Top Restaurants Offering Cheap Food in Oslo

Top Restaurants Offering Cheap Food in Oslo

Best of Cheap Food in Oslo

Perhaps Oslo is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, you can still get some cheap quality food in Oslo while traveling without any compromise. The beautiful capital of Norway also has some of the cheapest eateries where you can eat budget-friendly yet delicious food. Also, Oslo provides its visitors with a wide range of high-quality local dishes that are very nutritious.


Restaurant Schrøder Located in St. Hanshaugen

Restaurant Schrøder started its Operation on St. Hansugen in 1956 - Top Restaurants Offering Cheap Food in Oslo

Restaurant Schrøder is an old-school restaurant in the town of St. Hanshaugen. Its menu includes traditional Norwegian cuisine with flavors that have not changed over the years. The cheap local food in Oslo might lack in presentation, but the taste is phenomenal. The relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant attracts locals and visitors alike. The beginning of Schrøder dates back to 1925 in Oslo, but full operation started on St. Hansugen in 1956. Since then, they have continued serving quality Norwegian dishes with big portions. For those who love meats, make sure to try their Biff Lindstrøm definitely.


Nam Fah Thai close to Kubaparken

Nam Fah Thai Serves Authentic Thai Cuisine - Norway Travel Tips

Nam Fah Thai serves authentic Thai cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients by experienced chefs. This restaurant’s menu includes delicious dishes such as curries, the famous dish of paddy, appetizers, soups, and a variety of other dishes prepared in a wok. You can order almost all of these foods with chicken, beef, or shrimp. Also, if you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy vegetarian food with tofu cheese.


El Camino a Mexican Restaurant

Top Restaurants Offering Cheap Food in Oslo - El Camino is A Mexican Restaurant that is Serving Burrito & Taco

El Camino is a Mexican restaurant serving a variety of dishes, such as burritos and tacos. Interestingly, such cheap international food in Oslo does keep the original flavors and spices. Here, you can choose the fresh ingredients of these foods yourself, and as a result, the food will be exactly to your liking. It is good to know that El Camino bakes their own tortillas in-house. Meat, tofu, and vegetable fillings are also grilled on their special charcoal grills for extra flavors.


Munchies Grünerløkka a Hamburger Restaurant

Munchies Grünerløkka Offers delicious Local Hamburgers At Affordable Prices - Top Restaurants Offering Cheap Food in Oslo

Munchies Grünerløkka is a popular restaurant with a simple menu located on Thorvald Meyers Gate. In this eatery, you can enjoy delicious local burgers with various side dishes at an affordable price. The restaurant menu also includes vegetarian and gluten-free food. You can find other branches of Munchies Grünerløkka, one in Youngstorget Square and the other in Frogner District.


Den Gode near Kristparken

Den Gode is Located in the Fredensborg District - Travel Guide Norway

Den Gode is located in the Fredensborg district. This restaurant cooks Italian pizza inspired by the art of Swedish cuisine and offers it at a reasonable price. At Dan Goode Restaurant, you can choose from classic Italian pizza with traditional toppings as well as some unique ones like chicken curry.

The decoration of this restaurant is inspired by Swedish cottages, giving a sense of comfort. Once in the restaurant’s basement, there is a small stage, and all major football matches are broadcast on a few surrounding televisions. This pizzeria is suitable for all kinds of events and parties. It can provide you with various events along with DJ, food, and drink, as well as live performances.


Mediterranean Grill Located on Torggata Street

Mediterranean Grill is Located on Torggata Street Near Nightlife Areas

The Mediterranean Grill is on Torggata Street, an area famous for its nightlife. Therefore, if you want some cheap food in Oslo or are hungry late at night, you can order shish kebabs, shawarma, and falafel at this restaurant. The Mediterranean grill also cooks pizza and other dishes made from oatmeal or served with fried potatoes.

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