Top Attractions in Casablanca

Top Attractions in Casablanca

Best Attractions in Casablanca

There is no specific way to describe the attractions in Casablanca and their sublime beauty, and travelers have to experience them for themselves. The country’s gateway is in Casablanca, which is why for many visitors, it is the first destination they see. This city is primarily industrial and commercial; many of its buildings are constructed in the European style, and its modernism and elegance may not be found in other regions of Morocco.



Central Marketplace near United Nations Square

Best Attractions in Casablanca - Central Marketplace is Found near United Nations Square

Visiting the central market of Casablanca is considered a necessity for tourists who want to taste the joy of Casablanca life. The locals gather to shop and sell in the center of the city. Locals visit it to buy vegetables and groceries. This is one of the best attractions in Casablanca and a magnificent spot for photographers who like to capture moments of the life of the native people. Everything from household items to clothes and famous Moroccan slippers can be found in this market. This market is located near United Nations Square on Mohammed V Boulevard.


Hassan II Mosque Sour Jdid neighborhood

 Hassan II Mosque located in Sour Jdid neighborhood with  Tallest Minaret in The World

Hassan Thani Mosque is so attractive and spectacular that if there is only one reason to travel to Casablanca, that reason is to visit this magnificent mosque. Hassan II Mosque is world famous for many reasons: this is the seventh largest mosque in the world. This mosque’s minaret is the tallest in the world, and part of this unique mosque is built on the ocean.

The tallest minaret in the world is that of the Hassan II Mosque. You can see this minaret from all over the city, which is thought to be Morocco’s tallest building. The minaret of Hassan II Mosque has also become a symbol of Casablanca. The Hassan II Mosque Mosque is open to all Muslims during daily and Friday prayers. Non-Muslim visitors can also visit the magnificent and unique architecture of the mosque by participating in specific times several times a day.


La Corniche Neighborhood in Ain Diab Neighborhood

La Corniche Neighborhood is Located in Ain Diab Neighborhood and Has Lots of Clubs and Restaurants 

Corniche Boulevard is located west of Hassan II Mosque and has become one of the tourist attractions in Casablanca in recent years. There are many luxury hotels and restaurants around this coastal boulevard. The beach next to this boulevard is a good place for watching the sunset and sunrise, swimming, sunbathing and walking on the beach sand.


Morocco Mall near the Beach

 Morocco Mall is The Largest Mall in Africa and Located Near the Beach

The Morocco Mall is one of Africa’s most prominent retail malls and modern attractions in Casablanca. This shopping mall is situated near the end of the Corniche district. There are numerous renowned brands at this shopping mall, including international brands, as well as several top restaurants in Casablanca with local and international cuisines. Along with these, Marrakesh Mall also boasts an aquarium where little sharks are on display and draw a lot of visitors. The mall is additionally made more beautiful by the presence of a fountain and a sizable pond outside and at the entrance. Within this mall, there is also a place for ice skiing. ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏


Medina Old Quarter Neighborhood

 Famous Attractions in Casablanca - Medina Old Quarter Neighborhood is Located near Casa Port Train Station

Medina translates to ‘city’ from Arabic language. This city will enchant you with its old texture and beautiful alleys. The Medina neighborhood is one of Casablanca’s oldest attractions, attracting many tourists every year. This old neighborhood is located in a modern city and shows a fusion of the past and European structure. Suppose you are eager to visit the ancient culture of North African towns. In that case, the Medina neighborhood with its unique beauty can keep you entertained.

Casablanca has been known as Medina for many years and has become famous with this name. This Medina is filled with commercial shops for buying and selling. Walking in the alley after the alleys of to do shopping and watching the traditional fabric of this neighborhood has enchanted the travelers over the years. Casablanca has an overall European structure and is being modernized every day. Yet, the Medina has kept itself immune to change to remind of the old days with fond memories.


Mohammedia Port Neighborhood

 Mohammedia Port Neighborhood is Suitable for Night Walk and Relaxation

Among the attractions in Casablanca in the famous part of the city you can consider Mohammedia Port, which is an excellent place for sightseeing and relaxation. A cozy and dreamy place where you can relax without any disturbance and away from daily stress. This scenic and nostalgic harbor has boulevards, creating a beautiful landscape with palm trees. Being next to a calm and beautiful sea has created an extraordinary view that every tourist is eager to see. The presence of cafes, restaurants and not-so-crowded beaches make Mohammadia Port a great place to have fun and escape travel fatigue.

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