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10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns



10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

Cairns is one of the most famous tourist location in Queensland because it’s a pathway the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. The good news is that there are many bars, cafes as well as restaurants in the city that cost less than average. Here are a few food you can eat at budget pricing.




Snoogies has a lot of different salads as well as hot vegetarian meals to choose from. Also, they are offering healthy juices that are really fresh and very tasty. This place should definitely on your list of cheap food eateries.


Devine Gelato

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This location is not a fancy shop, however, this is a great place for trying Gelato. The serving size is really worth the cost since it is big. Also, the staff here are very polite and helpful when it comes to tasting different flavors.


Waffle On Cairns

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This small and brand new shop is very popular. They serve very delicious sweet as well as savory waffles. also, you can get organic coffee and fresh juices.



10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

JaffleHead offers very cheap, simple and very delicious sandwiches. Also, they have many different varieties of tasty toasties as well as fresh juices.


Apex Milk Bar

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This shop offers great variety of delicious burgers such as chicken burger, fish burger as well as pulled pork one.


Trinity Beach Kebab House

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This kebab shop serves huge portions, therefore you better come here on empty stomach or after a night of drinking. The food tastes good and the service is fast as well. So there isn’t much to complain.


Jenny’s Chinese Kitchen

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

You will get delicious and real traditional Chinese food here. The staff are really friendly and there is no shortage of choices in this shop.


YOMG Cairns

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This place is an ice cream shop that never disappoints. Also, the staff are very friendly and you are sure to experience great atmosphere here. Their specialty is frozen yogurt.


The Sweet Bistrot

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This shop gives a very pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff doing their utmost to please. What makes this humble shop special is their generous serving size as well as their excellent coffee. You are sure to see many tourists as well as locals here.


Meldrum’s Pies In Paradise

10 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

This shop is recommended by locals and with good reasons. It’s an old fashioned Aussie bakery with some of the best pies you can get in the city. They offer great variety of pies as well as fresh pastries.

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