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Top Sao Paulo Attractions

Top Sao Paulo Attractions

Best Sao Paulo Attractions

The Sao Paulo attractions make this city an attractive and dream destination. Also, this city is Brazil’s capital and the most populous state, and the largest city in this country. Moreover, as the largest city in South America with many beautiful skyscrapers, Sao Paulo is Brazil’s largest business center. There are varied and delicious foods, cultural attractions, pristine nature, and very warm and kind people all over this city.

One of the most famous and important attractions that can be mentioned in the city of São Paulo is Paulista Street, known as this city’s postcard because it has attractive sights and views like postcards. This street is one of the biggest commercial centers in the region, and one of its attractions is the contrast between old and modern architecture.


Zoológico de São Paulo or Known as Sao Paulo Zoo

Zoológico de São Paulo or Known as Sao Paulo Zoo - Top Sao Paulo Attractions

As one of the most sought-after Sao Paulo attractions, Sao Paulo Zoo is a very large and spectacular zoo in the south of Sao Paulo city, where more than 3200 species of animals and reptiles live and are kept. Other than orangutans, the Malaysian gharial, white rhinos, Lear’s macaw, sloths, armadillo, green-billed toucans, and many other species, there is a rare white tiger breed here, which is one of the rarest species on earth.


Municipal Theatre The Symbol of Brazil

Municipal Theatre

It may be interesting for tourists that football is not the only symbol of Brazil. One of the symbols of the city of São Paulo in the world is its theater and opera building, which is very famous and popular, and that is the building that was completed in 1911. Apart from the historical aspect, it has very beautiful and unique architecture, and now the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra is held in this building. Also, many international singers and musicians have performed in this hall.


Ibirapuera Park a Heavenly Place

Top Sao Paulo Attractions - Ibirapuera Park is a Heavenly Place Designed by Oscar Niemeyer

Ibirapuera Park was designed by the famous designer and engineer Oscar Niemeyer, and this beautiful and large park is a green space with monuments, museums, children’s playgrounds, lakes, and performance spaces, which is like a heavenly place for the people of Sao Paulo. And it is considered a beautiful place to manifest modern culture and art, attracting many tourists.


Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand is Located Inside Ibirapuera Park

Located inside Ibirapuera Park, you will find the Museum of Art, which was built in 1957. The meeting place of the best form of modern art in Brazil, along with a place to hold shows and exhibitions. With more than 8000 art pieces, this museum represents different art schools such as “Picasso,” “Modigliani” and “Legar,” which inspired Brazilian artists such as “Tarcilla de Amaral,” “Anita Malfatti,” “Portinari” and ” Di Cavalganti.” The São Paulo Museum of Art’s address is 1578 – Bela Vista on Paulista Avenue, and this museum of art hours are every day from 10 am to 6 pm except on Mondays.


São Paulo Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic Cathedral

São Paulo Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic Cathedral Built from 1913 to 1967

The neo-Gothic cathedral is another one of the magnificent Sao Paulo attractions that was built from 1913 to 1967 on the site of an older church. On the exterior of this church, there are writings taken from the words of Christ and his instructions to the people, which has increased its beauty.


Pinheiros River a Natural Beauty

Pinheiros River is a Natural Beauty With a Magnificent View Alongside it

One of the natural Sao Paulo attractions that you can enjoy is this river. Its view is one of the beauties that you can enjoy while traveling alongside it. On its beach, you can see spectacular views of skyscrapers. Cycling on these beaches will also be an interesting experience.

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