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5 Cheap Places to Eat in Istanbul



5 Cheap Places to Eat in Istanbul

Best Affordable And Cheap Places to Eat in Istanbul City

Tourists can find cheap places to eat in Istanbul as easy as just walking around the city streets. All over the city, there are affordable street food & restaurants offering very good food at reasonable prices. Istanbul offers variety of exciting eats throughout the city. Travelers are often on budget and want to get a reasonable bite while visiting the city. With many options, it’s confusing to find cheap food with so many restaurants around the city.


1. Tasfirin With Tastiest Pide in Istanbul

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Istanbul - Tasfirin is A Cheap Place Where Ferries Leave From There

A great replacement to noise and chaos of Istanbul is located in the islands simply off the coast of the city. Ferries leave for there many times in a day and are cheap. Büyükada or Big Island is the biggest of these islands.

For those who love seafood, there are a number of shops all along the harbor. most of them has seafood and are cheap places to eat in Istanbul for small bites. Also, for travelers searching for something more affordable, Tasfirin restaurant is simply a short stroll away. Offering some of the tastiest pide in Istanbul, they are mostly in local papers. This is because of a good reason since their food is really good.

The veggie choice with peppers and cheese used to be delicious, as used to be the option with sausage. You can also order some of their dürüm. This option is one of the tastiest and cheapest choices for meals on the island. Highly encouraged for a quick bite or a full meal.


2. Akcanlar Ocakbaşı With a Short Distance from Taksim Square

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Istanbul - Akcanlar Ocakbaşı is Not A Long Way From Taksim Square

Another one of cheap places to eat in Istanbul is a favorite restaurant with the travelers which is known as Akcanlar. Not a long way from Taksim, this places is popular with countless locals. The service is proper as they clean tables and offer food quickly. This places is open till late at night, so it’s a good sign for people enjoying late food and drinks. The lamb kebab was fantastic and it is a favorite with the visitors.


3. Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek shop at Galata Bridge

Cheap Restaurants in Istanbul - Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek is A Fish Sandwich And A Must Try

Istanbul’s proximity to the water suggests that fishing has been a big part of their way of life and food for centuries. Balik Ekmek or ‘fish bread’ is a must-try for visitors who spend time in Istanbul. Some of the greatest in the world can be discovered at Tarihi Eminonu Balik Ekmek. The area near the sea has some of the cheap places to eat in Istanbul with lots of seafood sandwich at great prices.

Balik-ekmek is a easy mixture of a fish fillet, onion slaw and lettuce served in a bread roll. It is good to put a squeeze of lemon juice from one of the close by tables as well. Pickle juice, with or without pickles is accessible to drink or add to your sandwich like the locals do. If that sounds a little weird, they offer fresh lemonade too.

At $3, this is a cheap meal and a special experience. So, take one to go or have a seat at one of the tiny tables if you can find a space. Try to get there before midday or after 1:30 evening to avoid the crowd.


4. Taksim Square Street Food located in Intersection of Taksim Cd. & Istiklal Cd.

Taksim Square Street Food located in Intersection of Taksim Cd. & Istiklal Cd.

As you proceed through Taksim Square you’ll see about eight busy dürüm restaurants with massive vertical rotisseries of meat. The stores are all packed in right near each other. The reality that they can exist so near to each other is proof of how popular these wraps can be. These places are some of the cheap places to eat in Istanbul for tourists.

Dürüm are made with freshly sliced chicken or a red meat and lamb mixture with pickle, tomato, fries and onion wrapped in a bread. If the fries seem like they’ve been sitting there for a while, I suggest avoiding them. Unlike gyros, dürüm do no not have tzatziki in them but they might also be served with a garlic or spicy red sauce. Make sure to ask about the sauces they offer. Depending on the sandwich and the amount of meat you request, they generally cost around $4-$6.

Also make certain to test the ‘wet burgers’ here, made famous by Anthony Bourdain’s travel TV show. They’re tastier than they look. Made with a beef patty and some tomato sauce, this is packed in a freshly steamed bun. Nice for a quick eat (or even a meal if you’ve already had a drink), these burgers are another must-try for about $1 each.


5. Cafeterias all Around the City And Near Taksim

For those of us who want to get really full, it would cost you about $3 each. There are some large chains in the Taksim square as they look almost the same with other chains but they are slightly more costly. These shops offer many food options for people with budgets and still considered some of the cheap places to eat in Istanbul. So, give these chains a test and you’ll not get disappointed.


Also, you should take a look at 5 most beautiful parks in Istanbul which you can come across while searching for these affordable eats. These parks are a good complement after you have your food. In these parks you can enjoy nature and the nice weather in there.

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