Things to Do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Things to Do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

All About Things to Do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Bulgaria tourists should know all the things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria, to enjoy their summer holidays in some of the best Sunny Beach hotels here. If you want to plan your next travel to a summer paradise, then Bulgaria, with its low-cost beaches, is a good option. In that respect, Sunny Beach is the optimal travel destination for tourists who just want to relax on nice sandy beaches and enjoy many activities in Bulgaria.


Sun Bathing at Famous Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Sunny Beach is A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Near the Town of Nessebar

Sunny Beach is the largest and most famous beach in Bulgaria. This beach is located in a clean and beautiful area on the Black Sea of ​​Bulgaria, near the town of Nessebar, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sunny Beach covers a large area of ​​the beach and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, with hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and a large number of shops. The tourist season in this region is from May to October.


Enjoying Sunny Beach Aqua Parks & Amusement Parks

If you want to bathe in some of the most relaxing water parks in Sunny Beach, Sunny Beach aqua parks are suitable choices for you. These waterparks offer a tremendous amount of fun for you and your family, and they are also closely located to the beach. There are several water parks in Sunny Beach, including Action Aqua Park, Aquapark Nessebar, and Sunny Beach Amusement Park. Also, there is Camel Park Sunny Beach, where you can enjoy some camel riding here.


Action Aqua Park close to Aqua Nevis Club Hotel

Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Action Aqua Park Has Many Slides And Nice Swimming Pools

Action Aqua Park is the main water ark in Sunny Beach Bulgaria, that has many slides and a nice swimming pool inside. Also, there are a few restaurants inside this Action Aqua Park where you can indulge in some good quality local and international food as well. This water park is in close proximity to Aqua Nevis Club Hotel. Therefore, if you are staying in this hotel, you can walk over there and enjoy some quality time there.


Aquapark Nessebar Near Action Aqua Park

Europe Water Parks - Aquapark Nessebar Offers Something for Every Member of The Family

Aquapark Nessebar is another water park that is very close to Action Aqua Park. You can basically hop into any of these water parks in no time. Some tourists believe that Aquapark Nessebar is actually better than the rest of the water parks in Sunny Beach. Moreover, Aquapark Nessebar offers something for every member of the family. There are thrill-seeking rides for adults, as well as children rides available here. Furthermore, there’s a proper pool bar which is in front of the theater where some shows take place there.

The current Aquapark Nessebar prices are set to 59 BGN for the whole day and 45 BGN for the afternoon, 3 pm onwards, visit. For Children, you need to pay half these prices.


Sunny Beach Amusement Park Great for Families

Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Sunny Beach Amusement Park is A Nice Place For You And Your Children

Sunny Beach Amusement Park is a nice place for you and your children. Also, the other name is Luna Park Sunny Beach here. The main rides and attractions here include Booster, Star Flyer, Dragon Coaster, Bumper Cars, Mini Pirate Ship, Jumping Bug, as well as a Hunted House. There are many activities here for you and your kids to have some fun times.


Camel Park Sunny Beach in Nessebar

Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Camel Park Sunny Beach Offers Camel Rides And Exotic Bird Park

Camel Park Sunny Beach is almost 10 minute walk away from Sunny Beach Bulgaria. The main attraction in Camel Park Sunny Beach is its camel rides. Also, in Camel Park Sunny Beach, there is a small section dedicated to ‘Exotic Birds And Animals’ where you can see birds from some parts of Asia And Africa. Also, for your kids, there is a Kids Area & Painting Zone.


Staying at Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotels

Europe Hotel - Offer Great Summer Deals And Some Have Indoor Pools

There are many good quality Sunny Beach hotels that you can easily choose from in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. These hotels offer great summer deals, and most have nice indoor pools that you can enjoy at night. In fact, these hotels offer good services, and most of them have buffet breakfasts and nice indoor bars.


Hotel Burgas Beach near Black Sea

Europe Hotels - Hotel Burgas Beach Has a 24/7 Front Desk And A Luggage Storage Area

Rooms at the Hotel Burgas Beach come with a refrigerator, air conditioning as well as a desk giving you a comfortable stay. With free internet access, you can be in contact with your loved ones in one of the top Sunny Beach hotels. Moreover, there is a 24/7 front desk and a luggage storage area providing ease of access to you during your stay in Hotel Burgas Beach. For your leisure, there is also an on-site swimming pool and a restaurant where you dine at a good price. Hotel Burgas Beach is very close to the beach and is 3 km away from Action Aquapark.


Nessebar Beach Hotel a Budget Option

Sunny Beach Hotels - Nessebar Beach Hotel is A Great Option for Travelers Visiting Sunny Beach

Nessebar Beach Hotel is a great option for travelers visiting Sunny Beach Bulgaria, offering many useful amenities to enhance your summer travel. Also, rooms in Nessebar Beach Hotel are air-conditioned and extremely comfortable, and guests can go use the free internet access to go online at any time. If you want to swim after your breakfast, there is a pool at Nessebar Beach Hotel. Also, there are a few restaurants nearby Nessebar Beach Hotel, and you can just walk to them if you want to have some other cuisines.


Hotel Riu Helios Paradise With Black Sea View

Europe Hotels - Hotel Riu Helios Paradise is A 4 Star Hotel With 3 Outdoor Pools

Hotel Riu Helios Paradise is a 4-star hotel and one of the top Sunny Beach Hotels in the area. It has 597 comfortable furnished rooms and modern facilities. You can relax with a massage at the spa or work out at the gym available for guests in Hotel Riu Helios Paradise. Moreover, there are 3 outdoor pools for adults and 1 pool for children. For food lovers, there are 4 buffets located in different areas of the hotel. These cooking stations offer Asian, Bulgarian, Italian as well as grilled dishes to guests at Hotel Riu Helios Paradise.


Aqua Nevis Club Hotel With its Own Waterpark

Sunny Beach Hotels - Aqua Nevis Club Hotel is Very Suitable For Families of Tourists

Another nice hotel in Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the Aqua Nevis Club Hotel. This hotel is suitable for families providing air conditioning, a TV as well as a minibar in its rooms. While staying in Aqua Nevis Club Hotel, it is easy to stay connected during your trip since this hotel offers free Wi-Fi to its staying guests and enjoys its waterpark.


DIT Majestic Beach Resort a Family-Friendly Beachfront

Sunny Beach Hotels - DIT Majestic Beach Resort is Very Close to Sunny Beach Karting Track

DIT Majestic Beach Resort is a good choice for tourists visiting Sunny Beach Bulgaria, for their summer holidays. This hotel provides a family-friendly environment and many well-equipped facilities to make your stay here more memorable.

In fact, DIT Majestic Beach Resort is one of the best Sunny Beach hotels, which is very close to Sunny Beach Karting Track. There are bars and fast food restaurants nearby, making DIT Majestic Beach Resort a nice option for tourists. If you want to grab some food, there are many restaurants nearby DIT Majestic Beach Resort. These restaurants provide international and local cuisines to tourists and travelers.


Melia Sunny Beach Close to Nessebar and Action Aqua Park

Sunny Beach Hotels - Melia Sunny Beach Has Two Buildings Which They Mirror Each Other

Melia Sunny Beach Bulgaria has two buildings that mirror each other. There is also another wing that connects the two, bringing a common courtyard. All three sections have joint facilities, providing the same high standard of accommodation for a relaxing stay for you and your family. If you want to visit Nessebar, Melia Sunny Beach is a short distance from the old town of Nessebar.


Riu Palace near Black Sea

Sunny Beach Hotels - Riu Palace Sunny Beach is A New Hotel Open Since Year 2019

Riu Palace has been open since the year 2019, creating a unique experience in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. Also, Riu Palace is the nicest Sunny Beach hotel in the RIU hotel chains. These hotels provide the highest standards in terms of luxury and excellence. The hotel has 335 nicely furnished rooms that come with free Wi-Fi & modern amenities. If you want to relax, you can head to the available spa or the outdoor pool. Also, there are 2 tennis courts if you want to play some sports. The main buffet restaurant here offers Fusion, Mediterranean as well as Steak food. For drinkers, there are also 5 bars available here that offer premium alcoholic drinks.

If you want to drink alcohol in Bulgaria, you can check out other cities in the country. For that reason, explore the best bars in Sofia, where they offer nice local drinks as well as international offerings.

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