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10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World



10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World

List of Best Pools in the World

Some of the best pools in the world are in places that you have never heard of. Hence, this article explores most stunning pools around the world that you can put in your travel list. There are many fantastic pools all over the globe. However, there are some that take the meaning of the word pool to a new level. They’re visually incredible and often in dream locations. Here are some the most interesting ones for you to take a look at.


1. The Joule Hotel in USA

Best Pools in The World - The Joule Hotel is A Structural Feat Located on The 10th Floor

This pool itself is a structural feat in the way it extends out from the 10th floor. This pool is 8 foot long and reaches out over Main Street in Dallas. Also, with its glass walls and the top views down to the street below are good to bring the fear of heights back to you..


2. The Sarojin in Thailand

Adventure Bucket List - The Sarojin in Thailand Has 3 Floating Villas For Your Relaxation

This 80 foot by 8 foot leisure lagoon has 3 floating villas as well as a jacuzzi on one side if you’re in need of some extra relaxation. After dusk, the pool is illuminated with spotlights to give you a stunning view as well.


3. One & Only Reethi Rah in Maldives

Best Pools in The World - One & Only Reethi Rah is Located in The Maldives

This Serenity pool at the One & Only Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives is an architectural jewel. It is also one of the best pools in the world for taking photos. It extends out into the ocean and appears to reach the horizon. Its minimalist design is modern and unique. Also, you can lay in the shallows on the stone bed or slip into its jacuzzi. This pool is only for adults so you are sure to relax without any outside noise.


4. The Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland

10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World - The Cambrian Hotel is in Switzerland

The Cambrian Hotel pool extends out from the main hotel building into the grounds, with breathtaking mountain view. The pool is heated to a temperature of 32°C which is perfect for relaxing your body there for a long time. You don’t need to be afraid of the cold as this outdoor pool connects with the hotel’s indoor pool through a special door.


5. Grace Santorini in Greece

Best Pools in The World - Grace Santorini to See The Blue of The Aegean Sea

Santorini houses some of the best pools in the world. This massive infinity pool at the Grace Hotel on the Greek island of Santorini will leave you truly speechless. The hotel is on top a cliff and the sky blue waters of the pool merge into one with the brilliant blue of the Aegean Sea.


6. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World - Marina Bay Sands is in Singapore

You need to be a guest at the Marina Bay Sands before you can try the pool here. The pool area is only accessible through a room key card. However, the pool still gets crowded. Try early mornings for a bit more privacy. Also, you can use the pool till 11 in the evening. one of the things that makes this pool so unique is the remarkable views over the city.


7. Ubud Hanging Gardens in Indonesia

10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World - Ubud Hanging Gardens Has Infinity Pool

There’s only one thing better than an infinity pool, and that’s having 2 of them together. The split level, freshwater pool at the Ubud Gardens is an infinity pool of dreams. Swimming in the top pool, you’ll be on you will see tree canopies surrounding the jungle. In the lower pool, you can just chill in one of the semi-submerged seats while listening to the water pouring from above.


8. Jade Mountain in St Lucia

Adventure Bucket List - Jade Mountain is Where You Can Find it in Caribbean Sea

If you want to at one of the best pools in the world and be all by yourself then you need to go to Jade Mountain in St Lucia. At this place you can choose from 24 accommodations which each have a infinity pool. The pools are luxurious and unite visually into one with the Caribbean Sea. In fact, here, the bigger the accommodation, the bigger the pool.


9. San Alfonso del Mar in Chile

10 Most Stunning Pools Around the World - San Alfonso del Mar is Located in Chile

The San Alfonso del Mar in Chile used to be the biggest and best pools in the world. However, City Stars Sharm El Sheikh is on that spot at the moment. The water temperature is at 26°C all year round and easily competes with the South Pacific Ocean with its tropical blue waters.


10. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus in Italy

Adventure Bucket List - Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus is Located in Italy

The Sky pool is one of best pools in the world. It is a giant, 82 foot long construction hanging 40 feet above the ground. It is good to know that Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus of of Italy has its end wall and base panel are glass made to give you flying sensation.

If you like relaxing atmosphere surrounding these pools, 10 top world spas you need to visit around the globe. These spas are suitable for leaving hectic atmosphere of the big cities and they are a good getaway for couples and individuals as well.

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