Top Attractions in Moldova

Top Attractions in Moldova

Most Beautiful Attractions in Moldova

Many of the attractions in Moldova belong to this Christian country’s cultural and religious nature. Also, many fortresses and castles have been built in this country over time for defense against foreign invaders. Still, today they are just relics of the past, attracting many tourists to their doorstep. There are many beautiful places in Moldova in terms of nature reserves and regional parks, which are worth a visit if you want tranquility.


Eternity Memorial Complex in Chisinau

Eternity Memorial Complex in Chisinau is Part of the Cultural Attractions in Moldova Dedicated to The Fallen Soldiers 

Located in the city of Chisinau, along the Strada Pantelimon Halippa, Eternity Memorial Complex is a war memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of World War II. This memorial is one of the most important cultural attractions in Moldova, with high importance in the minds of local people. The shape of this memorial includes five bayonets made from red granite stones, each 25 meters tall. In the center of this complex is a small fire, Flame of Eternity, which has been burning for many years, representing the end of the war and fascism in Moldova.


National History Museum of Moldova

 National History Museum of Moldova is The Place to Go for Experiencing Decades of Local Cultures and Habits

National History Museum of Moldova is among the most important historical attractions in Moldova holding frequent exhibitions and showcasing the historical period of rulers and conquerors of Moldova. In this museum, there are nearly 350,000 works of art and history, which is very important for tourists interested in understanding a nation’s history and culture.


The Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity in Chișinău

 Famous Attractions in Moldova - The Cathedral of Christ's Nativity in Chișinău is an Important Cultural Heritage Part of Moldavians

The beautiful Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity is in the city’s center. Because of its importance, this building protects the local state and is part of the cultural heritage list. The main cathedral includes a worship hall, a bell tower and the Holy Gates. The architecture of the Nativity Cathedral combines Byzantine and Greek styles built in the 1800s. The building was damaged during the Second World War, leading to redesigning the cathedral’s main dome.


Capriana Monastery in the Strășeni District

 Capriana Monastery in the Strășeni District is Dedicated to the Worship of Virgin Mary

Capriana Monastery (brown domes) and Saint Nicholas Monastery (green domes) are among the most beautiful attractions in Moldova. These two adjacent monasteries are located in Capriana, in the Strășeni district of Moldova. Moldova has the most magnificent monasteries among all countries. Amid a beautiful wooded area, Capriana Monastery and St. Nicholas Monastery are among the oldest monasteries in Moldova. Dedicated to the “Assumption of Virgin Mary” worshippers, these monasteries have been places of worship both during Soviet times as well as after the liberation of Moldova.


Kloster Hancu or Mănăstirea Hâncu in Bursuc

 Kloster Hancu or Mănăstirea Hâncu in Bursuc is the Monastry Built Originally for Local Nuns - Beautiful Places in Moldova

On the banks of the quiet Cogilnic River, nestled in a forest, the lively Kloster Hancu was built in 1678 by the high-ranking emigrant Mikhail Hanko at the behest of his daughter’s wishes who also entered this monastery as a nun. This monastery was burned during the Tartar invasion and closed by the Soviet authorities for over 40 years. In 1992, the monastery resumed its activities after significant reconstruction.


Castel Mimi Winery in Bulboaca Village

Castel Mimi Winery in Bulboaca Village is Both Hotel and Wine Tasting Gallery with Amazing Range of Wines 

The Mimi family palace, a singular architectural structure of national significance and home to one of the most exquisite wine cellars in the world, was constructed in the village of Bulboaca, in the Moldovan region of Anenii Noi, at the end of the 19th century. For wine enthusiasts and young couples looking for the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos, this mansion is currently one of  the most alluring attractions in Moldova.


Cricova wine Cellars in Cricova

 Cricova wine Cellars in Cricova is the Place to go for the Local Wine Tasting

Cricova is another one of those unique places in Moldova for the local wine culture located in the town of the same name, 15 km north of Chisinau. Its famous wine cellars make it another one of the unique and popular tourist attractions in Moldova if you want to explore the old ways of making and storing wines. Upon arrival, there is also a tour for you to show you around the cellar, do some wine tasting, and eat some great local snacks.


Stephen the Great Central Park or Lovers Park

 Stephen the Great Central Park or Lovers Park is a Local Park with Many Amenities Like Free WiFi and Cafes

The oldest natural places in Moldova, located in the center of Chisinau, have an area of nearly 7 hectares. This park is known as Lovers’ Park because it is known as a meeting place for couples. There are more than 50 species of trees in this park too. This park offers free internet for the public and tourists who want to check their itineraries.


Valea Morilor Park on Strada Grigore Alexandrescu

 One of Beautiful Places in Moldova is The Valea Morilor Park on Strada Grigore Alexandrescu

Valea Morilor Park is one of the most visited parks in Chisinau, on Strada Grigore Alexandrescu, and is known as an essential place to relax due to the many activities that can be done there. Activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, fishing, etc. are possible in this park. Likewise, there are several cafes and theaters in Vali, which can be great for travelers.


Triumphal Arch or Arcul de Triumf in Cathedral Park

Triumphal Arch or Arcul de Triumf in Cathedral Park Representing The Country's Victory 

One of the most spectacular historical attractions in Moldova, in the city of Chisinau, in Cathedral Park, is the Triumphal Arch or the Holy Gate. This monument is also one of the most beautiful Arches in the world. This gate symbolizes the victory of the Russians over the Turks present in Moldova, and it is located just a few meters away from the Nativity Cathedral. The Chisinau Arch of Triumph has four twin facades, four pillars, and sixteen Ionic-style columns in total. Marble slabs are on the lower level’s inner edges of the piers between the columns. A large bell and an Odessa-made, handmade clock are mounted on the upper level in the middle of the building.



National Botanical Garden ‘Alexandru Ciubotaru’

 National Botanical Garden ‘Alexandru Ciubotaru’ is a Large Park and one of Beautiful Places in Moldova

The botanical garden is one of the most beautiful places in Moldova, even in Europe, covering more than 75 hectares. The variety of vegetation is so massive that you can encounter 90% of different plant species here and take many attractive and memorable photos. This garden is located 8 km from the city center and its access to it is straightforward.

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