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Top Budget Places to Eat in Konya



Top Budget Places to Eat in Konya

Places to Eat in Konya for Cheap

Konya Restaurants are not overly expensive, however, there are some that can cost above average. Here, you can explore places to eat in Konya that do not hurt your overall budget. Konya is another city that offers some new flavors for tourists visiting here. It’s a conservative city however, the food scene here is not bad at all. Here are some of the best places for you to try their local dishes without spending much.



öz kasap et & mangal in Melike Hatun Bazaar

Top Budget Places to Eat in Konya - öz kasap et & mangal Available inside Melike Hatun Bazaar

This restaurant serves Middle Eastern food in Konya. The price is affordable and the taste is great too. Also, they have some local dishes like pide. You can find öz kasap et & mangal restaurant inside Melike Hatun Bazaar.


Toast Center located in Horozluhan

Top Budget Places to Eat in Konya - Toast Center is Located in Horozluhan in Özge Sk

Tost Merkezi is one of best places to eat in Konya for toast lovers. The food has a unique taste and is considered as q quick bites and suitable for tight budget minded individuals. Also, you should try the roasted vegetable toast while you there. You will get to this restaurant from Horozluhan in Özge Sk.


Dönerci Cengiz Kebab Shop in Camikebir

Turkey Food Guide - Dönerci Cengiz is At Camikebir in Atatürk Cd Selling Nice Doner

The price here is really reasonable and the taste is perfect too. The general quality of the food here is acceptable. This place is a must try location if you get hungry. The address for this doner shop is at Camikebir in Atatürk Cd.


Willy Wonder’s Cafe on Rauf Denktaş Street near Nalçacı Tram Stop

Konya Restaurants - Willy Wonder's is a Nice Cafe Located in Sedef Sitesi

This unique shop is of the best coffee frappes you can get in town. Also, their chocolate covered coffee beans taste fantastic. It’s a stop if you want to grab a cup of coffee and some snacks on your way. Tourist can reach this cafe at Sedef Sitesi.


Yağ Somunu Pideci Hasan Şendağlı on Karaman Street

Turkey Food Guide - Pideci Hasan Sendagli Sells Flavorful Yagli Somun

This is a very small shop in the center of the town where locals usually eat. Also, they serve flavorful Yagli somun which is a type of pide-pizza, that is cut to half. They add a local cheese called küflü peynir to this pide which makes it unique to Konya.


Hacı Şükrü 1907 Kebab Saloons on Müneccimbaşı Street

Hacı Şükrü 1907 Kebab Saloons is located on Müneccimbaşı Street Serving only Kebabs for Many Years

Hacı Şükrü, an experienced chef that gives the best of Konya cuisine, is now one of the best-known kebab restaurants in Konya, serving this kebabs for three generations. In Hacı Şükrü, which is open only at certain times of the day, oven kebab has been served with the same taste for over a hundred years. The famous dish here is lamb meat is cooked in stone oven and then served on a local pita bread.


Kuzucu Ali KOSGEB Street for Lamb Meat

Kuzucu Ali is located on KOSGEB Street and is Famous for its Delicious Lamb Meat

Kuzucu Ali serves the centuries-old taste of Konya local cuisine, Seljuk palace cuisine and Mevlevi dervish cuisine by cooking oven kebab and tandoori in specially manufactured stone ovens for hours. Meats that are cooked slowly in oak wood with their own juice are naturally like Turkish delight. Since 1974, Kuzucu Ali is one of the most delicious yet budget friendly places to eat in Konya for pure lamb meat.


Köfteci Sofu for Budget Kofte Kebab

Places to Eat in Konya for Cheap - Köfteci Sofu for Budget Kofte Kebab

The most delicious places to eat in Konya for the famous Kofte kebab is Köfteci Sofu. This Kofte shop, which is located in an unassuming industrial site, is also loved by the locals. The reason why Köfteci Sofu is most preferred is the quality of the meat they offer. The meat percentage used in these type of kebabs, which is prepared from the meat of the lambs and sheep that they feed themselves, is very high. This store is accessible via Yahya Bus stop where bus numbers 97-A and 97 -C stop.


Ali Baba Fırın Kebap for The Oven Kebab

Ali Baba Fırın Kebap is Famous Shop Loved by Locals for its Oven Kebab

Another one of places to eat in Konya for a type of food that truly is a symbol of this city is Ali Baba Fırın Kebap which serves the famous oven kebab, along with meat bread and onion pieces. This is a well-established eatery where you can choose for oven lamb kebab which is actually not expensive. The meat is so flavorful that locals say that you must at least try this dish before anything else. The place has ample number of seats for you to dine inside and enjoy a simple yet delicious dish.

Konya as a a city hosts a lot of cultural festivals. Therefore, if you want to get more information on festivals in Turkey after eating your food here, then you are in luck. Make sure to visit this place when some of these festivals are happening.

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