Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Most Friendly Ballarat Cafes

Ballarat is part of Victoria and has a long history of people migrating and bringing some of their cultures. Ballarat cafes are where new arrivals find a place to discuss their ideas and make friends. These cafes have been an integral part of the community over the years. Also, they have kept their quality the same, though with some slight price changes.


Start Cafe located on East VIC

Start Cafe is Near St Nicholas Church/Humffray St - Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Start Cafe is a humble and vibrant café in the town’s center. What is great about this café is its breakfast offerings as well as plenty of baked goods. But, most locals visit here for their coffee as it is much better than their food menu. To make the most of your visit here, make sure to order their avocado toast which is the star of the brunch menu in Start Cafe. Bus number 14 has a stop nearby here called “St Nicholas Church/Humffray St,” You should then walk towards No. 96 on this street.


The Wildseed Cafe in Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre

Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers - The Wildseed Cafe is Located Inside the Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre

Located inside the Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre is another one of the great Ballarat cafes known as The Wildseed Cafe. The main focus of this café is on making specialty food by experienced chefs rather than bland coffee. Still, you can get decent coffee on the side too. As a result, The Wildseed Cafe is more suited to those who want better food than super elaborated coffee. Also, all the major buses have stops in front of the Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre.


Clothesline Cafe close to Woolworths Ballarat Central

Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers - Clothesline Cafe Provides A Cozy, Inviting, And Calm Environment

The building of Clothesline Cafe has been redesigned by renowned architects in order to provide a cozy, inviting, and calm environment for its customers. The placement of the interior décor is very pleasing to the eyes, and also the service is of top quality. Also, if you care about cleanliness, Clothesline always keeps everything super clean and tidy. As for the food and coffee, the menu here is unique for a café, and there are a lot of flavors in the meals. The drink menu is simple to choose from, although prices are a tad higher than average.


Common Ground in North VIC

Common Ground Has Great Gardens And Delicious Gourmet Food - Australia Travel Tips

Another one of Ballarat cafes with great gardens and delicious gourmet food is the Common Ground coffee house. This is a relatively new café with a great selection of food and lovely staff. In fact, their menu items are all picture worthy and made to be healthy. There are tons of options for vegetarians as well here. As for the prices, the coffee is reasonably priced, but you might find the food slightly overpriced. It is because they only use high-quality ingredients when making such meals. You are able to find Common Ground at 306 Howitt Street, and bus numbers 10 & 13 stop nearby on Lydiard Street.


Fossick coffee & wares in Bakery Hill Suburb

Fossick coffee & wares is A Lovely Cafe Located on 54 Victorian Street - Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Fossick Coffee & wares is one of the lovely Ballarat cafes located at 54 Victorian Street. This coffee shop has a lot of character, and the interior is filled with interesting items and artifacts, all housed in a beautiful order. Also, there is a gift shop inside for you to purchase some of them. There is not much to say negatively about the coffee and pastries here. Everything, including staff and hospitality, is tailored to provide an enjoyable experience for coffee enthusiasts.


Degani Wendouree famous for Gourmet Food

Degani Wendouree is Part of A Well-Known Gourmet Food Producer Company- Australia Travel Tips

Degani is a well-known gourmet food producer in Australia, and their coffee houses greatly benefit from having top-quality food & roasted coffee beans delivered to them on a regular basis. The Degani Wendouree uses the same high-quality coffee of Degani Blend, which is roasted in Melbourne and arrives here every week. These beans are mostly of Arabica types. Moreover, the number of choices here is massive, and you can even have pizzas and alcoholic drinks as well.


Cafe at Provincial Ballarat next to Provincial Home Living Store

Cafe at Provincial Ballarat is Good For Delicious Coffee in A Good Environment- Best of Ballarat Cafes For Coffee Lovers

If you just want a simple slice of cake and have a cup of delicious coffee in a good environment, then Cafe at Provincial is for you. The interior is very modern and clean, with various pastries placed on the counter for you to choose from. That is why it is one of the best Ballarat cafes for cake lovers, where they have less distraction. Interestingly, the coffee, the breakfast, and the lunch menus are all priced reasonably. There is even a separate menu just for kids and young adults. If you happen to take public transport to get here, you need to get off at the “Armstrong St/Sturt St” stop, which most buses pass by there.

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