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Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists



Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists

Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists

Leipzig cafes and coffeeshops provide a relaxing and indigenous space for locals and tourists alike. Although people love Leipzig for its other drinks, there are plenty of places in this German city to enjoy coffee. Choosing a café in Leipzig is not easy; however, the range is vast from traditional coffee houses to trendy cafés.


RöstGut – Leipziger Kaffeerösterei

Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists - RöstGut - Leipziger Kaffeerösterei

As one of top Leipzig cafes, you will definitely get your money’s worth here. Their selected coffee beans come from various corners of the world: For instance, from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Honduras or Guatemala. In the café the quality of the coffee is exceptional and non-coffee drinkers will also get to any drinks here. Organic slurps, exotic drinking chocolates and chai are also available for you to enjoy.


Café Kater

Germany Travel Tips - Café Kater is Located West of Leipzig And Has Turquoise-Colored Theme

Located west of Leipzig, there is a trendy café famous as Café Kater. The entrance area here is specially beautiful in the form of an ornate, turquoise-colored door. Inside, relaxed indie music can be heard from the speakers, and the room has plenty of daylight through the large windows. The menu here is all about quality coffee drinks and home-made pastries. Here you can choose between home-baked organic bread, the delicious quiche as well as a selection of home-baked cakes.



Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists - Kapital is Located in The Musicians' Quarter

This contemporary art café impresses visitors with its varied design in the musicians’ quarter. The Kapital café is one of beautifully designed Leipzig cafes. If you look around the room while you are drinking coffee, you will discover many unusual shapes and interior designs. The use of materials is special here: the copper tube is converted into a table leg or as a holder for the lamps.


süß + salzig

Germany Travel Tips - süß + salzig Has Classic Types of Coffee in West Side of The City

Süß + salzig café is located in a quiet side street in the west of Leipzig. In addition to the classic types of coffee, you can order home-baked cakes from their own cake factory as well. This café naturally offers a wide variety of delicacies for all appetites. Tarte flambée, casseroles are just a few of these delicacies.


Kaffeehaus Riquet Café

Kaffeehaus Riquet Café Offers Old Style Chocolates With Vanilla - Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists

Kaffeehaus Riquet Café is a building with history and tradition: you can enjoy larks, other homemade delicacies and coffee creations with and without alcohol here in the flair of one of the best Leipzig cafes. You should definitely try the old style chocolates with vanilla, cinnamon and whipped cream here.


Mein Liebes Frollein

Mein Liebes Frollein is A Quiet Café- Best Leipzig Cafes For Tourists

Mein Liebes Frollein café has a classic, hip ambience. This quiet café invites you to read, chat with pleasure or simply watch the streets. The good thing about here is their excellent coffee at a fair price.

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