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Top Dishes To Try in Montreal

Top Dishes To Try in Montreal

Best of Montreal Food to Try

Montreal food is not very famous throughout the world. However, tourists should still walk around to get top dishes to try in Montreal. Most of the dishes here are French-flavored mixed with other ethnicities. The city’s food scene is what attracts visitors to Montreal. Restaurants are always changing; however, many of the classic dishes stay the same. Here are some foods that you must try while visiting Montreal.



Foie Gras Poutine from Au Pied de Cochon

Canada Travel Tips - Foie Gras Poutine from Au Pied de Cochon Located at 536 Duluth Ave E

Au Pied du Cochon is famous in Montreal food for its hearty, modern style Québécois cuisine, and its foie gras poutine is the same. The cheese curds and fries are mixed to help flavor the foie gras sauce. Also, they add an additional pinch of the delicious pâté to the mixture. It’s truly filling. The location of this restaurant is at 536 Duluth Ave E.


Bagels from St. Viateur

Montreal Food - Bagels from St. Viateur Which is Located At263 Rue Saint- Viateur O

This bagel shop probably has some of the best bagels in town. They’re open all day and night for your liking. Also, they have a few other branches throughout the city. You can find this bakery at 263 Rue Saint-Viateur O.


Gnocchi in Drogheria Fine

Top Dishes To Try in Montreal - Gnocchi in Drogheria Fine Can get This Sauce by The Jar

Because of its discrete location, it is easy to overlook this Italian shop. However, it is known for making some of the best pasta sauces in Montreal. Also, you can buy Montreal food sauce by the jar. They also sell fresh gnocchi in this sauce for $5. Gnocchi is a type of soup that is simply made from tomato sauce and chewy dumplings.


Smoked Meat Sandwich from Schwartz’s

Top Dishes To Try in Montreal - Smoked Meat Sandwich from Schwartz’s

Schwartz’s is one of the most famous restaurants selling Montreal food like briskets. The queue for this joint can be very long; however, you will get your food in no time. This is the food that is very similar to deli food you can get in New York, known as Pastrami. Still, the flavors are slightly different, but both are very filling, and one sandwich will suffice. The main food here is a classic smoked-meat sandwich with a side of fries, pickles, and a black cherry soda.


Poutine from Ma Poule Mouillée Portuguese Restaurant

Poutine from Ma Poule Mouillée Portuguese Restaurant for Poutine Montreal Food

Poutine is arguably Quebec’s most famous dish, and, of course, everyone has their favorite poutine restaurant. In Montreal, several establishments are reputed to serve “the best poutine,” an establishment open 24 hours a day, Ma Poule Mouillée, which offers a version with São Jorge cheese and chouriço gillé, or Poutineville, which allows anyone to create their own poutine, these are just a few examples of restaurants selling Poutine in this city. This is a dish that, if you do not try, you cannot say that you had some Canadian food in your travels even though it is very simple.


Ice Cream from CA LEM Crèmerie Creamery

Ice Cream from CA LEM Crèmerie Creamery in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Savoring a good soft ice cream is a must in Montreal. CA LEM Crèmerie Creamery in the Côte Saint-Luc neighborhood is a must for those who are looking for some sweet Montreal food. In addition to finding the best soft-serve ice cream in town (different flavors are offered during the seasons), there are other interesting ice cream offerings in the neighborhood of Mile-Ex.


Bread and Pastries in Mile-Ex and Laurier-Est Neighborhoods

Bread and Pastries Located in Mile-Ex and Laurier-Est Neighborhoods

Lovers of breads and pastries are delighted in Montreal because it is here that we find the best bakeries and pastries west of Paris. The options of butter croissants, golden baguettes, soft galettes, and refined desserts are so numerous that it would take a long time to taste them all. Most of these bakeries are located in the neighborhoods of Mile-Ex and Laurier-Est, which also have beautiful natural attractions.

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