Top Attractions in Baku

Top Attractions in Baku

List of Unique Attractions in Baku

With the advancement of Azerbaijan, many tourists are looking to explore many exciting attractions in Baku, ancient or modern. Many think Baku is not pleasant to travel to, but Azerbaijan has improved greatly. Modern buildings, beautifully developed shopping malls and magnificent walking streets will ensure tourists will remember this city in a positive light.


Baku Eye or Baku Ferris Wheel

Unique Attractions in Baku - Baku Eye or Baku Ferris Wheel to Have Birds- Eye View of The City

The Baju Eye is one of the first famous attractions in Baku which is 60 meters tall and lets you observe the entire city from above. The rotation speed is slow and you can pay a fee and admire the city’s beauty from above. The view from the Baku Eye is more prominent at night time.


Qız Qalası or The Maiden Tower

Qız Qalası or The Maiden Tower is one of the Oldest Architecture of The City

Qız Qalası, also known as The Maiden Tower, is one of the most interesting historical places in Baku and dates back to the Sassanid kingdom. This tower is located right in the heart of the Old City and is visible from the port. With a height of 30 meters, Qız Qalası is one of the unique works of architecture that also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Flame Towers near Martyrs’ Alley

Flame Towers near Martyrs' Alley and Tallest in Baku - Top Places in Baku

Three tall towers known as Flame Towers are found in the heart of Baku. Fire plays a significant role in Azerbaijan’s character, from the Zoroastrian religion previously dominating this area to the underground gas chambers emitting never-ending flames. These towers are a great representation of modern attractions in Baku while adhering to past culture. The Flame Towers transform into a breathtaking display at night because of their imaginative and lovely lighting. The lights’ hues shift from orange to yellow and blue to red and green, which are all shades of the Azerbaijani flag.


Highland Park near the Flame Towers

Highland Park near the Flame Towers is a Good Spot to Walk near The Port

Highland Park, located near the Flame Towers, is among the significant places in Baku to watch the Caspian Sea. Shopping malls, commercial buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful gardens have turned Baku Boulevard into one of the top tourist places in Baku. Great for walking. The area has a calming vibe, and with its beautiful surroundings, you will like walking on the streets along Highland Park.


Palace of the Shirvanshahs

Palace of the Shirvanshahs is a 15th-century Building in UNESCO List

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs is a 15th-century building registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List and located in the Old City. This palace was built after the transfer of the capital to Baku. You should really visit the complex, as it includes a central palace, two mosques, a mausoleum, burial vaults, and a bathhouse.


Heydar Aliyev Centre on Heydar Aliyev Avenue

Top Attractions in Baku - Heydar Aliyev Centre Located on Heydar Aliyev Avenue

Heydar Aliyev Center is one of the most famous attractions in Baku, which is renowned among tourists for its fantastic architecture. This stunning complex is a unique work of Zaha Hadid. This prominent international architecture consists of different parts such as a museum, theaters, and exhibition halls. This center has a multipurpose building that is also used for concerts, festivals, etc. The nearest metro station to this complex is “Nariman Narimanov” station. From the old city, you can go from Icherishahr station with the red line to Nariman Narimanov station.


Icherisheher or the Old City

Icherisheher or the Old City is The Old Business Hub of The City

The Icherisheher word translates to the Inner city because of the existence of Old Walls surrounding the city, used to defend the city from enemy attacks. Most of the old buildings here are built from limestone which was sourced locally. Interestingly, this area is one of the best places in Baku if you want to explore the generations of dynasties and buildings built over the years. Since this was an essential location, many kings rebuilt their empires over the previous structures.


Nizami Street with Beautiful Architecture

Nizami Street with Beautiful Architecture and Luxury Shops - Places in Baku

There are unbelievable architecture, baroque, renaissance and even modern buildings found along Nizami Street. This street is known for its magnificent ambiance and shops and is one of the best urban attractions in Baku since it offers a lot of shopping boutiques, a large mall and many cafes and restaurants for a fantastic time in the city. If you want to visit the high-end shops and explore where people hang out, start from Fountain Square and walk from there.

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