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Top Coffee Shops in Saint Paul MN

Top Coffee Shops in Saint Paul MN

Best Coffee Shops in Saint Paul Minnesota

Among the cafes in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, coffee shops in Saint Paul have a more welcoming feel. In fact, most of the cafes in St Paul are independent, family-owned, and feel like old diners. You can still check out the best coffee shops in Minneapolis if you live in and out of the twin cities since these coffee places offer more diverse food and drinks. Let’s explore some of the most well-known coffee shops in Saint Paul in this post.


Amore Coffee in West Saint Paul

Amore Coffee is Located in West Saint Paul - A Cafe in the Twin Cities for Quiet Working

One of the unassuming coffee shops in West Saint Paul is Amore Coffee, an independent place for coffee lovers who like to have their coffee made the way they like it. This cafe is more suitable for those seeking a quiet place to sit down, drink their coffee and enjoy the overall vibe of a welcoming cafe. The baked goods, gluten-free food and amazing lattes are just part of what Amore Coffee offers. Amore Coffee is located at 879 Smith Ave South and they open doors daily from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Nina’s Coffee Cafe in the Cathedral Hill Neighborhood

Nina's Coffee Cafe Located in the Cathedral Hill Neighborhood - One of Cool Coffee Shops in Saint Paul in A Bricked-Wall Building

Cathedral Hill is a place with old-fashioned brick-walled buildings, and located under one of these buildings, Blair House Condominiums, is one of the cool coffee shops in Saint Paul, Nina’s Coffee Cafe. The atmosphere here is very peaceful, and the interior is beautifully decorated with impressive statues, nice pictures, and moderately spaced sofas. That is because of the art deco architecture of the building in which this cafe is located.

The coffee is on average, but the baked goods, especially scones, are to die for! The menu is straightforward and the prices have remained reasonably affordable, so they are busy at noon. You can find Nina’s Coffee Cafe at 165 North Western Avenue, which is identifiable by a black raven logo.


Hepcat Coffee in the Osborn370 Building in Downtown St. Paul

Hepcat Coffee Found in the Osborn370 Building in Downtown St. Paul - Cafes in St Paul Downtown for Working and Meeting

Located in the Osborn370 Building, Hepcat Coffee is a sandwich heaven. Because of the shop’s location, this place has a very bright interior with tall glass windows surrounding it. Basically, it is a coffee located in the lobby of the Osborn370 Building. You can also have a professional meeting here, but most importantly, there are very polite baristas, great breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and very affordable prices, especially for coffee. The Hepcat Coffee Coffee is really one of the best shops in downtown St Paul, particularly for social meetups.


Yellowbird Coffee Bar in the Lexington-Hamline Neighborhood

Best Coffee Shops in Saint Paul for Work - Yellowbird Coffee Bar Located in the Lexington-Hamline Neighborhood

Yellowbird Coffee Bar is located in the calm Lexington-Hamline neighborhood. Because it is nestled in a quiet place, the Yellowbird Coffee Bar is one of the best coffee shops in Saint Paul for work and study. The place is an independent coffee shop and mostly locals come by. So, if you become a regular as well, you can find friends and for some relationships.

The coffee beans used here come from the local True Stone Coffee Roaster. The milk used is sourced from a family farm in Minnesota, and the bread is from another local bakery called La Boulangerie Marguerite. This way, they help the local community and are not distracted by walking extra steps to make coffee and pastries from scratch.


JS Bean Factory on Randolph Avenue

JS Bean Factory on Randolph Avenue offers some of the Best Coffee in Saint Paul MN with Great Interior Design

JS Bean Factory is an independent coffee house that first opened its doors to coffee lovers in 2001. There is no shortage of places to get coffee here, but it is one of the best coffee shops in Saint Paul for laying back on the patio and enjoying some coffee.

Also, the patio section is for smokers, so if you do not like the smell, you can sit inside. They have their own roasted coffee of many kinds, decaffeinated and caffeinated, which you can purchase on-site. Their dark roast are delightful and their prices are very fair and reasonable. The location of JS Bean Factory is at 1518 Randolph Avenue and they are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.


Keys Cafe & Bakery for a Traditional American Diner Experience

Keys Cafe & Bakery for a Traditional American Diner Experience - Breakfast Cafes in St Paul Minnesota for Breakfast

The idea behind the Keys Cafe & Bakery was started right in this city in 1973 on Raymond Avenue. With several branches across town, the Keys Cafe & Bakery branches are among the best coffee shops in twin cities but their food is more than just coffee, pancakes and eggs. They are what you can call the authentic American cafe with traditional American breakfast, pies, eggs benedict, and hash browns. If you feel nostalgic about those old-style breakfast diners, Keys Cafe is a great place to remind you of better times with a cup of black coffee, delicious cakes, and baked goods.


Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue in Studebaker Building

Best Cafes in Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for Pies and Cakes - Cafe Latte Located on Grand Avenue in Studebaker Building

Opened in 1984, Cafe Latte has become one of the best cafes in St Paul, MN for those who want to have many choices and see what is being offered. With their famous “food line,” customers grab a tray, go along the designated path, and pick any sandwiches, salads, daily soups, freshly baked bread, cakes, truffles, tarts, or even pizza slices.

They can decide to have wine, tea, or coffee at the end of the line. No matter what you need to try their chocolate and Vanilla Tres Leches cakes. Hungry customers can dine in one of the best coffee shops in Saint Paul at 850 Grand Avenue inside the Studebaker Building.

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