drinks are goo and the owner is always friendly and very welcoming.

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