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Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio

Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio

Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio

The are numerous cafes & coffee shops in San Antonio that invite you to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the beauty of this city in Texas, from those in the Alamo to the ones near the famous River Walk path. But the ones in this list offer a more balanced drink that has your budget in mind as well.


Black Rifle Coffee Company on West Bitters Road

Black Rifle Coffee Company Has Been Founded in 2014 by U.S. Army Veterans - Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a very new organization that was founded in 2014 by U.S. Army veterans. This is a very patriotic company, and its sudden success is because of its work ethic coming from its background in the military. Also, they get a lot of support from the local community and other service members.

They have opened a few branches across the country. One of them happens to be on West Bitters Roads in San Antonio. The beans here are sourced from many parts of the globe. However, all the roasting process happens inside the United States. This ensures the quality and freshness of the grinds, leading to this café increasingly becoming one of the most popular coffee shops in San Antonio. In fact, if you visit them around the evening time, you will see large crowds.

This is a good place to mingle and socialize with like-minded people. Furthermore, another positive thing about here is that they open very early in the morning and remain open until the late evening hours. Some of the other amenities here include an outdoor park, merchandise to purchase, and free WIFI as a drive-through lane for those in a hurry.


Cool Beans Café in La Cantera Terrace Suite

Cool Beans Café is A Veteran Owned Cafe on La Cantera Terrace - Texas Travel Tips

Cool Bean Cafe is another one of the veteran-owned coffee shops in San Antonio that operates solely for the love of coffee and providing quality beverages for the community. As a result, the atmosphere here is comforting and casual. As for the coffee beans, most of them ship roasted from Puerto Rico. The coffee prices here are low, and the premise is very pet friendly. In fact, they provide treats for dogs here. It is good to know that if English is not your first language, they are fully capable of accommodating you in Spanish. The current store is at 17803 La Cantera Terrace.


Halcyon Southtown Located in Blue Star Arts Complex

 Texas Travel Tips - Halcyon Southtown is Very Famous For Their Lattes

Halcyon Southtown is part coffee house during the day and part lounge at night time. What they are really known for is their delicious lattes and being in a prime location, right on the San Antonio River trail. There are also bikes near the patio which you can rent to enter the Downtown areas. Generally, their coffee quality supersedes their food offerings, but you should definitely give their chicken & waffle a shot. Buses 51&251 have stops on S. Alamo either before or after the river, in which case you should be able to navigate your way towards Halcyon Southtown easily.


Local Coffee in Pearl Brewery Shopping Mall

Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio - Local Coffee Opened in 2009 Selling Specialty Coffee

Opened in 2009, Local Coffee is one of the first coffee shops in San Antonio selling specialty coffee. The shop has changed hands with different owners over the years, but they have kept the name and the original charm of the place. In comparison to other cafes in this list, they are not really big on providing elaborate food. Just visit them if you want hot or cold tea & coffee accompanied with some small desserts.

Also, they sell some other merchandise like coffee mugs, Moka pots, shirts, and packed coffee beans from a company known as TAG Coffee Co. It is good to know that by purchasing any of these packs of roasted coffee beans, you are contributing to local children’s shelters. It is because almost half of the sale profit from these bags will be donated to such shelters as a means to support the community. Moreover, this shop is in a shopping district, next to Pearl Brewery Shopping Mall & Pearl Farmers Market.


San Antonio Gold on Flores Street

San Antonio Gold is Offering Premium Quality Lattes - Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio

There are few worthwhile coffee houses offering premium quality lattes, and San Antonio Gold is definitely one of such coffee shops in San Antonio. The brand of coffee beans used here is Cat Cloud specialty coffee. Everything here is designed to provide a laid-back environment and excellent café experience for the customers. If you are in San Antonio and only have time to visit a single coffee shop, San Antonio Gold is the one for you. Bus numbers 43, 44 & 243 have a stop on S. Flores Street. From there, you need to walk your way to Cassiano Street to find this amazing café.


CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery for French Pastries

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery Opened in 2015 in Davis Court in Alamo Heights - Top Coffee Shops in San Antonio

CommonWealth Coffeehouse opened in 2015 in Davis Court in Alamo Heights. Due to its initial success, it opened 3 extra branches in areas like Hemisfair, Evergreen, and Weston. They are one of few coffee shops in San Antonio that have a dedicated bakery where you can get authentic French bread & pastries. All these bakes goods are made under the provision of an experienced French baker, Vincent Lacoste. He has extensive knowledge of operating bakeries in France. Moreover, if you want to treat yourself to quality pastries, CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery is a good choice.

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