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Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

The Most Popular Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

Although the twin cities of Minnesota and St. Paul are very close, there are more coffee shops in Minneapolis than in St. Paul. This is because of the fact that there are more university students here, more businesses are conducted, and as a result, there are more cafes in Minneapolis to cater to students who want to study or workers who want to do their remote jobs. Unlike bigger cities, coffee shops in Minneapolis only operate very late; the most they operate is until 9 p.m., but most open early, at around 7 a.m.


Carma Coffee In Northeast Minneapolis Arts District

Carma Coffee is an Unassuming In Northeast Minneapolis Arts District - Coffee Shops in Northeast Minneapolis for Cheap Coffee

Opened in 2014, Carma Coffee aimed to improve the neighborhood’s quality by restoring an abandoned building and turning it into a coffee shop in an area where mostly car workshops were available. Over the years, they have managed to become one of the most loved coffee shops in northeast Minneapolis because of their dedication and continuous involvement in the community while providing a vibrant environment for customers and staff.

The vast interior is a place for meet-ups and friendly chats. Carma Coffee’s menu includes breakfast sandwiches, all kinds of tea and Coffee, quiche, smoothies, and vegan and gluten-free options. The exact location of Carma Coffee is at 520 Northeast Lowry Avenue, accessible via buses 32A, B, C, and F.


7 Corners Coffee in Downtown Minneapolis

7 Corners Coffee Located in Downtown Minneapolis with a Calm Environment and Wooden floor - Best Cafes in Minneapolis for Work

Many students from the twin cities of St. Paul and Minnesota study at the University of Minnesota and sometimes want to study outside their dorms in a relaxing environment and drink tea or Coffee. One of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis to study is the 7 Corners Coffee Shop, which is purposely designed to accommodate students and remote workers. The 7 Corners coffee locations are in Eden Prairie (Shady Oak Road), Downtown Minneapolis (West Bank, Washington Avenue), and East Bank (Lower level of Melrose Station). Pastries at 7 Corners Coffee are a must-try, as they are very well made and taste great.


FRGMNT Coffee in North Loop in The Nordic Office

FRGMNT Coffee Located in North Loop - Coffee Shops in Minneapolis for Work and Study

If you are looking for one of the good coffee shops in Minneapolis, then visit FRGMNT Coffee. This is where mostly young people hang out since baristas and customers are very passionate people who want to hang out together and share their love for Coffee. Interestingly, FRGMNT Coffee is also the best cafe in Minneapolis for work and study; with spaciously separated tables, power plugs, and fast Wi-Fi, you can get work done much more pleasantly. Also, you can purchase their multi-bean roasted Coffee in various sizes and bring it home. You can find it at 729 North Washington Avenue in The Nordic Corporate Office near River Station Condos.


The Cafe Meow in Roseville and New Hope Cities

The Cafe Meow Located in two Suburbs of Roseville and New Hope Cities are some of the Cat Cafes in Minneapolis Area

The Cafe Meow is currently the only cat cafe in Minneapolis’s suburbs, Roseville City. There was one branch in Minneapolis which is currently not operational. Unlike many cat cafes across the country, here you can order from their Espresso Bar stand and have it inside and on the patio. There are cute pastries with cat faces here as well! Cats are very playful here, all from a nearby rescue shelter. If you like any of them, you can initiate the adoption process.

The cafe takes good care of these furry animals. In order to finance their care, you need to pay around $10 to $15 for half an hour of playtime or add a small donation at the Espresso Bar if you enjoy their Coffee and pastry.


Dunn Brothers Coffee for Specialty Coffee

Dunn Brothers Coffee Offer some of the Best Specialty Coffee in Minneapolis Plus Delicious Creamy Coffee

One of the oldest cozy coffee shops in Minneapolis is the Dunn Brothers Coffee franchise, which has been operating since 1987, with locations in Loring Park, MCTC, MPLS Convention Center, and 3rd Avenue. If you prefer a shop that is old-fashioned in the sense that they are showy and pretentious and have some of the best Coffee in Minneapolis, then you might like the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shops. They also have specialty roasted coffee beans with good quality and simple yet fresh pastries for shoppers as well.


SK Coffee: Whittier in the Lyndale Ave Neighborhood

SK Coffee: Whittier is Located in the Famous Lyndale Ave Neighborhood and is one of Coll Cafes in Minneapolis

SK Coffee is where you go to grab quality coffee beans sourced from Africa and South America. Even though the shop’s design is straightforward, the Whittier branch in the Lyndale Ave Neighborhood has become one of the best coffee shops in uptown Minneapolis, MN because of its tranquility. Remember, the menu has few options, but whatever is available tastes very good. They are open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea in Warehouse District

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea located in Warehouse District with their Swing Middle Section - Cute Coffee Shops in Minneapolis for Work

Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea are among the cutest and coolest coffee shops in Minneapolis because of its retro design, leather furniture, and attention to the aesthetics of The making hobby. This is a company-owned coffee house with branches in other states, but the one in the Warehouse District has it all. The food is very delicious, and the Coffee on tap feature is a unique aspect of this coffee shop. Also, if you are a fan of matcha drinks, Fairgrounds Craft offers some of the best cold matcha drinks in town.

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