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Amazing Water Parks in NJ

Amazing Water Parks in NJ

Best Water Parks in NJ

New Jersey is a state in the eastern United States and one of the Atlantic coastal states of the country. As a result, Water Parks in NJ are some of the best-developed and family-friendly ones in the country. This city is bordered to the north and east by New York State, to the east and southeast, and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. The state’s western border with Pennsylvania is also bordered by the Delaware River, and Delaware Bay is located southwest of the state.


Clementon Park & Splash World Located in Clementon

Amazing Water Parks in NJ - Clementon Park & Splash World Has Over 20 Slides And Theme Parks

Clementon Park & Splash World is one of the top Water Parks in NJ with over 20 slides and theme parks catering to all members of the family. The theme park is divided into four categories; Family, kids, Thrill and Coasters. Depending on your need, you can enjoy the rides and facilities here. As for the pricing, you better pay for the seasonal pass costing you around $70. This will grant you unlimited access to water and theme parks here. Also, by using this card, you get to enjoy noticeable discounts for special events.


Raging Waters Water Park at Morey’s Piers

Raging Waters Water Park Offers Various Fun Rides - Amazing Water Parks in NJ

Raging Waters Water Park is part of Mory’s Piers complex. It offers visitors over 10 rides and pools for their enjoyment. Besides various fun rides, you can rest in their kabanas and store your belongings in safe locker rentals. If you get hungry, try their many fast food and barbeque food stalls over here too.


Keansburg Amusement Park in Keansburg

Keansburg Amusement Park Was Re-Opened in 2013 - What To Do in USA

Keansburg Amusement Park is one of the oldest water parks in NJ that has been through many unfortunate events like its destruction by Hurricane Sandy. After 2013, the park re-opened to the public and has been going strong since then, attracting many individuals from all states. The good thing about this park is its close proximity to the Keansburg Beaches. Ensure to check before entering these beaches since not all are free. Other than enjoying rides, you can try go-carting in this complex as well.

The Keansburg Amusement Park tickets for the water park are currently set at $38, and 8 dollars for the go-karts.


Land of Make Believe in Hope Township

Land of Make Believe Used to Be A Dairy Farm - What To Do in USA

Land of Make Believe used to be a dairy farm which is also a suitable place for visitors of all ages. What makes this park a good option is its low prices and good facilities for kids to enjoy a good time out. What they are famous for here are their spinning coasters as well as their famous thrill rides. Land of Make Believe tickets are currently priced at around $30 for all visitors.


Mountain Creek Water Park in Vernon

Amazing Water Parks in NJ - Mountain Creek Water Park is Very Close to NYC

Mountain Creek Water Park is another one of the water parks in NJ. Some of the rides here include Colorado River, Bombs Away, Thunder Run, and Zero-G Drop. The day visit will cost you around $40; however, if you pay for the seasonal ticket, $80, you get to enjoy all the activities, excluding cabanas, as well as get free parking. Also, another positive aspect of this water park is that it is very close to NYC.


DreamWorks Water Park in in East Rutherford City

DreamWorks Water Park is Located in A Sports Complex in East Rutherford - Amazing Water Parks in NJ

DreamWorks Water Park is located in a sports complex in East Rutherford town. This is an amazing place for children and families as a whole. With 15 slides and the availability of birthday parties and event gatherings, this is a place to have a good time. On a positive note, if you get the seasonal pass of $110, you get two to enjoy both Nickelodeon Universe and DreamWorks Water Park complexes.

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