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The Toughest Countries to Visit



The Toughest Countries to Visit

The Toughest Countries to Visit

Here is a list of the toughest countries to visit where you need to be really patient and go about getting their visa expecting the unexpected. Traveling for sightseeing can be fun and exciting for all of us. Travel to historical, recreational places. However, traveling overseas are not as easy. The first and most important thing is getting a visa and knowing the general safety of that place.

Also, if you like the adventure of traveling these difficult places, visit adventure bucket list page and explore other places that are suited for adventure travelers.


Saudi Arabia

The Toughest Countries to Visit - Saudi Arabia Issues Visa For Tourists With A Lot of Restrictions

Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of toughest countries to visit. This place issues visa for tourists with a lot of restrictions. Perhaps one of the reasons is that Saudi Arabia has huge oil reserves, which makes it no longer needing tourist dollars, but Saudi Arabia hosts 2 million Muslim pilgrims annually.



Kiribati is A Beautiful Island in The Central Pacific - The Toughest Countries to Visit

It is a beautiful island in the central Pacific, but getting a visa to travel to this island is very difficult and you have to endure a lot of trouble getting that visa. It is interesting to know that this country is on both side of the international line of history, meaning that time of day is the same as the one of Hawaii, however, the date is one day ahead. For this reason, the government of the country moved the east line in 1995 so that the entire country follows the same date. Because of that, on January 1st 2000, this country was the first place on earth to enter the third millennium.


Republic of Chad

The Toughest Countries to Visit - Republic of Chad Has A Population of 12 Million People

Chad has a population of 12 million people and you will find it in the center of the African continent. To get a visa to enter this country, you must first get a letter from a sponsor or a hotel in the capital inviting you to travel there. The letter should also mention the relationship between the two sides and the purpose of the trip. In addition, only a few hotels issue such a letter and you must reserve a room in advance and deposit the money. This makes it one of the toughest countries to visit as well as not a very safe one since there is always some kind of war is taking place here.



Nauru Has Amazing Weather in The Pacific - The Toughest Countries to Visit

A beautiful with amazing weather in the heart of the Pacific, called the Republic of Nauru. The island, which is home to vast phosphate sources, is surrounded by coral reefs that flow out of the water during the ebb and create a special beauty in the waters of the Pacific.



Russia is The Largest Country in The World - Adventure Bucket List For Tourists

Russia, the largest country in the world, is a country with abundance of historical and natural tourist Attractions. To enter this country where is in the fifth place of most difficult visa countries. Moreover, to enter you must answer a list of questions. The name of the person or organization paying the trip. Name all the countries you’ve traveled to in the past 10 years. The place where the person is currently working and the two previous jobs. Any educational institution where the person has participated in.

Any charity in which one is a member of. Details of family members residing in Russia. Also, details of any training in explosives, nuclear weapons, etc. and details of national service. After all that, you may be approved and be given a visa.



The Toughest Countries to Visit - Somalia Has Been Weakened By War And Terrorism

This African country, which has been weakened by war and terrorism in recent decades. It makes this country one of most unsafe countries to visit. Therefore, the government does not want tourists to be abducted and killed. Perhaps the main reason is that the country is very difficult to issue visas to tourists.



Sudan is A Troubled African Country - The Toughest Countries to Visit

It is said that since the country was accused of killing tourists in 2003 and then the president of the country was accused of that, the country is not keen on bringing tourists with their cameras here.



Adventure Bucket List For Tourists - Yemen is A Country in Southwest Asia

Yemen is a country in southwest Asia and south of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. This country has been plagued with wars and conflicts has a very warm climate. That’s why it’s not an attractive place to travel.



Adventure Bucket List For Tourists - Angola is Africa's Third Economy With Emerging Economic

Africa’s third economy is Angola, which sees itself as an emerging economic world. Half of the adult population is engaged in agriculture, mainly producing food products. Its main export product is coffee. Much of the country’s population is engaged in the cultivation of corn and coffee.

Angola has very rich underground resources, such as oil, diamonds, iron, manganese, copper and gold, and more than half of the country’s revenue comes from oil sales. The country’s strict visa policy has led to the belief among Angolans that every tourist who wants to travel to Angola is going to steal Angolan diamonds.

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