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6 Attractions For Tourists in New York



6 Attractions for Tourists in New York

Famous Attractions in New York

If you are planning to do sightseeing in NYC like a local, then you need to visit these famous attractions in New York for international travelers. There are many things to see here. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you can never truly explore all of New York. Therefore, here are a few of some attractions in New York for you to see the next time you visit New York City.



1. Williamsburg Bridge Connecting Lower East Side to Williamsburg

6 Attractions for Tourists in New York - Williamsburg Bridge Offers Beautiful Views of Manhattan

Williamsburg Bridge is one of the more subtle attractions in New York. You can plan your next walk to the less crowded Williamsburg Bridge, which also offers beautiful views like Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines. This bridge also offers walkers many restaurants, bars, and small parks.


2. Central Park an Icon of The City

Sightseeing NYC - Central Park Includes About 50 Fountains And Monuments

This park was created 160 years ago and attracts 25 million visitors yearly. Central Park is a more iconic sightseeing in NYC favored by many tourists. There are no limits on sights to see in the park. This park includes about 50 fountains, monuments, statues, 36 bridges, and many species of birds.


3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue

6 Attractions for Tourists in New York - The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of many cultural attractions in New York open to tourists. You can enjoy over 5,000 years of global art at this museum. Here, you can visit The Met Fifth Avenue, be at The Met Cloisters’ environment, or explore the modern art at Met Breuer. Hence, you will realize why here is one of the most visited museums worldwide.


4. The High Line Elevated Linear Park

6 Attractions for Tourists in New York - The High Line is An Elevated Park With Greenery

High Line is a famous sightseeing in NYC where locals and tourists would go. This is an elevated park with greenery, reclining patio chairs, and many food stalls offering wine, snacks, and desserts. This park is the perfect place to enjoy a warm New York day.


5. Katz’s Delicatessen on Eeat Houston Street

Sightseeing NYC - Katz’s Delicatessen is Where to Get A Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

Katz’s Delicatessen is a restaurant for superior hot pastrami sandwiches. Here, Katz’s makes classic New York City like lokshen noodle pudding, crispy potato latkes, and tasty knishes. This deli is a must-visit, but make sure to go with friends and share the food since the portion is big. The prices are high, but they are worth it for a one-time try.


6. Koreatown near 33rd Street

6 Attractions for Tourists in New York - Korea Town is An Ethnic Neighborhood in The City

This is one of many ethnic neighborhoods in New York City. However, Koreatown separates itself for its unique offerings as well as its shops and restaurants. Here, you can find Korean bookshops, K-beauty boutiques, Korean pastries, and famous bubble tea. Other than Korean eateries, travelers can find souvenirs from Korean makers to bring back to their respective countries.


Guide to Doing sightseeing in NYC

New York is the most populous city in the United States of America. This city is one of the most important and powerful cities in the world in various fields, including business, fashion, technology, education, entertainment, etc. New York is very important in international political issues and is known as the cultural and financial capital of the world, hence its immense attractions for sightseeing in NYC. Bridges, numerous entertainment centers, cinemas, skyscrapers, and parks of this city are known worldwide, and at night, this city comes alive for those who seek a nice nightlife. As a result, this city never sleeps, making it a good city for international travelers.

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