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Most Beautiful Places in Croatia



Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

In Europe, tourists generally are unfamiliar with the best places to visit in Croatia. Therefore, this article explores the most beautiful places in Croatia to give tourists ore information on where to go next in this country. Croatia offers lush forests, waterfalls, Intriguing architecture as well as beautiful beaches. Here are some of the beautiful places in Croatia for you to consider on  your next trip.




Most Beautiful Places in Croatia - Pula Has Roman arena Resembling The Coliseum of Rome

Pula is a city and one of best places to visit in Croatia. This city has many historical feats for you to enjoy. There is also the Pula’s Roman arena, which resembles the Coliseum of Rome. Furthermore, whatever period of history you like best, you’ll find something to amaze you in Pula.


The Greeting to the Sun

Best Places to Visit in Croatia - The Greeting to the Sun Has Solar Panels Collecting Energy

Greeting to the Sun is truly another one of most beautiful places in Croatia. It is located in the coastal town of Zadar. This structure is a big circle of glass and solar panels that collect energy during the day and then displays a light show at night. Also, the designer of this wonder placed a sea organ so the motion of the waves will make unique sound as you watch the light show.



Best Places to Visit in Croatia - Dubrovnik is One of The Best Preserved Medieval Cities

This locations became a major set for Game of Thrones TV show. It was one of the most famous places in the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe. Even currently, it is famous as one of the best places to visit in Croatia. Also, and it’s one of the best preserved medieval cities worldwide. The nest way to experience this place is to actually walk around the walls themselves. You will get the best view of the city as well as the water around the city.



What to Do in Europe - Rovinj Has Many Types of Nice Architecture

Rovinj has a history that goes back in time and comes with the story of many tribes and empires. Through time, there were many types architecture built here. Most of these buildings were in pastel colors and red roofs. If you like old buildings then here is a nice place to visit.

For those who are traveling in Croatia, you should also check out other cities like Zagreb. Tourists can visit some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Zagreb for some quality coffee and dessert.

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