Best Coffee Shops And Cafes in Zagreb

Best Coffee Shops And Cafes in Zagreb

Beautiful & Famous Cafes in Zagreb

Drinking coffee is a very serious hobby for the people of Zagreb. In the city center, you will find the best coffee shops and cafes in Zagreb. The cafes here prepare the top coffees and teas for their customers. If you are in Zagreb and crave a great cup of coffee, be sure to visit the coffee shops and cafes in the capital of Croatia.


Booksa near The Croatian Association of Fine Artists

Best Coffee Shops And Cafes in Zagreb - Booksa Has An Annual Fee, Free Wifi And Book Reading Events

This library club in Zagreb is actually a café. To join Booksa Café, you must pay a joining fee annually. Club members can enjoy free WiFi, good music, a relaxed atmosphere, and book-reading events. The café also has a small library for English-speaking customers. Good coffee and tea, among other facilities, make Booksa an ideal setting. This café is just a few minutes from the city center by tram.


Brokenships Bistro

Best Coffee Shops And Cafes in Zagreb - Brokenships Bistro Connected to The Museum of Broken Relationships

This place is the place famous in relation to the Museum of Broken Relationships. All Brokenships Bistro drinks are served with homemade biscuits. This café is large enough for several hours of work and rest. In addition, there are a variety of drinks for customers here.

Update: Brokenships Bistro has been closed.


Café in Hotel Dubrovnik

Best Coffee Shops And Cafes in Zagreb - Café in Hotel Dubrovnik One of The Best in The City

Dubrovnik Café is located in a hotel of the same name. This café is one of the best cafes in Zagreb, which has a classic charm and smart services. The ease of access of this café is one of the reasons that distinguishes it from other cafes.


Kavana Lav Opposite The Stone Gate

Top Cafes in Zagreb - Kavana Lav is Located Near Stone Gate And Has An Art Gallery

Finding Kavana Lav Café, located above the Stone Gate and below St. Mark, is not very difficult. The front section of the café is an art gallery. In this gallery, works of art by local artists are available for purchase. In addition to coffee, you can order a few other teas and drinks in this café.


Eli’s caffe located Nearby Museum of Illusions

Top Cafes in Zagreb - Eli's caffe Has A Minimalist Atmosphere And Uses Arabica Coffee Beans

Inside the white and minimalist atmosphere of the café, you can see tables arranged around the main bar. For several years, Eli’s Cafe has been serving other high-quality coffee and coffee drinks in Zagreb. Eli’s caffe has revolutionized beverage production throughout the city. This new wave spread to other cafes and bars in the city. Also, smoking is not allowed in this café. Therefore, you can be sure that you will fully feel the taste of what you are drinking. The coffees of this café are selected from 100% Arabica beans.


Greenery Procaffe close to Zagrepčanka Tram Stop

Top Cafes in Zagreb - Greenery Procaffe is Located Near Savska And Ulica Grada Vukovara

There are many bars and cafes in the center of Zagreb. The Greenery Procaffe is located near the busy crossroads of Savska and Ulica Grada Vukovara. This café is a place for local residents and office workers to spend hours drinking coffee here. The warm and intimate atmosphere with a gallery on the first floor facing the green hedges and plants and trees gives you the feeling of sitting in the middle of a lush garden in one of the most modern neighborhoods of Zagreb with gray buildings.

Unlike other cafes in Zagreb, this café pays more attention to tea enthusiasts and serves a variety of tea types. The terrace of this café, where you can sit and watch the trams pass, is an ideal place for the warmer seasons.


Vis a vis by Vincek Deseret Shop near Lotrščak Tower

Travel Guide Croatia - Vis a vis by Vincek Famous For its Ice Creams And Use of Soy Milk

Located near the city center of this city, you can find the lovely coffee house of Vis a vis by Vincek. This charming café is one of the famous cafes in Zagreb for its cakes and ice creams with healthy and delicious offers. In this café, you can order all kinds of gluten-free cakes and ice creams made with rice milk or soy milk instead of cow’s milk. Also, they have good quality coffee choices as well here.


Johann Franck located Near Zagreb Cathedral

Travel Guide Croatia - Johann Franck Hosts Book Reading Events And Located Near The Statue of Ban Jelačić

This café, bistro, bar, and club is a place for people who like to spend hours with their friends. This place has got to be one of the most beautiful cafes in Zagreb with its modern yet calming interior design. It is because it has undergone many changes over the years. For this reason, various activities take place in it. In addition to serving food and drinks, this café hosts live performances, exhibitions, book reading events, and other shows. The terrace of this café, which faces the statue of Ban Jelačić, is one of the most popular places to be at.


Kavana Procaffe

Travel Guide Croatia - Kavana Procaffe A Central European-Themed Café in Tkalčićeva District

Kavana Procaffe is a traditional Central European-themed café set amidst countless modern cafes in the Tkalčićeva district. In this traditional café, coffee, and cake lovers can enjoy their coffee in a space with green fabrics with a velvety red tone giving it a classy interior design.

*Update: This Coffee Shop is no longer Operational.


Amélie located South Side of Park Ribnjak

What to Do in Croatia - Amélie Offers Some of The Best Pies and Cakes in Town

The combination of wooden chairs and cast iron accessories with light pink and blue colors has given Amelie coffee shop an old and beautiful look.

But this small French café is an ideal place to drink tea and try some of the best pies and cakes in the Croatian capital, including lemon pies, cheesecakes, and various cakes. The variety of delicious cakes that can be seen in the glass container of this café makes it easier to choose from them.


Botaničar in Front of Croatian State Archives

What to Do in Croatia - Botaničar is Located Near The Zagreb's Botanical Garden

Botaničar is one of the chic cafes and bars of Zagreb, located near the city’s botanical garden. This café is one of the most beautiful cafes in Zagreb. The Botaničar’s menu only includes drinks, such as great coffees from a local roaster and roasting factories, as well as a variety of homemade drinks that can be found on the menu. Soft jazz music and compositions that are heard occasionally provide a relaxing environment for customers.


Bulldog Zagreb next to Centar Cvjetni Shopping Mall

What to Do in Croatia - Bulldog Zagreb is A Bar And Bistro And Located Near Dubrovnik Hotel And Serves Alcohol As Well

Bulldog Café, on the busy street between the Dubrovnik Hotel and Flower Square (south street and parallel to the main square), is one of the most attractive cafes in Zagreb, which attracts every tourist. The interior of this café looks very stylish, and they serve alcoholic drinks as well.


Finjak on Vlaška Street

Croatia Travel Guide - Finjak HAs An Unique Interior Design And Offers Special Teas And High Quality Coffees

Finjak coffee shop, with its attractive and unique decoration, can attract many customers from all over the city. The beautiful interior of this café has made it one of the most unique and beautiful cafes in Zagreb, especially for couples and those looking to go on a date. The variety of drinks here is massive, including special teas, high-quality coffees, and other popular drinks.


Express Bar close to Meteorological Post Landmark

Croatia Travel Guide - Express Bar Famous For its Attentive Baristas And Carefully Sourced Coffee Beans

The Express Bar directly supplies the coffee it needs from a variety of sources and uses organic tea leaves to serve a variety of brewed teas. A source for each type of coffee is written on the board. The baristas here are very attentive and will engage with customers very often.


Velvet at The Corner of Rokov Perivoj Park

Croatia Travel Guide - Velvet is A Stylish And Minimalist Café Near Near Ilica

Near Ilica, on a street full of boutiques and chic cafes in Zagreb, the Velvet Café boasts a minimalist and elegant style. A large mirror above the stone bar and drink glasses with various croissant bread, chocolate cakes, and Quiche pastries created a beautiful view.

If you are traveling to Croatia as a tourist and have some time in hand, it is worth trying to visit the most beautiful places in Croatia and enjoy the country’s beautiful locations. The scenery and historical sights here are some of the best you can get in Europe.

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