Most Delicious Greek Foods

Most Delicious Greek Foods

The Best of Authentic Greek Foods

Greece is a paradise of food. Athens is the place to have the most delicious Greek foods in Greece for tourists. Authentic Greek cuisine has a Mediterranean-like style and, at the same time, reflects a special Greek flavor. In Greece, a variety of dishes are famous for being the most healthy around the world. The taste and cooking style of Greek food is influenced by Turkish, Arabic, and Middle Eastern cuisine. In Greece and its beautiful cities, you can try delicious Greek foods that you have never experienced before.


Souvlaki a Meat Grilled Served with Pita

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Souvlaki A Chicken And Beef Dish With Pita Bread And Salad

Souvlaki is very popular in Greece itself and can be found in restaurants as well as roadside stores all over Greece. The sauce used in this dish comes with mint and yogurt. Also, this dish combines meat with spices and Aromatic vegetables. Moreover, Souvlaki dish comes with pita bread, salad, or rice. This dish is prepared from different meats of chicken, lamb, and beef.


Spanakopita a Greek Spinach Pie

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Spanakopita A Spinach Pie With Feta Cheese

One of the most delicious pies in Greece is Spanakopita, or spinach pie, which is one of the traditional Greek dishes. This Spinach pie is available at every hour of the day, and you can eat it as any meal you like. Spanakopita is made from a combination of layers of Phyllo dough, feta cheese, butter, and spinach and baked in the oven.


Moussaka a Dish Like Lasagna

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Moussaka is The Most Famous Dish in Greece

Moussaka is one of the most delicious and famous Greek dishes that is made from eggplant, minced meat, and tomatoes. This delicious Greek dish comes with a special white sauce, and it is generally baked in the oven. Moussaka almost has a meaning of moistened and is served by the Greeks as lunch and main course due to its filling and a large portion in some restaurants. It is also used as a dinner dish. Also, if you are a vegetarian, you can order a meatless variety of this food.


Kolokythoanthoi a Zucchini or Pumpkin Pie

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Kolokythoanthoi A Dish Made From Stuffed Pumpkin Flower

Kolokythoanthoi is another delicious Greek food in stuffed pumpkin flowers. Also, you can order the stuffing from vegetables, cheese, meat, and rice to your liking. To cook this dish, it is soaked in a special dough and then fried until golden in color.


Fasolada include Beans with Tomatoes

Cheap Food in Greece - Fasolada National Dish in Greece With Fresh Vegetables And Herbs

Fasolada, or white bean soup, is undoubtedly cooked in any Greek kitchen and is a standout among most healthy Greek foods. It is simple in its appearance, yet it has many flavors and is a mixture of fresh vegetables and herbs. With white beans, olive oil, and vegetables of your choice, this soup is delicious and very nutritious. If you want to experience healthy Greek food, choosing this delicious soup is absolutely the right choice. In addition, this soup is also the national food of Greece.


Keftedes Made out of Ground Lamb or Beef

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Keftedes An Economical And Budget Friendly Option

The number of meat dishes in Greece is very large and varied, and Greek meatballs are one of these delicious meat dishes. Greek meatballs are cooked in small sizes, and this delicious Greek food is mostly served as an appetizer with tomato sauce or ketchup. You can order and taste rice with this food if you like rice. Also, in terms of price, Greek meatballs are economical and budget friendly.


Lamb Kleftiko Made Out of Slow-Cooked Lamb

Most Delicious Greek Foods - Lamb Kleftiko A Tasty Meat Based Dish Cooks For Long Time

Lamb Kleftiko is one of the best traditional Greek foods. The method of preparing this dish is that first, the lamb is marinated with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, then the meat is placed on low heat for a long time to cook completely and slowly. This food is very delicious, and the reason is that it gets cooked for a long time. This dish generally comes with vegetables and potatoes on the side.


Tiropita Cheese Pie

Cheap Food in Greece - Tiropita is Cheese Pie in Triangle Shape For Cheese Lovers

Tripota is the same as Greek cheese pie and is one of the most popular and delicious Greek foods. Greeks use this delicious Greek food as an appetizer or snack. This food is prepared in different sizes, but the traditional way of preparing it is in a triangle shape. The name of this dish means triangle in Greek as well. If you like the taste of cheese, try this food.


Gyro Similar to Doner kebab

Cheap Food in Greece - Gyro is Similar to Turkish Doner And Budget Friendly

Another Greek meat dish is Gyro, one of the most delicious and cheapest Greek foods. Gyro is like Turkish Doner kebab, and in some cases, it is even tastier. You can eat this dish with chicken, lamb, beef, or a combination of them all. Also, if you are considering reducing travel costs, this food can be a good choice for your main meals. Similar to these amazing dishes in Greece, if you are traveling to Cyprus, then you are greeted with the same amazingly flavorful meals. In fact, food in Cyprus is very similar to the ones in Greece, and they are also very healthy and very cost-efficient.

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