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Best Flea Market in Indiana

Indoor & Outdoor Flea Markets in Indiana

Indiana has a rich history of having fun and engaging markets, and there are many flea markets in Indiana, both indoor and outdoor. Compared to other states, Indiana, does not have super big flea markets, but what they have are wholesome and community-based, so many people know each other, and the warm and hospitable mannerism of the locals is immediately noticed by the out-of-state individuals.


Friendship Downtown Flea with an On-Site Camping Ground

Outdoor Flea Markets in Indiana - Friendship Downtown Flea Has Been Open Since 1968 with Campfire on The Weekend Nights

Friendship Downtown Flea is one of Indiana’s most beloved outdoor flea markets, which began its operation in 1968 by the Kerr family. This seasonal market runs for 9 days from the second Saturday of the month until the following Sunday of the week after in June and September only. What makes this market great is not only its antique but also the presence of live music, community friendship, and campfire gatherings on weekend nights. The admission fee is free, but there is a minimal fee for your car park space. The operation hours are from 9 am (Eastern Time) to 8 or 9 pm in the evening.


Shipshewana Flea Market in Shipshewana Trading Place

Shipshewana Flea Market is in the famous Shipshewana Trading Place Area - Outdoor Flea Markets in Indiana

Perhaps the most entertaining market among flea markets in Indiana would be Shipshewana Flea Market in the famous Shipshewana Trading Place area. This is a place that has everything; Amish buggies and their fresh produce and food, clothes, vintage and antique goods, as well as lots of great food around.
Note that this is a seasonal flea market, similar to Friendship Downtown Flea, and it starts at the beginning of May until the end of September annually, no matter the weather conditions. There are lots of outdoor car parks with a small charge, but the good part is there is no admission fee for entering the market itself. Make sure to bring enough cash, as many of the vendors are still old-fashioned and prefer you to give them cash instead.


Klassy Klutter Indoor Flea Market in Lafayette

Klassy Klutter Indoor Flea Market is Found in Lafayette for Finding Nostalgia Items

One of the smaller indoor flea markets in Indiana is the Klassy Klutter store in Lafayette City. Shoppers might think that this store is very small and not worth having a trip there, but let’s not be quick on the judgment; there are fantastic nostalgic items with great deals to attract any antique hunter and even casual customer looking for some unique and well-kept retro items.
Also, another bonus is that the Klassy Klutter store is open every day of the week until early evening hours, so you can even visit them during the weekdays. The prices are very reasonable here, but make sure to stop by here regularly even to have some great discount offers. The location of Klassy Klutter Indoor Flea Market is at Valley Plaza on the South side of 4th Street.


Traderbakers Flea Market in Martinsville

Indoor Flea Markets in Indiana - Traderbakers Flea Market is in Martinsville

Traderbakers Flea Market has been the place for everything antiques and second-hand goods among the Martinsville locals. This is because this indoor flea market has many interesting items to offer antique jewelry, old toys, or even rare finds. Sometimes many small items are placed on tightly packed shelves, making spending time even more enjoyable.
There are many vendors here with different prices for their merchandise, so be prepared to walk a lot and not rely on the first available vendors. This flea market is definitely worth exploring since the items are always kept tidy, and the interior is always clean. Head to Burton Lane, near the McDonald’s and Plaza Laundry, to find the great Traderbakers Flea Market.


Emporium 1101 in Anderson City

Emporium 1101 is Located in Anderson South of Scatterfield Road

Emporium 1101 in Anderson is one of the flea markets in Indiana that has branches under the same name in Indianapolis as well as Greenwood. This is a community-oriented market, meaning that the locals fully operate and manage more than 200 booths and indoor stalls. Located South of Scatterfield Road, Emporium 1101 is a great indoor market for those who want to spend some time looking for second-hand items, household tools, and home furnishing items. After you have finished shopping in this flea market, make sure to have a stroll in the nearby Rangeline Nature Preserve across the White River.

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