Finding the Best Sushi in London

Finding the Best Sushi in London

Best Sushi in London

There are many places where you can get amazing sushi in London. In fact, many London sushi restaurants offer this delicacy with great flavors and affordable prices in the capital of England. Wherever you go from the town center to its outskirt, good Japanese restaurants are available, even in an unassuming neighborhood. This list tries to make the selection of the right sushi in London easier, depending on your location and budget.



Mitsuryu Hampstead Offers Affordable Sushi

Mitsuryu Hampstead Has Another Branch at Wembley, Boxpark - Japanese Food UK

Mitsuryu is one of the great, budget-friendly, and affordable sushi shops in Hampstead. Their menu includes a mixture of casual Japanese dishes, which are cooked in authentic and unpretentious ways. Even though their prices are affordable, you will still get top-quality sushi meals that you can share with family & friends. The head chef here, Kenny, has multiple years of experience and knowledge in making the freshest sushi in London using good ingredients. Therefore, no matter the dish, be it meat-based or vegetarian, it is gonna be delicious at Mitsuryu. This restaurant has another branch at Wembley, Boxpark, which caters to those who are mainly on the go and those who love freshly made bubble tea.


Dotori Korean and Japanese Sushi close to Finsbury Park Station

Dotori Korean and Japanese Sushi in London Offers Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bokkeumbap Fried Rice & Korean BBQ Bulgogi - London sushi restaurants

Dotori has an interesting concept. They are, in fact, one of the better Korean restaurants in London where you get to eat both Korean cuisines as well as Japanese ones. The Korean menu is quite extensive, with choices like kimchi, bibimbap, bokkeu mbap fried rice, and traditional Korean BBQ Bulgogi. Similarly, the sushi menu has many interesting and affordable items made to order.

If you visit Dotori as a group, then the best choice for the Japanese menu would be their sushi set. Also, they really are careful with the allergies and dietary needs of their customers, and there are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available on a separate menu. Keep in mind that they only accept cash here. So, be sure to have enough money with you before your visit. You can find them at 3 Stroud Green Road, very close to Finsbury Park Station.


Sushi Salsa in Camden

Sushi Salsa is Close to Camden Town Subway Station - Finding the Best Sushi in London

Sushi Salsa is a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Camden, London. What makes this restaurant a great eatery is its authentic sushi served in a modern & tranquil dining location. Also, their chefs have many years of experience in making delicious Japanese food. They are very famous for their bento box, which is very filling yet reasonably priced. To get some of the most inspiring sushi in London, you can visit them by getting off at Camden Town Subway Station.


Yashin Sushi for Premium Seafood

Finding the Best Sushi in London - Yashin Sushi is Near Kensington High Street Subway Station

Yashin Sushi is one of the premium London sushi restaurants with an open kitchen style. That means that diners can sit around a central kitchen, and the chef prepares food in front of them. The menu here includes both traditional as well as modern sushi and sashimi dishes. All of such delicacies are made using high-quality ingredients. They prioritize natural flavors. Therefore the sushi here does not come with soy sauce. However, they will still provide soy sauce if you need it. You can find Yashin Sushi in London at 14 Argyll Road near Kensington High Street subway station.


Mai Sushi located between Euston Tube and Kings Cross

London sushi restaurants - Mai Sushi is Situated Between Euston Tube And Kings Cross

Mai Sushi is another one of the restaurants to get good sushi in London, situated between Euston Tube and Kings Cross inside the Levita House apartments. They pride themselves in providing the freshest and healthiest Japanese cuisine. For that, they import most of their ingredients directly from Japan, ensuring the highest quality as well as authenticity. Most of the common customers love their nigiri, sushi rolls, and miso soup. Due to their prime location, their prices tend to be higher than the competition. Also, they are only open for late lunch and dinner sessions.


Hana Sushi for Affordable Sushi

Japanese Food UK - Hana Aims to Provide Good Food Like Teriyaki Noodles & Sashimi

If you are looking to dine in one of the cheapest London sushi restaurants, then you need to give Hana restaurant a visit. This neighborhood eatery aims to provide good food with great quality and fresh ingredients. Even though their prices are considerably low, they do not compromise on their offerings’ quality or quantity. Some of the popular menu items here include Teriyaki noodles, sashimi as well as a wide range of other comfort Japanese foods. To get here, you need to head to Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park. Most buses have stops near Durham Road, which is super close to this eatery.


Oishii in The Hampstead Area

Oishii Sushi is Very Close to Hendon Central Station - Finding the Best Sushi in London

Oishii is a small shop selling sushi in the London Hampstead area. From the outside, you might get the feeling that this restaurant is unwelcoming, but for the price-conscious, this restaurant offers a lot of Japanese dishes at affordable price tags. The quality of the food is reasonable, and the use of ingredients seems balanced.

As for the service, you need to treat it as a food corner shop, and it gets slower when orders are coming in. Also, another point is that it would be better if you could dine in here first before using their online delivery system. You might get a better experience in that way. You can give them a visit at 30 Watford Way, very close to Hendon Central Station. The shop is on the ground floor of the Queen Mansion business center.


Kotta near Maida Vale Station

Kotta is Open For Lunch And Dinner Near Maida Vale Station - Japanese Food UK

Kotta is one of those London sushi restaurants that offer flavorful food at very good prices. Some of the delicious Japanese food items which shop regulars like include California rolls, chicken teriyaki, miso soup, and their colorful tuna salad. The food here never lacks flavor or shortcomings in presentation. The point that needs improvement here is their slow service. They are open for lunch and dinner, and you can find them a short walk away from Violet Hill Gardens. Using the tube, you need to get off at Maida Vale station. Then, head northeast towards Abercorn Pl until you reach Viola Hill Street. You will see the restaurant from there.


Affordable London Sushi Restaurants

If you would love to have some great sushi in London and don’t break the bank, there are many London sushi restaurants that provide food at affordable prices. For that, you need to head to the Mayfair neighborhood or Borough Market, surrounded by very small shops selling quality sushi at affordable prices. These areas are easily accessible by the Tube or public buses too.

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