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Top 5 Bars In Hollywood

Top 5 Bars In Hollywood

Best Popular Bars in Hollywood

If you want to experience the most lavish LA bars, then Hollywood is the place. Therefore, here is a list of the top 5 bars in Hollywood that you should visit if you are in Los Angeles. The urban village of West Hollywood is one of the smallest cities in LA. However, it offers one of the most plentiful drinking & entertainment choices in California. Here, you can try some of the best places to have a drink in Hollywood west side.


1. Hamburger Mary’s in Santa Monica Blvd

Top 5 Bars In Hollywood - Hamburger Mary’s Hosts A Lot of Drag Queens

Hamburger Mary’s is gay-friendly and has many fun activities. Expect a lot of drag queens and also a very fun atmosphere here. Many events are happening here, and you will surely be entertained when you enter Hamburger Mary’s. Generally, the service crew’s attitude here is good if you do not cause any trouble.


2. The Bayou in West Hollywood

Top 5 Bars In Hollywood - The Bayou is A Gay Bar If You Are in A Budget

The Bayou is one of LA bars you can drink on a budget. Also, if you have some money to spend, the place offers a wide range of bottled and craft beers for your taste. This is the best place to start your party in the Bayou. It is good to know that this is a gay bar.


3. Lost Property Bar near Hollywood & Vine Landmark

LA Bars - Lost Property Bar Resembles Old And Classic Style Bar Hosts Small Events

Lost Property Bar is one of the best LA bars in West Hollywood. This bar resembles an old and classic style bar that has a very cool vibe as well. They have many small events that you should follow not to miss. Their whiskey here is very nice, and their prices are what you expect from uptown Hollywood rates.


4. Surly Goat at Santa Monica Blvd

Top 5 Bars In Hollywood - Surly Goat to Indulge in Beers And Enjoy The Classic Movies

Surly Goat is one of the main bars in Hollywood for craft beer lovers. Indulge in beers and enjoy the classic movies playing on TV Screens around the bar. Also, you can play pinball or darts behind the back patio. If you love to dance, On Friday and Saturday nights, you can come to have some fun dancing.


5. Boardner’s by La Belle at Hollywood Cherokee Building

LA Bars - Boardner's by La Belle Has Rock Music Style And Gothic Interior Design

Boardner’s by La Belle is another one of the rock music-style LA bars that has become an institution in and of itself. The interior design is very unique, and there is a Gothic/middle eastern tub inside that always has candles burning in it. Their interior here is slightly darker than the rest of the bars, making it one of the more unique bars in Hollywood.

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Rooftop LA Bars Around Downtown Area

Basically, all of the more prominent rooftop LA bars are between Grand Park and South Park area. The best streets to look for these rooftop bars start from 4th Street all the way to West 9th Street. These bars are truly great places to hop in during sundown.

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