Best Restaurants in Helsinki

Famous Restaurants in Helsinki

Although restaurants in Helsinki are not as famous as the ones in other neighboring countries, the food served in them has gone through a major transformation for the better in recent years. The capital’s cafes, independent restaurants, and upscale restaurants are full of new Nordic cuisine with Finnish influences as well as some unique and foreign flavors.


Restaurant Grön High-End Restaurant

Restaurant Grön is Located Near Aleksanterin Teatteri Arts Theatre As One of Michelin Star Restaurants in Helsinki

Restaurant Grön is the place to go for high-end food in Helsinki. Also, Restaurant Grön is one of the restaurants in Helsinki holding a Michelin star certificate, which has increased both prices and quality. However, the food is worth trying here. Restaurant Grön has seafood and a vegetarian menu made from local produce, resulting in inventive, thoughtful, sophisticated, and delicious dishes. Moreover, the plating of the food is very pretty here. Also, the modern décor with an open kitchen makes the experience of good dining somewhat cozy. The location of this restaurant is a short distance away from Aleksanterin teatteri arts theatre along Albertinkatu Street.



Restaurant Monal Indian Cuisine near St. John’s Church

Restaurant Monal Indian Cuisine is Good for Vegetarian Food and is Located near St. John's Church

Monal Restaurant is among the good Indian restaurants in Helsinki that has become a spot for Indian food lovers and people who want to try unique flavors. There are two distinct menus here, and one caters to the traditional flavors of India while the other is more European-influenced for those who want to play it safe. The famous dishes here, Biryani, chicken tikka, Caesar Salad, and many more, are what customers are coming back for. Also, this restaurant has a classic decoration that makes all visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. The location of Restaurant Monal is on Annankatu Street, very close to St. John’s Church.


Restaurant Manna Korean Restaurant

Restaurant Manna is a One of Korean and Asian Restaurants in Helsinki Restaurant

Manna is a small Korean restaurant, in the Punavuori neighborhood, near Mikael Agricola Church. This Korean eatery serves bibimbap in vegetarian, seafood, or meat varieties. It is good to know that Kimchi pancakes, stews, and Korean-style fried chicken are very popular here. They have multi-levels of spiciness for their dishes. If you want, some delicious Vegan options are also available.


Casa ITALIA Bulevardi near Old Church Park

Casa ITALIA Bulevardi Serves Quality Pasta, Italian Pizza and Wine near Old Church Park

Casa Italia Deli & Wine specializes in Italian delicacies on Bulevardi in Helsinki, nearby Old Church Park. The deli counter is full of delicious food and meals you can enjoy inside the restaurant or bring back home. The selection includes various kinds of cheese, savory and dry foods. You can enjoy delicious dishes like pasta, lasagna, pizza, cheese and ham platters, and carefully selected wine in the restaurant.


Restaurant Konstan Möljä

Restaurant Konstan Möljä is One of Finnish Restaurants in Helsinki but Mainly for Seafood lovers

Konstan Möljä is one of many Finnish restaurants in Helsinki offering traditional food but with a seafood twist. This restaurant has operated in the Hietalahti area for almost 40 years since 1981. Konstan Möljä offers traditional Finnish food, and some of them are very strong when it comes to seafood flavors. Therefore, keep that information in mind before visiting them. This restaurant offers an extensive dinner buffet with delicious Finnish cuisine, all at great prices.


Old Jerusalem Middle-Eastern Restaurant

Old Jerusalem is a Middle-Eastern Restaurant Which is Located in Lehtisaari Island

For some delicious Middle Eastern food in Lehtisaari, try one of the more affordable restaurants in Helsinki, the Old Jerusalem. This magnificent restaurant is home to freshly made hummus, falafel, shawarma, vegetarian dishes, and much more. Some of the more popular dishes are in a buffet-style area; the others can be ordered from their menu.


Kampin Pippuri for Cheap Late Night Food

Kampin Pippuri Offers Cheap Turkish food and Suitable for Late Night Drunk Food

When it comes to cheap and affordable late-night food, Kampin Pippuri is one of the better choices in town. As for the food, expect average quality Turkish food, pizzas, doner kebaps, and some fried food. On the Plus side, this place is open until the early morning hours and is good to visit after a few drinks. To get to this eatery, stop at the Kampen tram stop, and walk towards the Runeberginkatu road.

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