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Travel Tips for USA



Travel Tips for USA

Travel Tips for USA for Tourists And Locals

Knowing all travel tips for USA will be great help for both locals and even US residents to travel across the country smoothly and hassle free. USA is one of the most popular travel destinations world wide with foreigners as well as Americans. Most of the US population do not hold passport since they mostly travel through the country not abroad. States like Florida, California and New York are very popular for Americans to travel to. However, no matter your nationality for , there are rules and information you need to know. Here we discuss some of the helpful tips to keep in mind while traveling to USA.


1. Validity of Passport

Validity of Passport That Should Have Minimum of 6 Months Validity

One of major travel tips for USA is having a valid passport. Most travelers going to the USA will need to have a passport with minimum of 6 months validity. However, citizens from some countries only need a passport valid for the length of their stay. You need to check the government website to see how it might apply to you.


2. Be Aware of Your Time-line

Travel Tips for USA for Tourists And Locals - Be Aware of Your Time-line That No Time to See All The Places in The Country

Keeping track of time in different states, is another one of travel tips for USA that you should keep in mind. United States continent is bigger than Europe. Therefore, the best advice to international travelers is that don’t try to see all the places in the country. Many travelers to the USA try to visit Los Angeles, Washington, New York as well as Miami all in a single journey. This type of journey will leave you exhausted and you don’t remember much of your trip at the end of your travel.


3. Transit in The Airport

Transit in The Airport Where You Need A Couple of Hours Waiting For Your Flight

One of many air travel tips for USA are would be that if you traveling and have a connecting flight in the US, you will need to go through US Customs. In general, USA doesn’t recognize transit flights and as all passengers need to go through immigration and customs. This means meeting the visa requirements for USA, only if you are there just for a couple of hours waiting for your flight. Also, your luggage is checked through here then proceeds to your final destination. Therefore, you should allow a few hours in layover between flights regardless to allow for customs checks and luggage handling.  The best thing to do is to try flying with a single airline to make sure they will take of time needed the layover.


4. Turn of Roaming For Mobile Data

Travel Guide United States - Turn of Roaming For Mobile Data Look Around For Free WiFi

If you just arrived in the USA, make sure you turn off your mobile phone while you are there, unless you have a local mobile plan. Like traveling to any international destination, mobile phone roaming fees are very high. Therefore, try looking around for free WiFi wherever you go or check whether your provider provides affordable data plans for USA or not.


5. Tip For Acceptable Service

Travel to USA - Tip For Acceptable Service Do Not Leave Without Leaving Some Tips

Tipping is a norm in the USA and tips make up a noticeable percentage of many service employees’ salaries working in restaurants. It’s considerably not polite to walk out of a restaurant without leaving some tips. Therefore always remember to tip some amount. Tipping will sometimes assure you get very good service on your next visit to the restaurant. Your tipping money should be somewhere between 10% to 20% depending on your satisfaction of the given service.


6. Pay Attention to Signs And Local Laws

Travel Tips for USA for Tourists And Locals - Pay Attention to Signs And Local Laws And Parking Laws

One the most crucial travel tips for USA is obeying the law and paying attention to traffic signs. Outside of the United States, “No Parking” sign & stop lights are do not hold much of importance. However, that is not the case in the US. Traffic & parking laws are strictly enforced in all the cities in the USA. For instance, drivers must fully stop at red lights and remain still until the green lights up. Be aware of your speed limit in there since police will definitely stop you if you cross it.

You need to keep in mind that each state differs in law and regulation regarding the driving. So make sure you check the laws for the state you are traveling to and decide to drive there. Also be careful that cars drive on the right side of the road, which is the opposite of some countries like Australia and England.

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